Generic Retin A – For Improved Skin

A generic name for Retin A is retinoic acid or tretinion is derived from vitamin A. It is a skin care cream used to reduce acne, fine wrinkles, improve skin texture and eliminate brown spots. Retin A is very effective and the only topical cream that works on molecular level for an improved version of skin which is more vibrant and smooth.

Working of Retin A

Retin A works to stop accumulation of skin cells that causes acne and aids in shedding of old dead skin cells, thus preventing acne formation. Consistent use of  Retin A helps improve skin texture, fades dark spots and cures acne .Retin A is considered as the most effective and reliable skin care cream because it helps retain Collagen which is responsible for maintaining  skin structure ,elasticity and firmness. If your skin is constantly exposed to heat of the sun collagen breaks down causing  skin damage and also as you age cells produce less collagen which causes skin wrinkles ,loosening and sagging. But if you use Retin A regularly it will help retain your collagen and protects your skin.

Side effects of Retin A

Some of the side effects caused by using Retin A cream include:-

  • Itching
  • Dryness
  • Rash
  • Sensation of stinging
  • Swelling
  • Burning sensation

These are some of the side effects caused by using Retin A, but it will be there only in the beginning of your treatment, later they subside and you’ll see an improved skin.

The right way to use Retina A

  • Use this cream exactly as instructed by your doctor.
  • Before using this cream wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Now clean your face with a mild soap and pat dry and wait for few minutes before applying this cream.
  • Apply the cream with your finger tips on the affected part of your skin in such a way that it forms a thin layer on your skin.
  • This cream should be preferably applied before bedtime to work effectively throughout the night.
  • Always read the instruction given at the back of the pack of the medicine.
  • Remember not to apply this cream if your skin is burnt, or cut or bruised, wounded or if you have any other skin problems.
  • Make sure to apply this cream very carefully to prevent it from getting it into your eyes and mouth, if it gets into your eyes accidentally, then immediately rinse your eyes with water.
  • Wash your hands after you finish applying the cream.
  • You must use this cream regularly to see the results faster.
  • This cream works best if used on the same time each day.
  • Do not use excess cream to get faster results as it may cause side effects and you may develop skin rashes.


  • Retin A belongs to class of vitamin A medicines, if you are allergic to vitamin A induced creams, inform your doctor.
  • Before using this medicine inform your doctor if you are suffering from any skin problems.
  • Pregnant women should avoid using this medicine as it is absorbed by the skin. Consult your doctor if you want to use this cream.
  • Breast feeding moms should consult their doctor before using this drug.
  • After applying this cream it is advised not to expose your skin to the harsh heat of sun or cover your face if you have to go out, as this cream may make your skin sensitive to the heat of the sun and can cause irritation of skin.

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