Dealing With Insomnia -The Natural Way

Causes of insomniaIs your life disturbed? Are you going through difficult period coping up with your sleepless nights and you don’t understand what is happening to you, are you awake whole night, just staring at things, unable to close your eyes, no signs of falling asleep? Then probably you must be suffering from sleep disorder or insomnia.

Insomnia is a complicated disorder affecting people in which they experience sleeplessness, restlessness and struggle to catch sleep.

Insomnia is of two types-

  1. Acute Insomnia
  2. Chronic Insomnia

Acute Insomnia- Acute insomnia is something that lasts for short period, may be few days or week.  In this condition the person does not have serious sleep disorder.

Chronic Insomnia- Chronic insomnia is more complex condition than acute insomnia. This condition  makes the person very weak mentally and physically and affects overall health. It  last for longer periods, making the person incapable of handling things.

Check for the following symptoms of insomnia-

  • Depression
  • anxiety
  • no focus, no concentration
  • sleep loss
  • getting into substance abuse
  • waking up often
  • waking up early morning
  • trouble going back to sleep
  • extremely worried about your sleep
  • irritability

If you are experiencing the above signs of insomnia then see a doctor to identify and treat your problem.

Causes of insomnia

  • Mental disorders- If a person is suffering from mental problems such as depression or anxiety is at risk for insomnia.
  • Irregular sleep habits- Some people have the habit of doing various activities on bed like watching TV, doing some work, chatting on phone , working on computer, all these distractions make the person sleep for less time, and gradually leading to poor sleeping habits, causing insomnia.
  • Stress- Life is so stressful in this present time ,making it difficult to catch a good sleep, not sleeping becomes a way of life, leading to insomnia.
  • Poor eating habits- eating heavy meals can causeg indigestion and other digestive problems, which makes the person restless and disturbs the sleep. poor eating habits are interlinked to insomnia.
  • Age- Aging also causes insomnia. With increasing age the person becomes physically and mentally less active and also due to illnesses occurring along with age causes sleepless nights.

Fight insomnia the natural way

  1. Drink warm milk before going to bed
  2. Change the way you think, be more focussed, and do not stress yourself by pondering over past thoughts or actions.
  3. Do not take anything along with you like your phone, computer, games, etc… When you go to bed for sleep.
  4. Eat foods containing amino acids like chicken, banana etc. That helps you sleep better. Avoid sugary or spicy foods that can upset your stomach making you restless.
  5. Essential oils like jasmine oil, lavender oil, help you sleep soundly, just apply a drop of any of these oils on your forehead before you go to bed.
  6. Maintain a sleep schedule. Sleep at the same time and wakeup at the same time, once the body gets used to the same sleep time you’ll sleep properly.
  7. Avoid caffeinated drinks before sleeping at night.

Insomnia can be taken care off, with efforts from your side and making changes in your lifestyle.

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8 Things You Need to Know About Sleepwalking

So many myths persist about sleepwalking, a condition which affects people of all ages. Here are few well researched facts that lend some scientifical and logical background to this phenomenon.

1. Sleepwalking is not automatic
A longstanding sleepwalking myth is that it is automatic, which means you don’t have motivation or rationale for having done it. It implies that you just do it. However, a recent study has found that a lot of people remember what they did and why, and some are even able to determine that their actions were illogical but probably made sense in that moment.

2. Most sleepwalkers usually have their eyes open
Sleepwalkers who are in the non-REM stage often have their eyes open, even though they may look glaze only half awake. Some people find it hard to tell when they are actually sleepwalking because their eyes were open, and some would even have conversations with people. Some people who are act out their dreams in REM sleep usually have their eyes closed.

3. Disruption of sleep triggers sleepwalking
A lot of people have noticed they sleepwalk often on nights they feel extremely tired. Or if they find something unsettling before bedtime and keep thinking about it. Anything that causes you to wake up more easily can cause sleepwalking, like an unfamiliar environment, an uncomfortable room, lack of sleep, illness, daily stress and consuming alcohol.

4. Sleepwalking is generally harmless
Usually sleepwalking doesn’t cause any harm, as events are short. Sleepwalking happens when deep-wave sleep is broken. In very rare cases, longer episodes can occur by putting the sleepwalker or even others at risk, such as driving a car while asleep.

