Tips for Better Eye-Health

Tips for Better Eye-HealthEyes are one of the most important and beautiful sensory organ in our body. Life is certainly interesting because of our ability to see it. But there are many factors that surround us that can badly decrease our ability to see and degrade eyes health. Factors like, pollution, being exposed to sunlight and self-luminescent UV rays caused by the computer and Smartphone and just another effect of aging!

So it makes more sense to take required measures to ensure better health of your eyes-health:

Diet Changes: Let’s start from the beginning and internally! Just add the food that contains Nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc, and vitamins C and E. basically add what your tried to force you to eat when you were a child. And you are still asking why? Well it is most effective again muscle degeneration caused by aging, eventually preventing you from eye diseases like cataract.

Time for Aviator: It is always better to wear some protection from outside impurities and mainly harmful UV rays in sun-rays. It serves many advantages like protection from dust and other micro particles from surroundings, release muscular tension cause by twitching your eyes too much, which sometime gives mild headaches. And it is never so bad to wear some style to your personality.

That computer time: Whether you are student, an working professional, teacher or just any who spends ‘n’ hours sitting in front of computer display, is not only degrading there spinal health but also making your eyes prone to eye disease in near future. And this theory also applied to those who play infinite hours of gaming and warms couched while watching TV.

Just follow some simple etiquettes of sitting on the chair, like sit straight and keep one-hand distance from display and placing it straight to your eye level. And also remind yourself to look away after interval of 20min.

Shed some tears sometime: Don’t take it in other ways! Eyes health is mainly defined by how moist and lubricated they are in the eye sockets. And dry eyes can cause more than just irritations and headaches. Eventually when you shed tears it also lubricates your eye balls and makes it function well. So it’s okay to cry during movies. Or if you are so hard hearted, you can cut some onions to make yourself shed some tears.

Though there are other ways to lubricate your eyes, like using some eye-drops which would also clears any impurities stuck in your eyes. But we suggest consult your doctor for best suitable eye-drops, since they could analyze you allergic conditions and suggest better then generic over-the-counter eye-drops.

Time to be Pirate: Not literally! You can wear some eye-patched when you are relaxing or taking a nap. And for the best result, use one that contains aloe gel in it. it would make you eyes feel cool and prevent inflammations.

Don’t ditch Sleeping schedule: The most devastating effects of sleep deprivation are dull looking covered with dark circles eyes, asking to cause muscle degeneration before destined time. it puts an extra pressure to work for extra hours and often signals brain by causing headache. So just don’t skip your good old sleep, please!

Signs of Low T and hacks to restore it!

low testosterone levelIf you could lesson learned in biology, when we learned about hormones and testosterone in particular, then you would retain the that male hormonal dynamics is infused with testosterone, which is produced in testicles and posed to cause as stimulant for sperm production and a man’s sex drive and also helps build muscle and bone mass. In short phase it, testosterone in indeed fuel for the manliness.
There are chances that, such hormonal dynamics can further affect by the factors and caused degeneration of such hormone, making prone to complication and renders most of the possible side effects. So it is possible to restore such misbalance but it needed proper diagnosis to define proper hormonal treatment courses. There are some handy symptoms that can help you target possibilities that you might have low testosterone syndrome.

Love making and erection: Though gradual decline in effectiveness of testosterone is inevitable, and one of the common result in decline ability and interest in making out with their partner. This can be linked to low level of testosterone as such hormone place major role in regulating metabolic benefits to make reproductive system and thus effects can also be resultant of low hormone count. And as testosterone is a main element in regulating sperm count and thus it can also cause the sperm count to deplete and make it look less cloudy white and more watery.

Though testosterone doesn’t play much important role in erection mechanism, but it can boost stimulation which is also important for its long lasting ability. It can influent quality erection to last for few time, or in some case not so efficient and person may then have premature ejaculation issues. Eventually it can degrade the quality of love making with their partner. Sildenafil Citrate pills.

Less Enthusiasm: This can be caused by the interaction between testosterone and its influential effect of metabolism, which can be referred as energy level. in case if person have low testosterone count person tend to feel low and more likely to be physically exhausted with muscle fatigue symptoms, despite living life in active manner. Such element can make one feel more vulnerable to stress and tend to lose their calm.

