How to select fertility supplements

Getting pregnant is not that easy as it seems. Because if pregnancy would have been an easy aspect then most of the women would have not faced so many problems related to pregnancy. It is true that pregnancy is the most beautiful phase in every woman’s life but there are few of them who are not that lucky to go through this phase because of infertility. Infertility has its own causes that is faced by few women where they are not able to conceive a child which makes them feel vulnerable and this results into depression and anxiety which has a negative impact on the health of that particular woman who is facing the infertility issues. But then to treat this issues, science has introduced some fertility supplements and various treatments in the market so that every woman are now able to experience the happiness of having her own child. If we go to see, then there are many treatment options available such as surrogacy, IVF, surgeries and many more. Apart from this, there are fertility supplements available that has efficient results and when consumed can result into fertility. Because every child is precious and so is every woman!

Fertility supplements are those supplements which increases the chances of fertility in women and men both when consumed because it is filled with minerals, vitamins, medicinal products and other amino acids that affects the reproductive system. These supplements are natural and are not usually prescribed by the doctors. While some may consider it as nutritional supplements, the others may simply target these supplements as the ones that are designed just for the fertility of the specific person. As these fertility supplements are loaded with herbal supplements for fertility, it is much safe to consume this because there are natural products involved in it but still one should always consider talking to a doctor first because precaution is always better than cure. And when it is about fertility supplements then you should always go for the right ones because wrong ones might hamper the process. To select the proper fertility supplements, you need to first consult your doctor and check with them first and then take the supplements. Because selecting the right fertility supplements will help you boost your fertility which will help you to get pregnant with effective results. Because welcoming your own child is the best feeling ever!

Negative Impact Of Stress On Your Digestive System

It’s true to say that extreme stress can have a negative impact on your whole digestive system because any emotion you go through, it passes through your gut. Stress can be described as a condition which makes the person goes through mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from traumatic events or demanding circumstances.

When a person is under tremendous stress due to various reasons like work, family, some traumatic event, loss of loved ones and mental problems it can make the person lose his/her ability to stay normal which affects the routine life. Taking extreme stress can affect the working of your whole system and most importantly it can cause severe digestive problems.

How stress can cause digestive problems?

If you are suffering from chronic stress, your gut is the one which has to bear the consequence because your gut responds to the stress signals and that leads to disturbance in the gastric secretions, this is because your digestive system is controlled by the central nervous system. When you are under stress your central nervous system restricts blood flow to the digestive system which in turn reduces secretions and reduces digestive muscle contractions all these changes in the digestive system can lead to a host of problems like inflammation of the gastrointestinal system. when this happens you can easily catch infections, leads to increase in stomach acids a major cause for ingestion, spasms of oesophagus occurs, leads to constipation or diarrhoea and you experience nausea. If you are already suffering from celiac diseases or bowel disease then you are in for more digestive problems.

There is indeed a strong link between stress and digestive problems, as your gut is extremely sensitive to your emotions because like brain it is full of nerves. That means every time you are under stress your stomach has to bear the symptoms.

You have to take control of your stress and let it not affect your digestive system. If you are consistently under stress you must act immediately and take professional help to beat your stress through the right treatment or therapy that can reduce the symptoms of stress.

Ways to keep stress under control to protect your digestive system

To prevent digestive problems and maintain a healthy digestive system you have to get hold of your stress by finding ways to reduce stress like you can do moderate exercise to relieve your tension, or go for relaxation therapies, talk therapies, eat a healthy diet and lead a healthy and simple lifestyle.

Remember unhealthy food which is not good for your digestive system is also one of the culprits to increase your stress. Avoid refined carbs, sugary drinks and foods that can be hard to digest. Eat light food which is easy on your system and also lightens up your moods.

So, if you want to prevent digestive problems you must learn to cope with chronic stress and try to be happy as much as possible, leave stress behind and stay positive everything will fall in place.

Is Cataplexy Disruptive To Your Life?

Cataplexy is a medical condition which occurs when your muscles become extremely limp or weak as a reaction to some strong emotion like crying, laughter, anger etc though the person remains conscious throughout and it is possible that the person remembers everything that is happening during the attack. Cataplexy can also make a person collapse, but it is not a seizure. The effect of cataplexy on a person can be for a few seconds or a few minutes.

