Life after Modafinil

Life after ModafinilKevin was working as a sales executive with one of the topmost companies of New York City. He was new to the City and hence, he was getting used to the norms, the climate, new people and new work style. But he knew it was going to take time. He worked hard for getting that promotion and earning that flat given by the company. His initial days weren’t a cakewalk rather just keep upbeat with rough winds of New York City he has to sacrifice many things.

Loads of work, working in shifts, meeting deadlines, closing clients’ deals and extending work hours to finish the sales reports starting taking a toll on his health. Back in North Dakota (Grand Forks) it was beautiful, roads and roofs blanketed with snow and sipping a warm cup of coffee felt him nostalgic. He felt that he lost the track of life; felt homesick. He felt a rush of chill entered in his body when he opened the front window. But he couldn’t feel the warmth that he used to feel in Grand Forks.

While lying on the bed, he realized how many weeks he hasn’t slept. He could feel drowsiness and fatigue while he was at work.  Today at home his aching muscles and weary bones gave answers to him when each part of his body was aching. He didn’t feel fresh at all. Rather he felt very exhausted, sleepy and busted.

He knew that he has to do with this weariness and drowsiness otherwise it was going to be tough at his office. At one point, he felt that these New Yorkers were going to kick him out when he misplaced one of the clients’ file. One day he couldn’t control his eyes shutting from and slept during the meeting. After meeting definitely, he had a good amount of scolding and teasing by his bosses and other colleagues. At this moment, he certainly doesn’t want to become a punching bag when he fought hard to reach this level.

On his whole weekend, he only thought of a solution for his problem and ringed Tom. Tom was the only person on whom he could rely on. Tom had a transfer in Arizona and hence, Kevin called. Tom as usual came to his rescue when he suggested Modafinil. Kevin quickly ordered Modafinil.

After a week, Kevin transformed from a happy sales executive to proudly beaming senior executive. Within a week’s time, he impressed his bosses and other top level clients with his enthusiasm, dedication, and never-ending energy. So where did he get that energy and where was that lethargic Kevin gone? The answer was Modafinil.

Modafinil reduced daytime sleepiness in him and increased energy. Modafinil also refreshed his cognitive skills. Life after Modafinil was super easy. He no longer had to struggle with droopiness and fight off to keep the energy high. He reduced the number of working hours, but at the same time gave quality work.

Modafinil made his life supercharged with energy and enthusiasm!

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