Low Blood pressure: The silent Killer

Low Blood pressureNo, it is not beginning for any suspense novel, its low blood pressure it exists silently but strike with a bang! Though it is simply referred as hypertension, the circulatory flow of blood cells from lungs to heart and to almost each and every corner of your body! It reflect as smooth harmony and anything that cause that flows to disrupt will eventually has its effects on your body internally hence externally.

Problems related blood pressure can be vastly divided into two kinds, high blood-pressure and low blood-pressure. Each has its unique and sometime similar set of symptoms on your body. Amongst, low blood pressure almost have no serious symptoms, may be that’s why it is mostly referred as silent killer.

Hormonal problems such as an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism), diabetes, or low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) can easily be cause. Other than that, un-prescribed medicines( even those which was prescribed for high blood pressure, depression and anxiety and in rare cases of Parkinson disease). Heart diseases like arrhythmias, heat strokes and heat exhaustions by spending more time in outside. Even those women having pregnancy might experience low blood pressure problems.

There are some other symptoms that can cause sudden depletion in blood pressure. Like:

Mostly in case of accidents, when victim excessively bleed and body went through sudden shortage on blood count. Since unable to functions properly, one can experience hypertension.

High-Low Body temperature:
This is one of the trickiest situations when you are stuck in cold situation and brain signals its organ to work with full force to just making sure blood reached to every part of body. And this excess blood flow reaches to the level when it give rise to overall body temperature. Sometime uncontrollable pace creates confusion and slow down its pacing, cause out subconscious think we have enough blood flow, intensity can be decrease and his situation create ideal ground for hypertension.

So be it normal lack fluid in body by vomiting, urination or diarrhea or just you forgot to drink anything in summertime. Dehydration put your body to work on less fuel and unable your organ to work properly. This leads to insufficient blood flow.

Not only from some medicines only, can adverse reactions caused by some allergies put to your body to the panic attack. Even blood infections like sepsis can cause hypertensions.

Specifically after eating heavy meal that contains carbohydrates, which happens to cause blood pooling in vessels around stomach and intestinal area.

Some other medicines:
Some other medicinal courses like diuretics, beta-blockers, calcium-channel blockers, and angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors and drugs that are nitrate induced medicines for ED and antipsychotics, anti-anxiety agents, sedative-hypnotics, tricyclic antidepressants and narcoleptics.

One of the obvious reasons! As a person ages, these will be a gradual decline in overall blood pressure regulations. Though some easy tip like pacing up your metabolism can stabilize it, with proper diet and exercise plan.

Regardless of how it is intense compared to those conditions to high blood pressure. It still has all potential to be severe. So keeping a regular check and keeping away from stress, being hydrated all the time can keep you away from its causes.

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