5. Sleepwalkers should be guided not woken up
This is a popular advice: never wake up a sleepwalker. And there is a lot of truth to this. Because they are confused and don’t have their bearings and can potentially be very agitated or aggressive. The best thing to do is to gently guide them back to their bed. Also, ,make sure that they’re safe.

6. Sleepwalking is genetic
Almost about 80 percent of sleepwalkers have a family history of sleepwalking. An individual is five times more likely to sleepwalk if their twin or sibling is a sleepwalker.

7. Sleepwalkers are prone to other health conditions
Researchers and experts have found that sleepwalkers are prone to experience daytime sleepiness, tiredness, fatigue, insomnia, depression and anxiety more often that individuals who do not sleep walk. Another recent research found that sleepwalking can potentially trigger violent behavior which can subsequently affect overall health in future.

8. Sleepwalking can be prevented
If you have experienced sleepwalking, ensure that you get enough sleep and optimal good quality sleep at that. Adopt a sleep-healthy lifestyle and routine. Your modified lifestyle should include sleeping in a cool, dark room with no television or bright lights.

Also, avoid spicy foods or heavy meals prior to bedtime, which can lead to disruption of sleep due to heartburn. Limit or totally cut back on alcohol, because although it may help you fall asleep faster, it will make you more prone waking up later on.

Lastly, lower stress as much as possible and allow yourself to decompress and relax before bed.

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8 Ways to Deal With Jet Lag

Are you often struck by jet lag during your travels? Do you keep getting bothered by recovering from it to fully start experiencing and enjoying your vacations? Have no fear, we have eight tips to consider, for prior to, while, and following your flight:

1. Don’t over occupy your schedule
If you have a long haul flight, you should ensure you get some buffer time before you start with your touristy things. It’s essential that you sleep it off or at least have enough time to freshen up. An over occupied itinerary will do no good. Scheduling everything optimally will give you a better chance at exploring without feeling exhausted at places that are filled with sight.

2. Aim for a seven hour sleep before flying
People lose sleep before a trip, because they are excited or anxious. But deliberately not sleeping can be a big mistake. Make sure you get a good seven hour sleep at least 5 hours prior to your flight as you need the restfulness to cope with jet lag.

3. Avoid flights that arrive during the night
Opting for a flight that arrive during the day will help you stay awake. When you are directly exposed to daylight, you get a boost of energy and clarity. It helps you stay wakeful and alert for longer.

4. Don’t drink alcohol on the flight
A gin and tonic might seem like the ideal way to begin your vacation but in reality the diuretic nature of alcohol will make you susceptible to dehydration. A hangover, dehydration and jet lag at the same time will be like Satan’s trifecta for your head and body.

5. Curb your caffeine need
Say bye to coffee, beverages that have caffeine–cola, energy drinks and chocolate beverages too. The stimulants are no good for a jet lag. You will be unable to sleep for up to twelve hour and might even begin to feel very thirsty and dry on the plane due to cabin pressure.

6. Get moving
During long flights, sitting in your seat for more than three to four hours can lead to blood clots or even worse, DVT. Avoid staying seated and move around a bit by going to the washroom to freshen up or moisturize after every two hours.

7. Catch some sun
Daylight is key in keeping jet lag to the minimum. It will make you feel like yourself and not a groggy mess, which is never a good idea for a vacation.

8. Do some exercise
Put your accommodations fitness center to use once you reach your hotel and don’t feel sleepy yet. Get some work out done or go for a run around your hotel block. Alternatively, you can do some stretching on flight if your journey is a long one.

Check the airline magazine or booklet. Those usually have flight friendly exercise guidelines and other tips.

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The Eight Step Guide to Beating Depression

Beating or coping with depression doesn’t mean you get your hopes up and think that one day you’ll wake up to suddenly feel happy again. No matter how many shooting stars you make a wish upon, Depression doesn’t work that way. Beating depression at its core is making yourself aware of what works for you and what can get you from point A to point B, effectively.