Decrease in body muscles: Other than making body muscles to be weak to cause fatigue effects it can also render negative effects in building and strengthening of muscle, men with low T might notice a decrease in both muscle mass and strength, over the course of time. Such complication can pose problems as people who are looking forward to have beefed up body would find it difficult to gain desired muscle mass.

Hair loss: Though testosterone is not the only factor that causes hair loss in men and in most cases genetic plays bigger role, in causing hair fall! But some studies have shown that people with amp amount of testosterone level have more chance maintaining hair health. And in most cases of alopecia, low testosterone is blamed to cause hair loss.

Now time for some Hacks: In case if you noticed above symptoms, it is better to consult with your doctors and you can also follow following tips to improve your chances to regulate testosterone:

Sleep: In case if you have withered sleeping schedule, it is time to fix it. Sleep is an ultimate tool to fix most of the hormonal alignment to restore and regulate hormonal flow back in the body; no matter you are men or women. Thus it is ideal tool to use it.

Lose some weight: it is always better to follow weight-for-age index. It is essential as overweight issues can cause person to have low metabolic and hormonal fluidity, immunity and more prone to have reproductive system complications.
Include Zinc: it plays an important part in regulating testosterone levels in healthy body. So eating foods which are enriched in this essential nutrient may help your chances to have better regulated testosterone. Try to incorporate oysters have a lot of zinc; red meat and poultry do too.

Exercise: other than sleep it is the most effective way to regulate overall hormonal dynamics, whether you are man or women. And cardio are the best ways to pump up the hormonal cycle.

What does Sleeping have to do with Weight Loss?

weight loss and sleep problemsAs been taunted for ages, that the more you sleep the more chances that you’ll be end up as obese person or gain significant amount of weight! But how true it is? Most of the health experts in the field would speak in favor of sleep, advocating benefits of sleep and we also second those facts.

We are in general possessed with many presumptions that the more you sleep equals the more lazy, less active you be and prone to be overweight or obese. Though logically it might seem right but it isn’t! Following are some points that further illustrate those facts:

Metabolism: The common conception, lazy person means individual with low metabolic rate means more sleepy and the more you sleep causes weight gain. But with right set of metabolic rate one can even burn calories even while doing non-physically active activities, eliminating any chance of weight gain. And metabolism can be boosted with regular physical exercise and following proper diet. Sleep can only be treacherous if you have low metabolic rate.

Behind the curtains: Sleep renders more effects when you fall asleep! in one of conditions, if you are following a weight loss program, then sleep is beneficial to you in terms of repairing and restoring neurotransmitter system which improves neural connection between tissue cells and brain resulting better cognitive functions. In case of obese overweight person, brain also does the similar process and also helps you manage stress levels, which would benefits in managing medical complications.

Appetite: Appetite, especially uncontrolled one, is considered to be the most common reason why people get obese. And general presumptions say the more you sleep, the more you feel to eat. But the fact is it sleeps does influence appetite and essential it set in schedule and in controlled manner. And if you didn’t wish your overweight condition to get no further worse than opt for Metabolism boosting diet, by doctors or a dietician.

And about that myth, if sleeping increases your appetite then according to that logic, one should prefer to sleep more as it is the time he won’t anything. But unfortunately, at least we never heard of sleeping disorder like Sleep-Eating like Sleep walking or sleep talking.

In Absence of sleep: Even in general health conditions, like a healthy and fit person, lack of sleep can cause many complications. And in case of obese person, who have slow metabolism and less immunity, can make you prone to some serious health hazards, like heart conditions, hypertensions, cognitive alignments and in extreme cases some sleep disorders like sleep apnea, sleep walking, sleep talking, sleep paralysis and so on. And in case of overweight individual, it can also make neural and cognitive activities low and causing you to do even daily chores. Plus, it can make you your metabolism and immunity system weak, making you more prone to cause illness and disease.

What you should do!
And the right thing to do is, follow a precise sleeping time and follow that sleeping schedule regularly or better religiously. If you feel, factors like distractions or diet is causing hurdles in falling asleep then feel free to consult with your doctor. The bottom line should be, make every efforts to live and allure benefits of Active life.

Easy method to quickly fall asleep!

method to quickly fall asleepSleep is precious to everyone, so be it animal or social animal, like us, the human. There are countless benefits of healthy sleeping schedule like healthy body and its metabolism, smooth well functioning body-system, body and mind in perfect harmony and radiance in skin. And to the other side of the coin, sleep depravity and other sleeping disorders can cause many ‘vice-versa’ effects which are treacherous to your overall health.

