What You Need To Know About Bimatoprost Eye Drops?

Bimatoprost eye drops are the best medicine used to treat eye problems and has been approved by Food & Drug Administration as one of the safest anti-glaucoma eye drop.


Bimatoprost eye drops is very effective to treat eye conditions like – glaucoma and also works wonderfully to reduce raised pressure within your eye.

How it treats eye conditions?

Bimatoprost is a very safe and most recommended medicine used for treating eye conditions like Glaucoma (open angle type) and ocular hypertension both of these eye issues are considered to be dangerous diseases, if it becomes serious it can result in vision loss. Bimatoprost works to maintain normal pressure by regulating the fluid flow within the eye and gives satisfactory results in a shorter time span. People who are suffering from narrow angle glaucoma can depend on this medicine as it reduces intraocular pressure (IOP) by increasing the outflow of aqueous humor. It is very important to maintain normal pressure in the eye because if there is excess aqueous humor it can lead to optic nerve damage and ultimately results in vision loss. Bimatoprost eye drops are the most reliable drug that can help to solve such kind of eye disorder.


Your doctor will prescribe you the correct dosage of this medicine and it should be strictly followed. However the recommended dosage of Bimatoprost for reducing IOP is one drop of Lumigan 0.01 or 0.03% in the affected eye(s) and to be used twice in a day. Remember do not put excess drops frequently in your eyes as it may not give you desired result.

Side Effects: Bimatoprost eye drops are the best medicine to treat eye problems such as glaucoma. But like any other medicine this drops also causes some side effects which are not be very serious and will subside on its own, but if it is becomes with every application then see your doctor immediately.

Here is the list of side effects: Dry eyes, Eye redness, Irritation of the eyelids, Excess light sensitivity, Itching of the eyes, Eye irritation, Darkness around eyes, Stinging, Redness, Burning etc.

If you experience any of the above mentioned side effects notify your doctor but you should also note that your doctor has recommended this medicine because of its advantages are higher than its disadvantages.


  • Inform your doctor if you have allergic problem because this medicine contains inactive ingredients that may cause allergic reaction.
  • Do not use this medicine along with any other eye drops or medicines as it can cause irritation in your eyes.
  • Before you start to use this drug consult your eye doctor to avoid any kind of further damage to their eyes due to this drug.
  • Do not overdose Bimatoprost, use as recommended by your doctor.
  • Before using this medicine inform your doctor about your other eye problems like macular edema, iritis etc. if you have any.

Bimatoprost: useful for eyelash growth!

eyelash growthBimatoprost, for those who are looking for some options to enhance their growth of their eyelashes! May be out of desire or anything like some special professional who work in modeling and cinema industry are sometime under pressure to get some features of their face enhanced. But even in general it is possible to your eyelash with the help of Bimatoprost.

Essentially, Bimatoprost is used for curing increased pressure in eyes by rapidly draining excess fluid and open angle-glaucoma. But there have been sighted some significant trait that eventually boost up the growth rate in terms of length thickness and darkness of your eyelash. Although it is yet to be discovered how it works but there have been some theories that says, may be the duration aspect might be causing its growth.

Although there have been seen some side effect of it and the basic one is, if you are allergic to the ingredient that been used in Bimatoprost, in such case consult your doctor, they might suggest some more suggestions. Some generic visual-based side effect that might happen after using Bimatoprost like Blindness, bloody eye, blurred or decreased vision or change in color vision, color changes in the skin around the eyes, unable to seeing at night, distorted color perception, sometime double vision, dry eyes or eye color changes, fever or chills, halos around lights, lack or loss of strength, loss of vision, night blindness, over bright appearance of lights, redness, burning, dry, or itching eyes, pain, swelling of the eye, eyelid, or inner lining of the eyelid, tunnel vision and so on. Although these effects and side-effect can differ from person to person and intensity also be differ. In case of uncontrollable effect, immediately contact your doctor.

Following are some helpful tips that could come handy:
The leaflet comes with solution; make the best use of it. And if you are not fan of micro reading, then read this article further.

Wash your hands and face thoroughly, just assure you’ve removed all the dirt and make-up content.

If you are using contact-lenses, remove then. You can reuse it after 15 to 20 min to get back to visual.