Symptoms of cataplexy

Cataplexy symptoms can be different in each person depending upon their age environment and triggers. Here are some of the symptoms of cataplexy.

  • Muscle weakness
  • Head falls to the side
  • Jaw drops
  • Muscle twitching
  • Drooping eyelids
  • Slurred speech

What triggers cataplexy?

Strong emotions are considered as the triggers for cataplexy which includes:

  • Laughter
  • Crying
  • Happiness
  • Stress
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Excitement
  • Depressed mood
  • Anxiety
  • Sadness

People who are affected by cataplexy also suffer from narcolepsy -a chronic sleep and neurological disorder in which the patient experiences extreme sleepiness, and wakefulness this is due to the disturbed functioning in the part of the brain that controls sleep-wake cycles. It is very rare that people with cataplexy do not have narcolepsy. In people suffering from narcolepsy the sleep cycle is different as the duration of REM sleep is impaired, wherein the sleep does not go through the stages it is supposed to, but almost immediately get into REM sleep mode, and they experience REM sleep throughout the day. Which makes it difficult to manage their sleep-wake cycles, so they end up falling asleep anytime, anywhere during the day?

It is very difficult for people with cataplexy and narcolepsy to manage their condition as it is not possible to always control your emotions, that’s why cataplexy can attack the person anywhere and anytime. It is extremely important for cataplexy patients to be alert all the time and keep their emotions under control as much as possible.

Ways to tackle cataplexy

  • Since cataplexy occurs when your emotions go out of control, it is very important to be vigilant and make sure to avoid any injury in case you fall during cataplexy attack.
  • Avoid activities like a climbing ladder, or swimming or trekking.
  • It is very important to bring about changes in your behaviour and activities to manage cataplexy though you may have to let go of certain important things in life but to tackle cataplexy you have to make some sacrifices.

When to visit a doctor?

  • If you feel you have frequent cataplexy attacks, do not ignore and get proper treatment.
  • In short, take the required medicines as it may help you to deal with cataplexy attacks and also you’ll be able to live a normal life without fear of getting frequent cataplexy attacks.
  • Consult an experienced doctor and discuss the possible advantages and disadvantages of medicines and also try to know what you can do to improve your chances of getting rid of frequent cataplexy attacks.
  • Not treating your cataplexy can be dangerous and life-threatening.

Stay Fit And Healthy With CrossFit Diet

Crossfit refers to functional training which is performed at high intensity. Crossfit workouts consist of best of weightlifting, gymnastics, rowing, running and other forms of exercise. For crossfitters, they need a different kind of diet called Crossfit diet.

Crossfit diet is considered as one of the best options to keep your health in control and restrict an increase in body fat that will definitely keep your weight in control. In Crossfit diet, more focus is on eating lean meats, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, seeds, nuts, low starch and a complete no to sugar. All these will help you save from developing diseases and illnesses.

Crossfit diet will help you reach your goal for a healthy and fit body, it will help you to be more confident, and it’s a guide to living a healthy life. Crossfit diet is a diet of whole foods, the approach is similar to a paleo diet (beliefs in eating naturally available foods that is plant based and animal based foods).

Here are some of the best foods for the crossfitters

  • Brown rice- there are many varieties of rice among them brown rice is considered to be packed with important nutrients which provide many health benefits when consumed regularly. Brown rice is rich in nutrients because it’s a whole grain having three layers – the outer layer is bran, the inner layer is germ and middle layer endosperm. Brown rice is easy to digest which helps prevent bloating and also keeps your blood sugar under control. Include this super grain in your diet as it is a good source of fibre, low in calories and gluten free.
  • Oats – there is no doubt oats has occupied a special place in the hearts of millions of people because of its nutritional value. Oats are powerhouse of antioxidants which is important to keep your heart healthy, also rich in fibre which helps lower bad cholesterol which is good to protect your heart. Oats is good to control blood sugar levels. There are innumerable health benefits of eating oats regularly, it can be an ideal breakfast, to increase its nutrition you can also add nuts, seeds and fruits of your choice.
  • Banana – is an excellent snack for cross fitters as it is loaded with potassium, high in fibre both soluble and insoluble. It is easy to digest and keeps you full for a long time. bananas also boost your energy levels that’s why eating bananas in breakfast are said to provide you with enough energy to carry on your work.
  • Sweet potatoes – are packed with nutrients like – vitamin A, B5, B6, niacin, thiamin, riboflavin and are rich in carotenoids. Sweet potatoes are low in calories and fat-free. All these qualities put them in the list of the world’s healthiest foods which should be included in your diet.
  • Low-fat chocolate milk – chocolate milk contains a good amount of protein and carbohydrates which is good post Crossfit exercise.
  • Eggs – are rich in high-quality protein and contain healthy fats and B vitamins. Starting your day with eggs in your breakfast is a sure way to a healthy eating. Eggs provide you with enough protein to sustain throughout the day. Include this power food to keep yourself energetic.