Overcoming depression is always going to be an ongoing battle but once you set a plan yourself, beating depression becomes easier. Everyone affected by depression is feeling there is no light in their world and they are on a constant hunt to feel happier and less sad, so here we have 8 step process to eliminate depression and release those negative feels.
1. Understand your condition
Recognizing you have a problem is the first step to beating depression. As soon as you notice symptoms and warning signs like persistent sadness, appetite, and energy loss, sleep deprivation and lack of interest along with a constant emptiness, tell someone close to you and discuss appropriate treatment options with them.

2. Get the right medical and therapeutic help
Since there is no lab test to tell that you are suffering from depression, it’s essential that you describe your problem to your doctor or your therapist and rule out all treatment options from medication to psychotherapy.

As you continue to get treated to recover from depression, you should keep a track of the effective of your antidepressant and/or additional psychotherapy.

3. Engage in physical activity
Taking up some form of exercise and incorporating it into your daily routine can help lower depression. Take your pet for a walk, jog in your local park, do stretches or spend seven minutes doing a HIIT workout. You don’t need a gym membership or extreme personal trainer to keep your depression in check.

4. Surround yourself with positive social support
Engage with people who are good listeners and supportive of you. People who put you down and make fun of your condition are not your friends. They will do nothing to encourage a recovery in you. So, stick with nice people to fight off depression and make better friends.

5. Keep low expectations
Plan all your goals with a realistic approach. Be aware of your condition and the constant obstacles between you and your target goal. If you set goals like saving up for a house in a year, you are only increasing your woes. In order to reduce stress, avoid expecting everything to turn out the way you visualize.

6. Schedule time for developing and improving your creative interests
Spend your spare time painting or making your favorite art or writing short stories or whatever makes you feel joy. Not only does it increases the level of happiness, it makes you more sociable and fun. Indulge in hobbies singular as well as group oriented and you will notice a new found excitement in your life.

7. Expose yourself to the morning sun
Light exposure and depression are linked due to their involvement with your body’s internal clock. Circadian rhythm is a 24-hourcycle in the physiological processes of most living beings that regulates sleep, appetite, energy and more. Lack of light exposure cab hamper this cyclic process and disrupt biological functions that can trigger depression. Walking a half hour in natural sunlight acts a reset to your body clock. It makes you feel brighter and helps keep your circadian rhythms well regulated.

8. Sleep right
Most mental health problems are associated with sleep deprivation and Insomnia. There is indeed a deeper link between the two and that’s why a proper sleep schedule is a primary factor in recovering from depression. Sleeping well makes you think clearly and you get better at problem-solving and decision making. Best place to buy Provigil online.

In Conclusion
The road to recovery from depression is different for all individuals. Consider these tips to cope with your mental health and keep depression from coming back. Remember: With proper steps, everyone can beat depression.

Sleep hacks to remain awake!

Sleep is indeed sweet and it is hard to find a person who hates to sleep sound! And there is no denial how sleep can be helpful with its countless benefits. But it is not always the case! There also comes the time when you have to be remaining awake and that too with alert mind and in such situation, sleep can be a nemesis for such course.

Eye alert: Usually we suggest people to dim-down the room so it would be easy fall asleep, but this tip in reverse can still works! And it is because body’s internal rhythm is regulated by the amount of light you receive. Open blinders and shades and let in the sunlight be in or take a walk outside or look out the window for some time. It is better to turn on all the artificial lights in your office or around your work space. You can also learn some eye exercise off the internet. You can also take some time out to pay attention to your surrounding which would freshen up eyes and refresh your alertness. But make sure you don’t get carried away; you have a task at hand to complete.

Sound ears: Light and bang is not the only thing that can be used to keep you awaked, even hearing ability can be better tool to keep yourself awake. And in such case you have two interesting and favorite tips. Either keep someone close to you who can talk to you and keep you intrigued and make you respond every once in a while. Or you can turn up the list of favorite song or sound track list to keep you awake and alert. But make sure you listen to something peppy and the one that is usually ideal to make some dance at slightly loud level.

Smell: Keep the place you work clean and aromatic would also helpful. In such case any room freshen would work, but lemon or mint essence is most suggested. And in case of you have hard time in it, keep something smells bad and keep you disgusted but awake.

To eat: usually in such case eating something spicy in meal and nuts and seeds would be helpful hacks. But with that make sure to drink water more then you usually drink as it keeps metabolism active.

