Obesity- How worst it is?

childhood obesityIt became and still a rage, ever since WHO announced obesity as will be the most common and root for all disease. Everyone is bashing about it, but no one seems to answer how bad it is or how worst it is. And mind this, out idea is to educate you not to make you feel petrified about it, so tag along.

Genetics: Yes, you read it right! Genetic coding helps out body in building metabolism and overall structure. So scientist even couldn’t deny the possibility of it! Its may be passed on to a person by their ancestors. But that is not only factor you can blame and bail out, there are some more.

Inactive lifestyle: It is not only related to the absence of exercise, but what you do in the time you are not doing exercise. The more time you spend being stable in one place and how active you feel. It can straight relate to the pace of metabolism you are generating. Those person who tend to have more active life have faster metabolism that react favorable to the diet and exercise plan you are following, and vice versa.

Diet: Just pay close attention to that calorie count on the food you eat and you might get your answer! As they say, we are what we eat!  Indeed this applies here, if you have inactive lifestyle then you shouldn’t just listen to your sense then your appetite as it tend to add food that has high-calorie count. There is only little percentage of people who don’t like to eat chocolate and you and me are not one of them.

Medical issues! Some of it is Prader-Willi syndrome, Cushing’s syndrome and even Arthritis can cause obesity since that person is not able to move swiftly, leading an inactive life. And adding up to that fact, some medicine course like antidepressants, anti-seizure medications, diabetes medications, antipsychotic medications, steroids and beta blockers and many other tend to play different game as you have to follow a diet just to get away with its side effects. And you know how positively we respond to diet changes.

Age factor: Although, obesity doesn’t have any age bar, but elder aging adults are more prone to obesity! As hormonal changes are ever-changing and with time their metabolism rate changes and started to decease.

Quit Smoking: Expected one, isn’t it? Nicotine contents from cigarette give you a kick for sometime but it also makes you addictive to it. While smoking affects lungs to the most extent, it also tends to make you slower, hence metabolism decreased.

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