What causes chapped lips?

Chapped lips are one of the common problems that are faced by many people and yes, it does gets worse especially during the winters. Chapped lips are just not limited to get ugly during the winter season but then it can happen during any time of the year.

Let us know, that what the causes of chapped lips are because without knowing the proper cause, we won’t be able to treat it and therefore it is important to be aware about the causes.

The major causes of chapped lips are as follows-

  • Exposure– Exposure can be one main cause for having chapped lips. Your skin of the lips is delicate and thin and therefore when it is exposed in the sun or dry winter climate, then that exposure will easily damage the skin of your lips thus causing chapped lips. Hence, we should avoid lip exposure to uncertain climate condition to avoid chapped lips.
  • Dehydration – Staying hydrated is one of the important part and same applied to avoid chapped lips. Because if we don’t have enough water or stay hydrated, then we can suffer from dehydration which can be one of the cause of chapped lips.
  • Mouth breathing – Many people have the habit of sleeping with their mouth wide open which will just not allow to drool on your pillow, but also at the same time it will lead to dry out your lips as well. You might also notice that you’ll breathe through your mouth when you have a runny or stuffy nose.
  • Nutrients and vitamin deficiencies – We know that how important to have vitamins and nutrients in our body so that we stay healthy and fit. But then we should also know that if we are suffering from vitamin and nutrient deficiencies that it may also lead to cracks at the corners of your lips and mouth thus causing chapped lips.
  • Diseases or illness – There are some illness and disease that can cause dryness and chapped lips because we very know that during our illness and disease we have mouth and lip sores which are the possible cause of chapped lips.

Dairy Products Is Beneficial For Heart Health

Cardiovascular disease is a major cause of concern around the world. Studies have shown that including dairy products in your diet can be beneficial for your heart health. It is a known fact that dairy products are rich source of important nutrients such a calcium and protein, various vitamins and minerals which is very good for overall health, especially good for strong teeth and bones.

According to dietary guidelines consumption of milk, yogurt, cheese is good to reduce risk of heart disease, hypertension, stroke and other serious diseases. Because of the goodness of dairy products doctors also recommend inclusion of milk, yogurt, cheese and butter as part of everyday diet.

Milk is rich in fat content, protein, mineral, calcium, potassium and magnesium all these qualities of milk make it necessary to include milk and milk products in daily diet as they reduce the risk of stroke, even though it is believed that fat content in milk is not good for health.

Being nutrient dense dairy products can provide human being with a range of important nutrients like – vitamin A, B6, B12, D and K, and minerals like -calcium, magnesium, iodine, potassium, phosphorus and zinc, proteins, fats and other nutrients which cannot be obtained from other foods all these are important for maintenance of tissue, growth and development and most importantly reduce heart problems like stroke and heart diseases and helps maintain heart health.

How much dairy products should you consume everyday day?

According to dietary guidelines it is always better to eat 2-4 servings of low fat milk, yogurt or cheese per day or on alternate days. Remember servings depend upon your age and gender.

How to include dairy products?

  • Consume reduces fat milk preferably in the morning
  • You can add reduced fat milk to your bowl of cereals
  • Eat lots of yogurt; you can add some fruits and nuts to enhance the taste as well as nutrient content, which will benefit your overall health.


Various Mistakes New Parents Make

Becoming a parent is undeniably the most beautiful experience of life. But it brings along with it innumerable challenges. Parenting is the toughest and most challenging job you can ever come across. But that’s the beauty of it, even though parenting isn’t easy it can play with your emotions, physical and mental well being.

But the challenge lies in completing your everyday task satisfactorily. Is it looking after your child, feeding your child or bearing the sleepless nights and much more. Being a parent itself a lifetime experience and it involves continuously learning from the mistakes. If you want to lessen the stress of parenting then avoid making simple mistakes which you may not disturb your routine. Becoming aware of your mistakes will help you to stop repeating the mistakes and you’ll feel less stressful.

