Health Benefits Of Cardamom !!


Cardamom is a spice used widely in food to add aroma and also known for its medicinal value.

Here are some of the proven health benefits of cardamom

  • Solves digestive problems- cardamom has medicinal properties that works to cure stomach problems like indigestion, constipation, gas and stomach ulcers. Cardamom contains chemical compounds that helps prevent vomiting, nausea and activates our taste buds and our senses that aids in good digestion. Consuming few cardamom pods after eating heavy food helps in secretion of digestive enzymes that helps in proper digestion.
  • Prevents bad breath– chewing few cardamom pods is known to act as mouth freshener and prevents bad breath. Cardamom contains a component called cine ole which has antimicrobial properties that helps fight off bad breath and also boosts oral hygiene.
  • Lowers blood pressure – cardamom has been shown to lower high blood pressure. Include this wonder spice in your diet or you can consume a teaspoon of cardamom powder mixed with honey for lowering blood pressure.
  • Good to cure cold and cough– known for its antioxidant properties cardamom helps relieve you from the discomfort caused by cold and cough. Cardamom is available in black and green color -black cardamom is known to cure certain respiratory problems effectively. If you are suffering from cold or cough drink few cups of cardamom tea for a soothing effect.
  • Controls blood sugar levels – cardamom is high in manganese which can help treat high blood sugar levels. Especially black cardamom is known to control your sugar levels.
  • Protects liver- cardamom is one of the best spice with numerous health benefits and one of the amazing benefits of extracts of cardamom is that it helps in reducing cholesterol levels, decreases triglyceride and liver enzymes which prevents liver enlargement.
  • Boosts weight loss- cardamom helps increase metabolic rate which in turn burns excess fat efficiently.
  • Prevents blood clot- cardamom is known to prevent blood clots by preventing platelet aggregation.
  • Prevents infections – green cardamom and black cardamom oils are considered to inhibit growth of numerous infection causing bacteria and fungus. Thereby reduces the risk of developing infection.
  • Relieves depression symptoms- if you are going through mental problems like depression, anxiety and extreme stress ,it recommended that drinking cardamom tea can help relieve you from mental problems as its aroma works on your senses to calm your brain.
  • Sexual dysfunction – premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are very common problems faced by men around the globe, but consuming cardamom and milk can do wonders for your sexual life.
  • Aids in blood circulation – cardamom helps increase blood circulation throughout your body as well as lungs by blood thinning action which aids in curing respiratory problems like asthma and bronchitis.

How to include cardamom in your diet?

Cardamom is a spice that adds aromatic flavor to your food preparations and enhances the taste of the food. You can add cardamom to any sweet dish you make, can be added to your curries, pulav, salads, soups or just sprinkle cardamom powder on your fruit salad. Whichever way you want to consume cardamom it is loaded with health benefits.

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