Rest your head back and using your index finger, pull the lower eyelid down to form a pouch. Carefully drop the medicine into the pouch where there are roots of your eyelash is and drop a drop, apply some gentle pressure around eyelids to spread all over. Then gently close your eyes. Remove excess medicine around your eye with a clean it up with dry tissue.

In case of doubt if any contamination or germ infestations, be careful with the tip of the applicator to touch any surface, so be it your eyes.

Take interval of 5 minute between two drops, or even if you have other medicine you put in your eyes. Or if doctors suggested multiple drops, 5 min interval is enough.

Follow the schedule properly, to get proper result out of it. And just in case you misses any doses, you can skip to next scheduled doses and avoid overuses.

Feel free to ask your chemist and pharmacist about how to use and other precaution.

Keep gentle wet wipe or wipes damped in water close at hand distance, just in case excess thing drop being poured.

Bimatoprost eye care product

As we all know that eyes are considered to be the best part of our body. but today’s generation are fond of stylist everything not even sparing their eyes. whether it be makeup, changing the lenses everyday according to their clothes and personality, and may more. moreover, the young generation is not at all aware about the side effects of using all these styling products, they can damage our eyes in a very bad manner. they can even cause blindness or partial vision loss, like glaucoma or AMD. well don’t worry about it there are many drops and treatment introduced in the market, in order to cope up the primary stage of vision loss. ad one of them is Bimatoprost eye care product in the market.

this eye drop is basically used to treat eye disorder such as Ocular Hypertension and Glaucoma. it comes in the class of medicine called as prostaglandin analogs. it helps the eye to lower down its pressure and increase the natural flow of blood or say water in the eyes.

How to use this medicine?
This is the medicine that comes with a liquid solution, that has to be dropped in the eyes. it is basically instilled in the affected areas, once in the evening. it work wonders, when this medicine is used on time every day. always follow the instruction prescribed on the label very carefully, in order to avoid the side effects. it is also recommended to consult a doctor before taking any drug or solution in order to understand it do and don’t. do not use it more or less, take the exact amount as prescribed.


  • ask your doctor or pharmacist about the allergies regarding your body
  • ask your doctor for prescribed medicine
  • if you are diagnosed with another eye disease, side by side, tell the history as well to them
  • if you are using the other one, keep a gap of about 10 min between the two drops to avoid any further problem
  • consult your doctor immediately in case you observe any swelling in the eye or missing lens
  • tell the doctor if you are pregnant, or if you’re planning for a baby or feeding your child

The charisma of the eyelashes

making your lashes darkerEyelashes have always been regarded as a source of beauty in many cultures. Since ages, we have tried to redefine the beauty of eyelashes by using mascara, eyeliner, fake eyelashes and other eye embellishments. If that is not enough there are countless of efforts done by women just to make them more enhanced and beautiful. Eyelashes can give that extra charm when one needed to impress someone or to be a center of attraction.

With growing demand of eyelash products and eye embellishments, the cosmetic market in these recent years have been spinning tons of money with an endless range of products. The recent market data shows that 65 percent women reported using mascara, which is the safest and easiest way to give the appearance of longer fuller lashes and 62 percent women find that using eye liner gives them satisfaction of having fuller lashes.

On the other hand, there have been cases wherein people are complaining using these cosmetic products have given them problems such as eyelash irritation, eye infections like pink eye and eyelash loss. Of course, not all people have experienced these things as it also depends on the consumers’ usage. But a large chunk of women is reducing their usage of eyelash enhancing products whereas the hair restoration procedures are becoming more popular these days.

Why these hair restoration procedures are in demand is because these procedures and medicines treat problems of women who have sparse eyelashes or experiencing eyelash loss. Long-term use of mascara and eyeliners, use of eye embellishments have caused infections and as a result, it can eventually cause eyelash loss. It happens when you try to remove eye makeup; it removes some of your lashes, which cause hair follicles to be irritated causing lashes to fall.

Also, people with medical conditions such as blepharitis, madarosis and hypotrichosis can experience eyelash loss and to treat these medical conditions you may require medications like Bimatoprost. Bimatoprost has been proven an effective treatment for eyelash fall. The drug stimulates the number of hair follicles or roots of the eyelashes. This increased number of hair makes the eyelashes fuller and denser.