Here are some common mistakes every new parent makes:

Not taking help – this the most common mistake that new parents commit ,not seeking help to take care of the baby, even if somebody wants to help genuinely. This happens with most of the new mothers, especially if it’s their first child. They become so engrossed in looking after the child day in and day out that it can cost their health by making them exhausted and no energy left to carry on other activities. Let your close ones help you out in taking care of your baby, you’ll feel much better if you take some time out for yourself. It won’t lessen your love for your child.

Not setting a routine – this is the biggest mistake most first time parents do, not following a schedule and making things messier for all the members of the family. It is very important to set the routine for your child’s feeding time, sleeping time, yes it’s difficult to deal with the baby’s internal clock but if you follow the routine everyday even the baby will get used to the routine. It also makes things easier for you and you’ll be able to carry on with your other work without any hassle.

Being overprotective – being overprotective of your baby comes naturally to all the new parents; they refuse to leave the baby’s side and sense danger in every little thing. This only makes things stressful for you and other family members around you.  Overprotective nature of yours will only have negative impact on your child, because every move of yours is observed by your child and even they may grow up to be afraid to take risks which may hamper their overall development.

You panic when your baby cries– as a new parent it is really heartbreaking to see you baby cry. But you need to relax and think that crying is a part of emotion and part of growing up.  Babies do cry for every small thing, so keep your worries aside and handle the situation with love and maturity. Your baby will stop crying within few minutes. As parents if you feel something is not well with the baby then take him/her to the doctor to make sure everything is fine with the baby.

Conclusion – There are so many other silly mistakes made by new parents, but it’s absolutely ok. Like your baby you’ll also learn to handle things each day in a different way and learn from your previous mistakes.


Why Are Weight Loss Pills Not Used By Many People?

Weight loss pills is in fact a very easy way to lose weight ,but why is it that it is still not so popular choice amongst obese people or those who want to lose weight fast. What is it that stops more people from using weight loss pills? It is believed a couple of years ago some overweight people used a combination of weight loss pills called – fenfluramine and phentermine or fen-pen. After some doses few of them who used this combination of weight loss drugs began to experience side effects like pulmonary hypertension, damage to heart valves etc. It was so worrisome that the Food &Drug Administration called for scarping of this combo drug, as a result there was news everywhere about how the weight loss pills can be fatal and fear grip among people who used it or who wanted to use it ,and the fear about weight loss drugs still continues.

People need to realize that times have changed, research has updated, technology is improved all these seems to have produced drugs which are much more effective and reliable. Although these drugs will not make obese people stick thin, but they can help lose that extra fat which will save them from developing heart diseases and will reduce the risk of high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

There are many weight loss pills that include herbal supplements, non-prescription drugs and prescription drugs and they may also help obese people lose weight to an extent, but more strong research is needed to give thumbs up to these products. Having said that, prescription drugs seem to work as they have been well researched before getting launched.

It can be safely concluded that you can expect some positive results from prescription weight loss pills. But people need to understand that weight loss can be effectively achieved by switching to low carb, low fat and high protein diet. When a person makes changes in lifestyle with proper diet and regular exercise the weight loss pills also work to their advantage.

Conclusion – It is the negative reviews from some section of people that must be stopping some people from using weight loss pills. If you are one of those ,then do your research properly, talk to your doctor and try to know more about weight loss pills and if you get satisfactory answers from your doctor, then go a ahead and take pills to lose weight, there’s nothing harm in trying, you’ll be at advantage if you lose weight.

Generic Retin A – For Improved Skin

A generic name for Retin A is retinoic acid or tretinion is derived from vitamin A. It is a skin care cream used to reduce acne, fine wrinkles, improve skin texture and eliminate brown spots. Retin A is very effective and the only topical cream that works on molecular level for an improved version of skin which is more vibrant and smooth.

Working of Retin A

Retin A works to stop accumulation of skin cells that causes acne and aids in shedding of old dead skin cells, thus preventing acne formation. Consistent use of  Retin A helps improve skin texture, fades dark spots and cures acne .Retin A is considered as the most effective and reliable skin care cream because it helps retain Collagen which is responsible for maintaining  skin structure ,elasticity and firmness. If your skin is constantly exposed to heat of the sun collagen breaks down causing  skin damage and also as you age cells produce less collagen which causes skin wrinkles ,loosening and sagging. But if you use Retin A regularly it will help retain your collagen and protects your skin.

