An overview of the brain damage effects

brain damageThe brain works something like a CPU or hard drive of our body. All the vital and important data that we see or feel are stored in the brain. These data are in the form of sounds and visuals. Our emotions and reactions too are controlled by the brain. The fine motor gross skills are also being monitored and controlled by the brain. Even when we are asleep the brain does not sleep completely and some sort of process is continuously being run in body by the brain. However if the brain suffers from any kind of injury or damage, then it can be really very-very troublesome for our health.

Brain damage mainly happens due to some kind of brain injury which mainly happens due to some kind of trauma, stroke, tumor or other kind of illness. Any kind of brain damage or brain injury affects the brain cells. Even in the brain injury, there are two types of brain injury. Traumatic brain injury and acquired brain injury.

The external brain injury is mainly caused by the external forces like blow to the head, which causes the brain to move inside the skull or damages the skull. This successively damages the brain as well.
The acquired brain injury occurs at the cellular level. This mainly associated with the pressure on the brain which happens due to tumor or some kind of neurological illness as in case of stroke.

Both kind of brain injury can happen after birth and neither of them is degenerative. Some of the brain injuries are focal and cause localized brain damage such as bullet entering the head. In other terms, the damage is confined to a smaller area of the brain. Closed head injuries frequently cause diffuse brain damage which means damage to the several parts of the brain.

The severity of the brain damage can be distinguished with the type of brain injury that an individual suffers. Mild brain injury may cause symptoms like headaches, confusion, memory problems and nausea. In case of moderate brain injury, these symptoms can last for a prolonged time like a year or so.

But the hazardous one is the extreme brain injuries. This can be a life changing and debilitating problem. The people who suffer from extreme brain injuries will have cognitive, behavioral and physical disabilities as well. Sometimes, the brain injuries can push a person into a state of coma as well.

The traumatic brain injuries can happen due to car accidents blows to the head, sports injuries, falls or accidents and also due to physical violence.

The acquired brain injuries happen due to the problem of infection, strangulation, chocking or drowning, stroke, heart attacks, tumors, neurological illness and abuse of illegal drugs.

Brain injuries have a very negative impact on the cognitive, perpetual, physical and emotional wellbeing of the person. The only way to prevent any kind of brain injuries is to take precautions while driving car or bike by wearing helmets and seatbelts and also the same while working at hazardous sites like factor or construction site.