So be it anything, if you have problem falling asleep peacefully, then follow below method and achieve that peaceful sleeping:

Quitting Time:
Well it is time to ditch some bad habits so you could come clean. And these bad habits includes, alcohol, smoking, caffeinated beverages and sugar induced food items. This could cause temporary kick to the metabolism, which signals brain to be active, whereas body is in mood to dose off. You need to have at least 4hours interval before sleeping time.

Eating Habits:
Although following balance diet would be beneficial factor in mission to fall asleep quickly. But first mind how much you are eating. Cause over-eating too much food can put your body to make extra efforts to digest food and finding perfect position which is comfortable for the bubbled up belly is another task. And please, eat where you sleep, let the gravity work a bit and shift your food further in digest-system.

Also avoid spicy food, since spicy food also gives a kick to your metabolism dynamics.

In bedroom:
Assuming having problem sleeping, you should keeping the sleeping area clean and clutter less.

If possible paint it in earthy colors which are more dim-lighted then in flashy florescent colored.

The only electronic instrument allowing in the vicinity should just be din lighting and air-conditioners, nor any other notification honking object, and make it a rule.

To get in sleepy mood, you can listen to soft music or some jazz routine. But the best technique is ‘Breath-in Breath-Out’, which literally sooths your body to be relaxed and prone to sleep. You can also try 4-7-8 technique, which includes 4sec to breathe in, 7sec hold calmly and slowly release it within 8sec.

Try to switch location then positions. Those people who are unable to sleep are master in switching position from one side to another. This will trick your mind your drowsy mind to sleep. Cause there isn’t a single rule that says, you have to sleeping in the bed only. You can try hammock, for a change!

If you have a partner, just cuddle-in! This will make your brain trigger oxytocin, the hormone that actually makes you feel pleased, and causing you to feel relaxed and vulnerable to sleep. If this science lesson was too much, you know how cuddling feels or when you eat chocolate!

Speaking about chocolates, dark chocolate can make you feel drowsy and it also works in similar ways as cuddling works, making it an ideal option for singles. And if you are still looking for other variant, you can try lukewarm milk or chamomile tea.

If above set of tips doesn’t seems to work then it is better to consult with your doctor, cause there are probability that you have sleeping disorders.

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Some Bad Habits that would make you Night owl

irregular sleeping patternSleep is crucial to everyone and we know when happen when we could get enough sleep. Some even turned in to zombies for some time. And the fact is everyone love to sleep but there are always something that prevent us from getting back to our required sleeping schedule and also causing delays, sudden or gradual.

Absence of sleep or irregular sleeping pattern can cause series of problem and also makes you more vulnerable range of sleeping disorders like narcolepsy, insomnia, sleep apnea and so on. So here are some generally found distinct bad habits that keep you awake:

Technology usage:
So whoever in your life who suggest you to keep your hands off from technological gadgets, so be it smart phone, laptops or computers. And stable internet connection just makes it more difficult to resist its extensive. And factually they also have point! Most of the displays used in gadget are self-luminous preventing the melatonin, a hormone which is cause us sweet sleep.
Solutions: no we are not suggesting you to quit using it, which is impossible, we know it! But it would be best to manage the timing with some discipline. Just finish all your work or net-time 1/2hrs prior to bed time. Make it a rule for yourself! Every conversation you have or everything we access on net can be postponed and did it later, make the best use of bookmarks folders. And also avoid viewing displays in dark as it put more stress on your eyes and gradually be harmful.

Eating habits:
Over eating, or eating snacks before crashing in bed would also extend your awake substantially. Some food products that are induced in sugar and cholesterol cause your body to sometime go on hyperactive mode. It triggers your system to stay awake as long as it cause. And if you are more fan of coffee at night or to extent working hours then you should plan to quitting coffee. Factually, coffee is best for kick-starting you metabolism in the most morning, not for daytime and specially prohibited drinking it before you go for sleep.
Solutions: just make sure you don’t end up following any above mentioned bad habit. And if you are just unable to quit coffee, at least control it and avoid having coffee for 4hrs prior to sleep schedule.

