Diet to pause the Aging Process!

how to slow Aging ProcessAging is an inevitable process and everyone is prone to it, no matter what you do. And on that note, everyone have their own set of preferences as some want to keep strength and zest or some want to look youthful and young forever. Though there are many health care products which pose to stop aging process and health care professionals and doctors advocating benefits of exercise particularly for aging. But truth is doctors are right about exercise but health care products, not necessary.

Much like many other health related complications can be recovered by just tuning your diet, though aging is not a disease. There are some food items which are worth including. Though its effects can also be amplified if accompanied and also follow your exercise regime too. And for better and precise diet you can also consult with a dietician but we are sure they will include food items like followings:

Olive oil:  It is ways best to switch for better an option which offers more benefits than conventional variant, so be it your cooking oil. If compared to normal cooking or canola oil, olive oil contains Polyphenols, one of the powerful antioxidants that help prevent age-related diseases. And not to forget, it is one of the richest source of antioxidant which can be added in your regular diet. And most importantly it tastes way better than normal cooking oil.

Yogurt: Other than just being a pro-biotic food which helps you get better guts and digestion power, which is also beneficial as it helps process nutrients better from the food you eat and also drain off toxins from your body mostly radicals. It also a universal source of calcium, which are better for bone health and preventions from bone related disease like Osteoporosis. Weakness in bones is one of the common aging effects applicable to both gender and not it best to have a scoop of yogurt after a meal.

Chocolate: Despite just being the most common item in list of comfort food and an ideal aphrodisiac it can also be beneficial in mission to slowing aging process. Factually, a cocoa seed, the ingredient which is processed to make dark chocolate we eat, contains flavanols which is key factors that is effective on range of diseases like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease and dementia. It preserves the healthy function of blood vessels. Dark chocolate is so best for curing stress symptoms, which is capable to speeding aging effects on skin.

Wine: Yup we featured an alcoholic beverages and that doesn’t mean all alcoholic beverages are good for aging. Wine can be count as exception as it contains resveratrol, a compound that likely contributes to its benefits as it cause to the roots and activate genes that slow cellular aging. It is also sighted best for blood circulation and heart conditions. And as latest studies suggests it is also a great source to add in antioxidants for radiant skin.

Blueberries: Most of the berries in general are full of antioxidants but blueberries in particular contain qualities which are effective on inflammation and oxidative damage, which are mostly associated with age-related deficits in memory and motor functions. They are also effective tool to boost metabolism and immunity for speedy recoveries and better health.

And remember we talked about switching the best option over regular food you consume! Well try switching from black tea and brown coffee to green tea and green coffee, for overall effects!

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