Tips for sexual mating during pregnancy

sex-during-pregnancyNo wonder that pregnancy is a beautiful phase in every woman’s life and yes, every woman dreams of being a mother and cherish her motherhood. Because a woman knows that she truly achieves her womanhood when she becomes a mother. There are women who don’t get to experience this phase of life but then there are various treatments available in the medical field where now every other female is lucky to be fertile and yes they too can experience the motherhood. It is true that the women who are not able to conceive babies goes through different treatments but then however, they do get the chance of welcoming their babies and that matters to them a lot. So, when we talk about pregnancy, we are well aware about the things that a woman needs to go through when she is pregnant because she is just not the only person who has to take care of herself but it is also about the baby that she is carrying with herself. Therefore every pregnant women is advised to follow certain steps and procedures so that they take care of their baby and their health simultaneously and have a good pregnancy phase with less complications and difficulties.

As we talk about the pregnancy, it is pretty much obvious that sexual intercourse does not happen much because it is usually avoided as it can hinder with the pregnancy procedure. But recent studies have found that sexual mating is possible during pregnancy because it will be good for both the relationship and the body. It is also suggested that having a good sex during pregnancy is advisable because it is found that there are less chances of having preterm deliveries if a pregnant lady has good sex during pregnancy. In Fact there are various advantages of having pregnancy sex as it can boost up the orgasms, lead to better sleep and better intimacy and also helps to reduce the blood pressure and have a good immune system. But not to forget, that having sex during pregnancy is okay but with that one needs to follow certain tips so that the phase stays healthy.

  • Try doing oral sex more
  • Caressing and cuddling will be better because that will bring you both more close and have good intimate moments
  • Kiss often
  • Do mutual masturbation
  • Try the sex positions that won’t be harsh on the female
  • Try to avoid anal sex
  • Avoid blowing air into the vagina

Spice up your love life with Lovegra

Spice up your love lifeSusan had delivered her first baby, Florence. After her pregnancy, her whole day used to go after her baby. Brandon’s happiness multiplied after the birth of their baby. It was a perfect family triangle.

Days were going smoothly. Brandon would often come home early and spend quality time with his baby and wife. Brandon was unaware of the fact that Susan’s sexual desire would halt for some time. Susan’s days were filled with joy and extremely busy. Looking after her baby would often ignore her husband’s physical needs. After a dinner whenever Brandon would enter in the bedroom he would see his wife already slept. When she was asleep, Brandon would never try to wake her up.

It was more than three months now and the physical intimacy was lacking between them. One day when Brandon tried to have sex with her, it was very painful for her which brought tears in her eyes. She pushed him back and she hid her face wiping her tears. “Oh Brad, this is hurting me a lot. You can’t do this to me,” She complained about the pain to him and refused to have sex with him. The night ended on a bad note.

Brandon loves his wife very much and was concerned about the problem she was facing. Next morning he gently stroked her forehead and asked her problem. “Suzy, I’m sorry about the last night. Please forgive me. I don’t know what you are feeling?” Brandon spoke to her gently. “Oh honey, I’m sorry too. But yesterday I felt a very intense pain that I couldn’t bear. I know it has been months, we aren’t having sex. I think we should look for a doctor.” Susan expressed her worries in a flat yet gentle tone. She hugged him and said, “Darling, I didn’t mean to thrash you. You mean world to me. Brandon looked in her eyes lovingly and pulled her ear, teasing a bit.

After an hour, they were in Dr. Miller’s clinic. Dr. Miller patiently listened to the couple’s agony. “Huh, I figured out your problem, Susan. Normally after pregnancy women do experience vaginal dryness and loss of sexual desire. Sometimes we are too busy in our life that unknowingly we forget to understand each other’s problems and needs. Since you’re breastfeeding Florence, it is obvious you lose sex in interest or have a dry vagina,” Dr. Miller explained in a manner that both nodded at each other.

‘’You start taking Lovegra whenever you experience a pain during sex. Just take one pill one hour before the act. It will resolve your issue,” Dr. assured. Susan started taking the pill as advised by her GP and the couple started enjoying the sex as before.

Women usually experience problems such as low libido, lack of vaginal dryness, poor orgasm and arousal issues. Normally new mothers and women hitting menopause have such problems. Also, stressful life, unhealthy relationship, medications can affect your sexual life. With the help of Lovegra, you can spice up your sexual life once again.