Side effects of Retin A

Some of the side effects caused by using Retin A cream include:-

  • Itching
  • Dryness
  • Rash
  • Sensation of stinging
  • Swelling
  • Burning sensation

These are some of the side effects caused by using Retin A, but it will be there only in the beginning of your treatment, later they subside and you’ll see an improved skin.

The right way to use Retina A

  • Use this cream exactly as instructed by your doctor.
  • Before using this cream wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Now clean your face with a mild soap and pat dry and wait for few minutes before applying this cream.
  • Apply the cream with your finger tips on the affected part of your skin in such a way that it forms a thin layer on your skin.
  • This cream should be preferably applied before bedtime to work effectively throughout the night.
  • Always read the instruction given at the back of the pack of the medicine.
  • Remember not to apply this cream if your skin is burnt, or cut or bruised, wounded or if you have any other skin problems.
  • Make sure to apply this cream very carefully to prevent it from getting it into your eyes and mouth, if it gets into your eyes accidentally, then immediately rinse your eyes with water.
  • Wash your hands after you finish applying the cream.
  • You must use this cream regularly to see the results faster.
  • This cream works best if used on the same time each day.
  • Do not use excess cream to get faster results as it may cause side effects and you may develop skin rashes.


  • Retin A belongs to class of vitamin A medicines, if you are allergic to vitamin A induced creams, inform your doctor.
  • Before using this medicine inform your doctor if you are suffering from any skin problems.
  • Pregnant women should avoid using this medicine as it is absorbed by the skin. Consult your doctor if you want to use this cream.
  • Breast feeding moms should consult their doctor before using this drug.
  • After applying this cream it is advised not to expose your skin to the harsh heat of sun or cover your face if you have to go out, as this cream may make your skin sensitive to the heat of the sun and can cause irritation of skin.

Milk Produces More Mucus – True/False?

Many studies have been conducted to find whether drinking milk worsens mucus production, but there is still no strong research which says that milk consumption produces mucus or increases nasal secretion.

It is a myth that drinking milk can worsen the mucus, thinking this claim to be true most parents have second thoughts about giving milk to their children who may have serious consequence on their health like children may not get enough calcium, calories, fat and vitamins which many lead to weak bones.

Studies have concluded that there is no link between milk and mucus production and that even when you have cold and you consume milk, your mucus will not increase, but some people complain that when they have cold and if they drink milk, they experience increased mucus production, but according to health experts that it is not because of milk that there is increased mucus production, but it may have caused by viral infections or allergies or could be due to use of many medications. Health experts say if you feel that milk is causing increased mucus production then eliminate dairy products from your diet and see if you find any difference, but remember long-term restriction of dairy products especially for children could lead to serious nutritional deficiencies, that’s why it is very important to consult a dietitian to know if there are any other alternative supplements to prevent calcium and vitamin deficiency.

There is no proper evidence to support the theory that milk consumption worsens mucus production. Because persistently avoiding milk for children may restrict their growth. Various researches have time and again insisted that there’s is no link between milk consumption and increased mucus, it’s only rare that people with asthma are allergic to cow’s milk may experience little discomfort in their respiratory tract. People who are sure that drinking milk indeed increased mucus production have to understand that it could be the fat content that that thickens the mucus.

Having said that, there’s no need to avoid milk or milk products fearing that it will increase mucus formation. The only way to counteract the thickening of mucus is to drink plenty of liquids which will thin the mucus and makes it easier to move freely.

Take home message – Regular consumption of milk and milk products do not increase mucus formation and cause respiratory problems especially in people suffering from asthma, there’s absolutely no need to eliminate milk from the diet of the children, because milk plays an important role in development of the body, milk contributes to strong bone development, prevents degeneration of bones and milk provides all the essential nutrients your body needs.

The only way to reduce mucus production is not by cutting off milk and milk products from your diet, but switching to some simple home remedies that will relieve you of excess mucus production like – drinking warm liquids, steaming to thin the mucus and drink herbal teas, that contain lemon, ginger and garlic to get relief from excess mucus. So remember to add milk to your everyday diet for healthy bones and teeth.