Medic help: though we suggested consulting with your doctor before consuming, minding complications it could cause, but if all okay then you can buy Modafinil to keep your senses awakened. Although Modafinil is prescribed to people with sleeping disorders but it can also be used for general use.

Other tips: Bonus tips like slashing cold water on face, roaming around or use acupressure points like head, the back of your neck, the back of your hand, just below the knee, and your earlobes can also help you keep awaked.

What cause Cataplexy and its treatment course!

CataplexyCataplexy is a sleeping disorder referred to condition where strong emotion or laughter triggers a person to suffer sudden physical collapse though remaining conscious almost like in sleep state. Cataplexy is much similar with the Narcolepsy disorder as both condition causes same effect of causing person to fall into sleep state. But narcoleptic condition as are more serious as it doesn’t need any emotional trigger to cause it. And it is not necessary that person suffering from Cataplexy could fall asleep, he might just be unable to control muscle dynamics and just collapse.

Cataplexy can be tricky and embarrassing at times as simple emotional incidents like being happy, sad, fierce, angry, loved, or just going hysterically laughing on the joke could be potent trigger that causes the Cataplexy conditions. It can replicate the effects of myotonic goats, which freezes and collapse whenever you try to scare them.

Although Cataplexy is still in research state as scientist and neurologist are finding reasons why and how it cause. But as Cataplexy symptoms being identical with narcoleptic conditions, they could jump on to some conclusions. It basically happen because of when we being excited out brain releases hormone called dopamine, which result in an anamorphic state where one feel blissful.

And like many people have different set of ways to react to the situation, person with Cataplexy conditions could unconsciously fall asleep or collapse. Cataplexy could be treacherous as being more alert and reacting to certain condition can also trigger the one to fall unconscious. Now just imagine Cataplexy attack happen while driving a vehicle or handling complex machinery that requires constant alertness and deal with pop-out problems, which could panic sometime!

Symptoms: There are some symptoms that would be helpful for diagnose the Cataplexy conditions. Symptoms like drooping of the eyelids, to quite severe with the inability to stand, arm or leg muscles become weak, speech is slurred or their head droops.

But even in the most situations victim can still be fully conscious and alerted about their surroundings. These attacks can occur randomly, but most often are brought on by any strong emotions. Laughter is reported as the most common stimulus.

Treatment Course: Although Cataplexy is almost identical to Narcolepsy, it is also an incurable disorder. But still modern medical science has some medication and therapy options available, which can be beneficial to control the symptoms of Cataplexy disorder. Thought being a medication, it may cause some side effect including some neural damages. It can be avoided by consulting with doctors or neurologist since the can assign precise medication course for your condition and best suitable for your healthy dynamics and also make sure that you would not develop any allergic complication with the ingredient included in it.

Although there very rare cases which need to be perform therapy, but if conditions demands then therapy is conducted. But some change in the lifestyle in order to re-stabilize your sleeping schedule will do the trick and dilute any symptom of Cataplexy.

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What does Sleeping have to do with Weight Loss?

weight loss and sleep problemsAs been taunted for ages, that the more you sleep the more chances that you’ll be end up as obese person or gain significant amount of weight! But how true it is? Most of the health experts in the field would speak in favor of sleep, advocating benefits of sleep and we also second those facts.

We are in general possessed with many presumptions that the more you sleep equals the more lazy, less active you be and prone to be overweight or obese. Though logically it might seem right but it isn’t! Following are some points that further illustrate those facts:

Metabolism: The common conception, lazy person means individual with low metabolic rate means more sleepy and the more you sleep causes weight gain. But with right set of metabolic rate one can even burn calories even while doing non-physically active activities, eliminating any chance of weight gain. And metabolism can be boosted with regular physical exercise and following proper diet. Sleep can only be treacherous if you have low metabolic rate.

Behind the curtains: Sleep renders more effects when you fall asleep! in one of conditions, if you are following a weight loss program, then sleep is beneficial to you in terms of repairing and restoring neurotransmitter system which improves neural connection between tissue cells and brain resulting better cognitive functions. In case of obese overweight person, brain also does the similar process and also helps you manage stress levels, which would benefits in managing medical complications.