Untimed Naps:
The kind of naps try to have to compensate sleeping time, tricks your mind fooling that you are having enough time but at the cost of delaying main sleeping schedule. In simple words, the amounts of naps you take deduct same time from natural sleeping hrs at the time you planned it.
Solution: just avoid it! Or if you have to, just to complete some urgent task then take a time out and educate yourself more about ‘Power Nap’ or for some coffee-addicts ‘coffee power nap,’ and follow it thoroughly.

Alcohol Abuse:
Fact about using alcohol to fall asleep faster is true. And another fact is, effective for first few time, and after that it tend to make more habitual to it, making you addicted to it.
Solutions: just quit alcohol!

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The maximum level one could stay awake!

without sleepAnd we are pretty sure that some of you belong to special human species called Insomniacs, who are mastered in endeavoring countless to hours dedicated to do that one thing they think worth to sacrificing their sleep. But this article is universal everyone who wish to know to what extent it is one can be awake and the exact limits!

But if we have to dispense one advice, so that would be, don’t! Sleep is the most important activity one should never underestimate. In absence of proper sleeping cycle one might experience discomfort, disorientating is doing something, stroll in focusing memory retentions and other health hazards. And trust it, it worth spending time sufficient for good old sleep.

You might opt for medications which would help you stay awake or rely more on caffeine content but know this, sleep is still inevitable, it might just bail you some time to perform given task. To make it more easy for you understand, we’ve come off with effected you would experience on hourly interval basis. As follow:

After 24 hours…
After this period of time, some expected effects like difficulty in taking routine decision, and a decline in eye-hand coordination, you tend to be more emotional vulnerable, deceased focus, hearing is impaired, and there is an increase in your risk of death from a fatal accident if you are subjected to use heavy machinery or just driving.

After 36 hours…
In this stage, you are bound to be prone to some intense inflammatory effects on blood vessels, which could possibly make you more vulnerable to some cardiovascular diseases and high Blood-pressure problems and hormonal misbalance. Some of the more common side effect which are easy to spot on are feeling of dehydrate and dramatic decrease in motivation to do anything. In all you tend to feel more alienated in this stage.

After 48 hours…
You might get introduced to micro-sleep, a phase where person might shut eyes just for second or half, best referred as blackouts. There frequent it be, person struggles to focus on anything, since after blackout person need some microseconds to remember what he is doing it. This might just feel innocent and harmless but just imagine if you are driving or handling a take that required continuous attention, like person working in aviation control room.

After 72 hours:
This can be best referred as zombie state! As person have no clue whatsoever about its surrounding. In appearance he might look stoned and more prone to have hallucinations, which could be hazardous to your neural system.

It is never safe to underestimate sleep. You just go and take a good old sleep!

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Sleep Peacefully… but for how long?

Sleep PeacefullyIt is always being point of discussion ever since some curious gentlemen raise this question! And from that moment doctors, researchers, psychologist, physicians and dozen other kinds of experts including some renounced pioneer in gym care industry came up with their own theory. And we thought, to resolve this confusion, let’s put it all together and tell you how much time you need to complete your daily sleep needs.
Incomplete hours of sleep can cause many complications right from lack of general sensitivity, unable to concentration, inclined on unhealthy foods, loosened metabolism rate. And in severe situation, it can cause you sleep deprivation that can lead to depression and anxiety issues, hallucinations or some accidents since one can’t focus on anything.
Following is the list of age group and the hours of sleep is must for the concerned person in that group, know how much you want:

New Born (0-3months):
New offspring’s to infants need more sleep of 14 to17 hours a day, as they are in evolutionary phase where their tissues are devolving. And sleep is the best time for letting your neural system works its wonder in getting coordination over the body.

Infant (4 to 11 months):
The 12-13 hours of sleep is well needed, since they are trying their new formed neural system and processing and storing info they learn in between, for future purpose.

Toddler (1-2 year):
They need at least 11 to 14 hours of sleep. Enough to process and record the tract they stumble upon and work on improving their gibberish in to more understandable human language.

Preschoolers (3-5 yrs):
Deal with the outer world can be task for every child, while learning and educating themselves. And to get energy for those task kids needs 10-13 hours of sleep.

The School time (6-13yrs):
One of the active phase of life, we are at the fullest to learn new things and deal with high energy needs. And to keep it fluent, kids need 9-11 hours of sleep.

Teenagers (14-19yrs):
The most rebellious phase of life, infused with energy and hormones. To deal with outer world and society one might need 8-10hrs of sleep, to keep it in flow.

