Two in one benefit with Provigil

provigil 200mg pillsOften clinical trials lead to successful innovations of something that was never expected when researchers and medical experts work on the drugs. They need to do clinical trials to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the drugs and hence, it often leads to some successful and failed attempts. For an instance, you may have heard about Allergen Company when they marketed Latisse for eyelash growth whereas the medication was basically designed to treat glaucoma a critical eye condition.

Today, if you see there are many controversies associated with one of the medications, is basically made to treat sleep disorders in people with narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and shift work sleep disorder and that is Provigil. Some reported about losing weight while they were taking Provigil and some experienced loss of appetite. While some may consider its side effect of weight loss as a benefit but others may not. However, Provigil has been approved by FDA due its effectiveness and safety to people and are open to buying but only for people with sleep disorders.

The drug is classified as a wakefulness-promoting agent or eugeroic and has been considered the most effective medications to treat narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, sleep apnea and excessive daytime sleepiness. Some medical practitioners also use this medication as an off-label drug for the treatment of depression and for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The drug boosts dopamine levels in the brain causing the brain to be sharp, awake and alert. One can experience increased energy, totally focused and concentrated and the drug also sharpens the cognitive skills of oneself. An increase in dopamine levels increases mental alertness and wakefulness and decreases the feelings of fatigue and stimulate cognitive functioning.

However, when some people notice that they were losing weight without putting any efforts. At that time, the researchers had a pile of questions raised in front of them. The weight loss occurs when the dopamine levels are stimulated, you are less likely to feel hungry, and you experience loss of appetite that ultimately leads to weight loss. When a person has more energy or feels energetic, he/she tend to engage in more physical activities and stay himself/herself busy with work. As a result, you move around, do exercise, stay active and hence, the fats aren’t piled up under your belly.

Also, it has been seen that people with low dopamine levels tend to feel hungrier and are more likely to end up overeating. But people under the influence of Provigil do not feel hungry or they do not have cravings of hunger throughout the day and it’s again automatically leading to weight loss.

In short, people with overweight or have excessive weight which is not considered healthy may take benefit from Provigil when they go through the treatment for sleep issues. Remember Provigil can be two-in-one drug; however, it is not recommended or prescribed for weight loss. Weight loss or loss of appetite is a side effect of this drug which is mainly designed to treat sleep disorders.

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