Appetite: Appetite, especially uncontrolled one, is considered to be the most common reason why people get obese. And general presumptions say the more you sleep, the more you feel to eat. But the fact is it sleeps does influence appetite and essential it set in schedule and in controlled manner. And if you didn’t wish your overweight condition to get no further worse than opt for Metabolism boosting diet, by doctors or a dietician.

And about that myth, if sleeping increases your appetite then according to that logic, one should prefer to sleep more as it is the time he won’t anything. But unfortunately, at least we never heard of sleeping disorder like Sleep-Eating like Sleep walking or sleep talking.

In Absence of sleep: Even in general health conditions, like a healthy and fit person, lack of sleep can cause many complications. And in case of obese person, who have slow metabolism and less immunity, can make you prone to some serious health hazards, like heart conditions, hypertensions, cognitive alignments and in extreme cases some sleep disorders like sleep apnea, sleep walking, sleep talking, sleep paralysis and so on. And in case of overweight individual, it can also make neural and cognitive activities low and causing you to do even daily chores. Plus, it can make you your metabolism and immunity system weak, making you more prone to cause illness and disease.

What you should do!
And the right thing to do is, follow a precise sleeping time and follow that sleeping schedule regularly or better religiously. If you feel, factors like distractions or diet is causing hurdles in falling asleep then feel free to consult with your doctor. The bottom line should be, make every efforts to live and allure benefits of Active life.

Easy method to quickly fall asleep!

method to quickly fall asleepSleep is precious to everyone, so be it animal or social animal, like us, the human. There are countless benefits of healthy sleeping schedule like healthy body and its metabolism, smooth well functioning body-system, body and mind in perfect harmony and radiance in skin. And to the other side of the coin, sleep depravity and other sleeping disorders can cause many ‘vice-versa’ effects which are treacherous to your overall health.

So be it anything, if you have problem falling asleep peacefully, then follow below method and achieve that peaceful sleeping:

Quitting Time:
Well it is time to ditch some bad habits so you could come clean. And these bad habits includes, alcohol, smoking, caffeinated beverages and sugar induced food items. This could cause temporary kick to the metabolism, which signals brain to be active, whereas body is in mood to dose off. You need to have at least 4hours interval before sleeping time.

Eating Habits:
Although following balance diet would be beneficial factor in mission to fall asleep quickly. But first mind how much you are eating. Cause over-eating too much food can put your body to make extra efforts to digest food and finding perfect position which is comfortable for the bubbled up belly is another task. And please, eat where you sleep, let the gravity work a bit and shift your food further in digest-system.

Also avoid spicy food, since spicy food also gives a kick to your metabolism dynamics.

In bedroom:
Assuming having problem sleeping, you should keeping the sleeping area clean and clutter less.

If possible paint it in earthy colors which are more dim-lighted then in flashy florescent colored.

The only electronic instrument allowing in the vicinity should just be din lighting and air-conditioners, nor any other notification honking object, and make it a rule.

To get in sleepy mood, you can listen to soft music or some jazz routine. But the best technique is ‘Breath-in Breath-Out’, which literally sooths your body to be relaxed and prone to sleep. You can also try 4-7-8 technique, which includes 4sec to breathe in, 7sec hold calmly and slowly release it within 8sec.

Try to switch location then positions. Those people who are unable to sleep are master in switching position from one side to another. This will trick your mind your drowsy mind to sleep. Cause there isn’t a single rule that says, you have to sleeping in the bed only. You can try hammock, for a change!

If you have a partner, just cuddle-in! This will make your brain trigger oxytocin, the hormone that actually makes you feel pleased, and causing you to feel relaxed and vulnerable to sleep. If this science lesson was too much, you know how cuddling feels or when you eat chocolate!

Speaking about chocolates, dark chocolate can make you feel drowsy and it also works in similar ways as cuddling works, making it an ideal option for singles. And if you are still looking for other variant, you can try lukewarm milk or chamomile tea.

If above set of tips doesn’t seems to work then it is better to consult with your doctor, cause there are probability that you have sleeping disorders.

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Some Bad Habits that would make you Night owl

irregular sleeping patternSleep is crucial to everyone and we know when happen when we could get enough sleep. Some even turned in to zombies for some time. And the fact is everyone love to sleep but there are always something that prevent us from getting back to our required sleeping schedule and also causing delays, sudden or gradual.

