Simple ways to heal the heel spurs

heel cupsIn the entire day we have to do lot of activities. And most of it requires lot of movement. The movements are done by nothing else but by our legs only. So in the entire day the legs have to do lot of work for us. The legs only carry the body weight of ours and have to be lot of stress and strain. And these strenuous do have some impact on the health of the legs mainly at the base.  Heel spurs is a problem that we have to encounter at times. They are basically tiny protruding calcium deposits which can develop at the base of your heel bone. It is mainly caused by the repetitive activities such as dancing and running or they can form in association with plantar fasciitis which is an inflammation of the ligaments on the bottom of your foot.

In case you are feeling too much of pain on the bottom of your heel mainly near your heel after doing any kind of activity like exercise or even walking for a prolonged period, then it is quite possible that you are having the problem of heel spurs. There are some ways to treat the issue of heel spurs at home itself.

Ice pack:
If you are facing the problem of heel spur then applying ice pack can give you some amount of relief from that annoying irritation. Apply ice pack for nearly 10 to 15 minutes at least two times a day on the affected area.  Rolling your foot over an ice pack or iced can bottle can be useful if your heel spurs are accompanied by plantar fasciitis.

Take rest:
If the heel spurs are bothering you too much, then it is time to take your feet off the ground and give it some rest. Heel spurs can also happen due to running on hard and concrete surfaces, tight calf muscle and shoes with poor shock absorption. You need to ease up your activities and the pain can escalate if you continue with your strenuous exercise routine. Switch to other kind of activities such as swimming or riding a bike till the time spurs heal.

Night splints:
Splints help in stretching your plantar fascia when you are asleep. You can wear a device that consists of an L shaped fiber glass splint and wrap a bandage around it to keep it in place when you are sleeping.

Take care of footwear:
Healing of your spurs also depends a lot on the type of shoes that you wear. You need to buy the shoes that fit your exact size and not by guessing the size of your feet. Also while wearing the shoes; you can use orthotic inserts such as heel cups, insoles, custom orthotics and dynamic insoles.

If the pain of heel spurs is bothering you too much, then you can also try taking the drug of acetaminophen or ibuprofen in order to ease the pain. Some of the doctors may even recommend Botox injection into your foot to relax the plantar fascia.

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