Younger adults (20-28):
People in this age have learn cope up with new find stress in work or in married like. And to regain the energy you’ve lost in the day, you need 7-9 hours of sleep.

Adults (29-64):
Still, despite course of the time and coping with stressed of success, spouse and children, it is one thing you need not change and keep it following.

Older Adults (65+):
Though need just 7 to 8 hours of sleep, but it is most needed to keep yourself immune and healthy.

Although it is really hard to say X hours is sufficient for every human being. Since there are wide variety aspect one need to consider. Factors like age group, blood type, blood pressure level, any past medical condition or current medication course he is on and the kind of work he is involved in. Like the person who work in Aviation Control center need to have acute sense of concentrations as one mistake in analysis can result in catastrophic outcome.

The best way to know it is consult a doctor since they can examine you, considering your medical history and suggest you precise sleeping hours and ways to do it.

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Tips on Last-Long Erection

Last-Long ErectionThere is one the thing every man wished to be always youthful about and never to fail at it and that is indeed Genital erection and reproductive function. But factually, with aging effect reining your overall body system, the quality of reproductions tent to decease, and with other disease causing blood related problem that quality of a man’s erectile functions started decrease.

Although there are many medication options exist in the market you can try to achieve long lasting erection, or you can adapt following alteration to naturally cause long time erection, at least more than usual:

Rescan your Medications:
Some of the medication courses like antidepressants, blood pressure medications, narcotic pain relievers, and antihistamines, which are used to cure and control disease and its symptoms might cause erectile function adversely. It is wise to check meditational label for any side effects, and prefer Sudafed-free prescriptions. If any prescription meds are causing you to fall flat, feel free to talk to your doctor about any possible substitution.

Reduce that belly:
If you couldn’t cut down oodles of weight, its fine just keep yourself in that way. Just make you keep your waist circumference below 35 inch. You ask why? Cause a high waist circumference indicates higher levels of harmful visceral fat. And visceral fat is linked to lower testosterone and more inflammation, both factors which can hurt your penis.

Time to Kill Stress:
Don’t get us wrong, working hard to achieve your goal isn’t a bad thing to put all efforts directed toward. But the stress and anxiety, that could render adverse effects on your overall health and eventually on your erectile functions! So it is advisable for you to keep yourself off from unwanted and unnecessary stress of work or anything that could lead your ways to depression.

Instead you can chose to spend more time with your partner which is beneficial for both, stress busting purpose and also deepen the intimacy with your partner. Win-win situations!

Get some quality sleep:
One of the universal health care tips we could offer to you. When you are sleeping mode, your body tends to recover all the wear and tear loss it caused in daily routine. And just like all the functions are now set to restore, blood circulation is also reflowed to pelvis area, which make it more potent to felicitate erectile function. And with regular sleeping schedule, you can improve duration with ease.

Sort out your mind:
Most of the ED related problems can also be solved with some suitable self-suggestions or psychoanalysis sessions. In most cases, some pre-noted presumptions or stereotypes like past experience, suppressed by any dogma or presumptions, thinking that he is sensually insufficient for his partner, or even thinking that certain illness is causing impotency though it is not. Reasons could be anything and better way to find is ask you if there are anything or just take help of psychoanalyst to figure it out.

Be more than just regular:
We human get bored of the routine; habits we do on daily basis and just doing something new in the act of love can also do the trick to boost your arousal point. Our subconscious mind’s reaction like ‘those were days phrase’ can cause ED, on psychological front.

In other case, even if you take some Sildenafil drugs to get erection, it would be ineffective if arousal is not enough to keep it functioning. You can discuss with your partner about it to experiment something new.

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Sleep Right! To be Genius!

sleep and memory improvementSleep is something that we’ve been doing from the day we born, and one habit we can’t quit, and also we don’t want to. It is needless to say how pathetic one can be if they frequently delay or skip their sleeping schedule. Over the years our parents and doctors suggest us to have and follow proper sleeping schedule as it is one of the key reason one can be prone to early disease and psychological disorders.

Straight in short phrase, sleeping is a physical act that intimately draws benefits to psychological and physiological system of our body. And following are some reasons why you should follow a strict sleeping schedule if you wished to be a Genius!

