Get Thicker & Longer Eyelashes with Bimatoprost

Bimatoprost is very safe and effective medicine which is useful for glaucoma an eye condition and also eye lashes growth in people who do not have adequate eyelashes. Bimatoprost is placed in a class of drugs called prostaglandin and sold under the brand name Latisse. This medicine has been approved by Food & Drug Administration because it is result oriented and also the best drug for enhancing eyelashes.

How Bimatoprost Eyedrop Works?
These eye drops are the safest medication to grow eye lashes. Bimatoprost Eye care solution contains chemicals that treat the eyelashes and enhances color of the eyelashes too. Before using this medicine wash your hands and face and pat dry, make sure there is no trace of make-up. Then using a single – use applicator apply this solution on the upper eyelashes, this medicine works effectively by stimulating the hair follicles on the eye lids during hair growth cycle. It is important to note that this solution should be used only on upper eyelid, but when you blink there are chances it can spread on your lower lids too, even if it enters your eyes it shouldn’t be a problem as this drug is also used to treat glaucoma. So, you can use this drug without worrying.

Remember to use this medicine for at least two months, or as recommended by your doctor. Do not stop using this medicine abruptly as you may not get the desired results.

Bimatoprost Side Effects are as follows:

Itching, Dry eyes, Darkening of eyelid, Bloodshot eyes, Increased eyelash growth, Stinging in eyes, Change in colour vision, Excess growth of eyelashes

These are some of the side effects of using Bimatoprsot but they will vanish after some time.

Things to Remember before Buying Bimatoprost Online

  • Before you start using this Bimatoprost eyedrop please consult with your doctor.
  • Use a single use applicator to apply this bimatoprost eyelash growth solution. It is recommended that one should not use this applicator more than 20 times.
  • Avoid using this drug along with any other eye drops or medicines as it leads to reactions or irritation in your eyes.
  • Apply this drug with an applicator. It is recommended that one should not use this applicator more than 20 times.
  • Do not overdose Bimatoprost eye drops, use as recommended by your eye care doctor.
  • If this medicine goes into your eyes accidentally wash your eyes with plain water.
  • FDA strictly warns that if your using contacts, remove them before you apply this medicine and wait for at least 15 minutes before you place your contacts back into your eyes.

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