Living with narcolepsy

Living with narcolepsyLiving with narcolepsy can be challenging as it continues to affect your ability to work, attend school and build personal relationships. Even though narcolepsy is a neurological disorder, which affects the part of the brain that regulates sleep; however, you can still manage your condition by living happy, fulfilling life. It’s said that narcolepsy affect every level of your life.

Effects of narcolepsy on personal and social life
How would you feel when somebody dozes off while talking to you? You may assume that the person is either bored by your conversation or not interested in your talk. That’s how narcolepsy can affect your life. Narcolepsy has a direct impact on someone’s self-esteem, social relations and quality of life.

People with narcolepsy usually struggle with:

  • Mental fogginess that makes it difficult for them to concentrate or usually confused even over small things making it hard to make decisions by their own.
  • They have difficulty in remembering things and display behavior that can lead to feelings of uncertainty about daily events and self-doubt.
  • Excessive sleepiness makes it hard to control and eventually causes unintentional napping at school or work, which can be embarrassing and problematic. As a result, your performance at work or school is greatly affected. Job safety can be threatened due to excessive sleepiness.
  • Experiencing hallucinations anytime of the day can be frightening and misunderstood by others.

Narcolepsy also affects your day to day social interactions with others. People with narcolepsy likely to suffer from:

  • Strain to stay awake during social activities such as watching a movie with friends or attending party of a close friend.
  • Be confused or grumpy upon waking.
  • Uncontrollable urge to nap at an inappropriate places and times that can ruin your image in social circles or you can be ridiculed or teased by colleagues or friends.
  • Having hallucinations during conversations can cause fear for the person himself/herself and others.
  • Experiencing cataplexy at awkward times such as when laughing with friends at a party.

Experiencing such symptoms on a daily basis can affect greatly. As a result of narcolepsy, you have trouble maintaining good performance at work, strong social network and strained relationships at home when you miserably fail to commit people.

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