Stabilizing mental psyche:
From the point we woke up and till we shut down our eyes, we records, recall, and process so many kinds of information in mind, that out brain works continuously to perform every task you assign. Even reading this blog and remembering words and facts for future use is also kind of task. Sleeping, not only bails out time out of consciousness to rest for a while but it also gives time for subconscious to recollect, analyze and store everything you learn, did or happen during the day. And with proper sleeping pattern, it work works smooth as butter.

Neural System:
Neural system work in felicitating neural signal, affirmative information directed towards muscle or body cells, which instruct body or muscle to move in particular manner, yeah it is a definition! Since your subconscious process and store everything you learn throughout the day, it also instructs neural system to form a muscle memory. And that’s the reason why coaches suggest sportsman to follow a strict sleeping schedule. One example of how it works? You know the time when you are walking in your dream and suddenly fall in pit, well that many be a glitch while programming neural system, so you can calm down!

Mood Enhancer:
The best person to ask how sleep elevates your mood is the person who loves to sleep! The overall mood dynamics can cost huge impact on how stressed you can be. Even slightest delay in your normal sleeping schedule can brought negative or passive thoughts and reasoning in your thought process and drop in enthusiasm is common trait. Whereas, person who had enough hrs of sleep is more jolly and open to positive vibe.

The Stress:
Something no one wished to have but end up having enough that can hog all your focus solving it and derailing your sweet sleeping schedule. Most of the stress or the problem we face in our life doesn’t even take much time to sort out or at least not worth of concerned attention it get. Sleep, can make you more potent deal with stress since your mood dynamics swayed from neutral to ‘oh I’m unable to deal with this situation.’ In short, you are more prone to stress.

Since you’re neural and subconscious mind is tuned and working in fine manner, your ability to memorize and recalling facts and info become more efficient. Well-working neural system helps forming memory and subconscious system works in recalling those stored memory.

I guess these 5 reasons are enough for you to prioritize your sleeping schedule.

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Insufficient Sleep Syndrome: a sleeping Disorder

Insufficient Sleep SyndromeSleep is one of those activities that plays key role in balance factor of your overall health. And an insufficient sleep disorder is referred to basically discontinuity to maintain healthy sleep schedule. There could be much reason one can come out with that can cause this sleeping disorder and it is also considered to be early sign of other sleeping disorders.
In most cases, what we think an ‘n’ hour of sleep is sufficient for us is actually not enough. The sleeping hours mainly depends upon factors like the amount of labor you take during the day, kind of food you eat including caffeine and sugar intake, lifestyle and also jet-lag. In other reasons, sleep depravity can also caused by the medication course you are following or just the time you bail out to complete task, which you plan to compensate later.
It is needless to how sleep is important to live healthy life. Its absence can cause physical and psychological imbalance can withered your inner harmony and causes to slowdown metabolism which ultimately degrades your immune system making you more vulnerable to disease and illness. Lack of concentration, which is caused by ISS, alone can capable causing catastrophic result performing some otherwise simple task like handling heavy machinery, critical activities or just driving in traffic can be tedious task for one to do with sleep-deprivation.

Some other psychological disorder, which can be caused by untreated insufficient sleeping syndrome like Insomnia which is disrupted sleeping schedule, obstructive and central sleep apnea which cause unusual breathing patter while you are asleep, Narcolepsy which is an unusual pattern of sleep where one can fall asleep anywhere anytime regardless what he is doing, Idiopathic hypersomnia which is opposite to insomnia it is a disorder where person sleeps for longer hours, periodic limb phase disorder which is much similar to sleep paralysis but more frequent and subjected to the specific limb then whole body. In other disorders, short sleep time, shift work disorder and delayed sleep phase disorder.

There are some easy symptoms one can figure out whether they have insufficient sleep syndrome or not and opt for proper treatment.

Not completing or delaying your Ideal Sleep Time at the end of the day.

Unable to pop out of your bed as soon as you wake up, since your body requests for more sleep.

Unable to recall or retain stored in your memories or struggle keeping completing calculative task.

Consistent and gradual drop in your energy level causing you to feel exhausted by the end of the day.

The Remedies:
There are some easy remedies and alteration in your daily lifestyle and habits you can alter to control the insufficient sleep syndrome. But for the best and precise remedial measures, consult your doctors or sleep specialist. Why? Cause they are professionals who can suggest best treatment analyzing your medical health history, sleep pattern and set course for suitable for you.

Some handy tips like, prioritize your sleep schedule, do exercise, follow right diet and keep yourself off from any distractions(however it temp you) and be following it.