Absence of sleep or irregular sleeping pattern can cause series of problem and also makes you more vulnerable range of sleeping disorders like narcolepsy, insomnia, sleep apnea and so on. So here are some generally found distinct bad habits that keep you awake:

Technology usage:
So whoever in your life who suggest you to keep your hands off from technological gadgets, so be it smart phone, laptops or computers. And stable internet connection just makes it more difficult to resist its extensive. And factually they also have point! Most of the displays used in gadget are self-luminous preventing the melatonin, a hormone which is cause us sweet sleep.
Solutions: no we are not suggesting you to quit using it, which is impossible, we know it! But it would be best to manage the timing with some discipline. Just finish all your work or net-time 1/2hrs prior to bed time. Make it a rule for yourself! Every conversation you have or everything we access on net can be postponed and did it later, make the best use of bookmarks folders. And also avoid viewing displays in dark as it put more stress on your eyes and gradually be harmful.

Eating habits:
Over eating, or eating snacks before crashing in bed would also extend your awake substantially. Some food products that are induced in sugar and cholesterol cause your body to sometime go on hyperactive mode. It triggers your system to stay awake as long as it cause. And if you are more fan of coffee at night or to extent working hours then you should plan to quitting coffee. Factually, coffee is best for kick-starting you metabolism in the most morning, not for daytime and specially prohibited drinking it before you go for sleep.
Solutions: just make sure you don’t end up following any above mentioned bad habit. And if you are just unable to quit coffee, at least control it and avoid having coffee for 4hrs prior to sleep schedule.

Untimed Naps:
The kind of naps try to have to compensate sleeping time, tricks your mind fooling that you are having enough time but at the cost of delaying main sleeping schedule. In simple words, the amounts of naps you take deduct same time from natural sleeping hrs at the time you planned it.
Solution: just avoid it! Or if you have to, just to complete some urgent task then take a time out and educate yourself more about ‘Power Nap’ or for some coffee-addicts ‘coffee power nap,’ and follow it thoroughly.

Alcohol Abuse:
Fact about using alcohol to fall asleep faster is true. And another fact is, effective for first few time, and after that it tend to make more habitual to it, making you addicted to it.
Solutions: just quit alcohol!

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The maximum level one could stay awake!

without sleepAnd we are pretty sure that some of you belong to special human species called Insomniacs, who are mastered in endeavoring countless to hours dedicated to do that one thing they think worth to sacrificing their sleep. But this article is universal everyone who wish to know to what extent it is one can be awake and the exact limits!

But if we have to dispense one advice, so that would be, don’t! Sleep is the most important activity one should never underestimate. In absence of proper sleeping cycle one might experience discomfort, disorientating is doing something, stroll in focusing memory retentions and other health hazards. And trust it, it worth spending time sufficient for good old sleep.

You might opt for medications which would help you stay awake or rely more on caffeine content but know this, sleep is still inevitable, it might just bail you some time to perform given task. To make it more easy for you understand, we’ve come off with effected you would experience on hourly interval basis. As follow:

After 24 hours…
After this period of time, some expected effects like difficulty in taking routine decision, and a decline in eye-hand coordination, you tend to be more emotional vulnerable, deceased focus, hearing is impaired, and there is an increase in your risk of death from a fatal accident if you are subjected to use heavy machinery or just driving.

After 36 hours…
In this stage, you are bound to be prone to some intense inflammatory effects on blood vessels, which could possibly make you more vulnerable to some cardiovascular diseases and high Blood-pressure problems and hormonal misbalance. Some of the more common side effect which are easy to spot on are feeling of dehydrate and dramatic decrease in motivation to do anything. In all you tend to feel more alienated in this stage.

After 48 hours…
You might get introduced to micro-sleep, a phase where person might shut eyes just for second or half, best referred as blackouts. There frequent it be, person struggles to focus on anything, since after blackout person need some microseconds to remember what he is doing it. This might just feel innocent and harmless but just imagine if you are driving or handling a take that required continuous attention, like person working in aviation control room.

After 72 hours:
This can be best referred as zombie state! As person have no clue whatsoever about its surrounding. In appearance he might look stoned and more prone to have hallucinations, which could be hazardous to your neural system.

It is never safe to underestimate sleep. You just go and take a good old sleep!

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