What cause Cataplexy and its treatment course!

CataplexyCataplexy is a sleeping disorder referred to condition where strong emotion or laughter triggers a person to suffer sudden physical collapse though remaining conscious almost like in sleep state. Cataplexy is much similar with the Narcolepsy disorder as both condition causes same effect of causing person to fall into sleep state. But narcoleptic condition as are more serious as it doesn’t need any emotional trigger to cause it. And it is not necessary that person suffering from Cataplexy could fall asleep, he might just be unable to control muscle dynamics and just collapse.

Cataplexy can be tricky and embarrassing at times as simple emotional incidents like being happy, sad, fierce, angry, loved, or just going hysterically laughing on the joke could be potent trigger that causes the Cataplexy conditions. It can replicate the effects of myotonic goats, which freezes and collapse whenever you try to scare them.

Although Cataplexy is still in research state as scientist and neurologist are finding reasons why and how it cause. But as Cataplexy symptoms being identical with narcoleptic conditions, they could jump on to some conclusions. It basically happen because of when we being excited out brain releases hormone called dopamine, which result in an anamorphic state where one feel blissful.

And like many people have different set of ways to react to the situation, person with Cataplexy conditions could unconsciously fall asleep or collapse. Cataplexy could be treacherous as being more alert and reacting to certain condition can also trigger the one to fall unconscious. Now just imagine Cataplexy attack happen while driving a vehicle or handling complex machinery that requires constant alertness and deal with pop-out problems, which could panic sometime!

Symptoms: There are some symptoms that would be helpful for diagnose the Cataplexy conditions. Symptoms like drooping of the eyelids, to quite severe with the inability to stand, arm or leg muscles become weak, speech is slurred or their head droops.

But even in the most situations victim can still be fully conscious and alerted about their surroundings. These attacks can occur randomly, but most often are brought on by any strong emotions. Laughter is reported as the most common stimulus.

Treatment Course: Although Cataplexy is almost identical to Narcolepsy, it is also an incurable disorder. But still modern medical science has some medication and therapy options available, which can be beneficial to control the symptoms of Cataplexy disorder. Thought being a medication, it may cause some side effect including some neural damages. It can be avoided by consulting with doctors or neurologist since the can assign precise medication course for your condition and best suitable for your healthy dynamics and also make sure that you would not develop any allergic complication with the ingredient included in it.

Although there very rare cases which need to be perform therapy, but if conditions demands then therapy is conducted. But some change in the lifestyle in order to re-stabilize your sleeping schedule will do the trick and dilute any symptom of Cataplexy.

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