Bimatoprost also stimulates the hair darkening pigment called melanin, and thus, making your lashes darker. The medicine can give fruitful result within 16 weeks of continuous use of it. It makes your lashes longer, thicker and darker and hence, you have beautiful eyelashes without using any cosmetic products.

Since the product is approved by FDA and hence, its usage is safe and usually recommended for people with above medical conditions as well as cancer patients. Cancer patients may experience eyelash fall once they go through chemotherapy sessions. Thus, Bimatoprost serves your purpose of enhancing your lashes as well as making your appearance more attractive. In addition, it’s a sigh of relief for those suffering from medical conditions.

That means there is no a single moment where you can’t find yourself without those beautiful eyelashes. Your beauty is always completed when you’ve Bimatoprost!

Bimatoprost online.

Bimatoprost – Keeping eyes as clear as possible

bimatoprost for GlaucomaBimtaoprost is considered as one the best and also the most demanded drugs of all time to treat a disease that happens to the eye called as Glaucoma. Glaucoma is a medical condition in which the eye suffers from immense pain because of an increase in internal pressure. This pressure can increase too much and in sometime especially if Glaucoma is not treated, then it might cause permanent damage to your vision. Permanent eye sight loss is what we are talking about here. Now eyes are considered to be the window of everybody’s world, you do not want these windows to be shut down for sure.

For the same purpose, Bimatoprost was invented and they have made sure that eyes do not suffer from Glaucoma. However it is a fact that this drug can only treat your problem and cannot really completely cure it. So if you are looking for a cure, you will have to opt for other options. Bimatoprost being a drug after all will have it side effects and there is more reason for you to worry here because you are dealing with eyes which are also the most sensitive part of the body.

So be extra careful when you are dealing with Bimatoprost. The drops should be prescribed by the health care provider. Being in the form of ophthalmic solutions, the eye drops matters when it comes to the amount of drops. So be careful what you use.  There are other uses of Bimatoprost and those are cosmetic uses like growing eyelashes thicker and stronger. But before you use Bimatoprost for this purpose make sure that you have consulted your health care provider. They will give you an insight into how good this drugs is and also how nicely it will suit your body. So e wise and see the world with a pain free vision.

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Bimatoprost for pain-free eyes!

pain-free eyesWhen your eyes give you a certain pain for a long time, consider it as a warning bell for an eye-checkup. If faced more often than not, this condition may be Glaucoma. It is a medical condition wherein the pressure in the eye increases leading to extreme pain. Bimatoprost, a pharmaceutical wonder drug was manufactured to cure this problem. It works by increasing the fluid in the eye and puts it into the blood stream. If you have this medical condition there are some things that you may want to know about Bimatoprost.

If you overuse these drop, the size of the eyelashes may grow abnormally. Some changes are permanent while others can be looked into. Make sure your bottle of Bimatoprost is not expired and read the instructions carefully before using it. If you then already under any kind of medication for your eye to make sure that you consult an eye specialist before you use Bimatoprost. The clash of two drugs may cause harm and damage to your eye. The eye being the most sensitive part of the body, it is our responsibility to take care of it.

Your dose of Bimatoprost is meant only for you. Do not share or pass on since it may not suit the other person. The drops amount should also be decided by your eye expert and not you , unless you want to go blind for the rest of your life. Changes in dose as per your fancies will also lead to permanent damage to your eye. So be wise and take every step under careful medical supervision.

If you feel any uneasy feeling or any unusual reactions in your body, talk to your doctor immediately and take advice. If he asks you to stop the dosage, then do it. Bimatoprost is meant for eye care, so make sure the purpose is served.

Bimatoprost for dreamy eyelashes

thicker and longer eyelashesEyes tend to be susceptible to many infection and diseases because practically they come in contact with many external viruses. They are also the most sensitive part of the body and hence it is obviously our responsibility and duty to take care of our eyes. Sometimes Glaucoma is a disease that affects the eye. This can happen because of an increase in the internal pressure in the eye. Well, there is nothing really to be scared about his because there is one solution to that entire problem and that is the famous and the most widely appreciated Bimatoprost.

Bimatoprost is a drug that will treat Glaucoma in an effective manner. It treats by increasing the internal fluids and this automatically reduces the internal pressure which causes the pain to subside. This is how Glaucoma pain is kept under control. When many people came to know about this they started consuming Bimatoprost. Soon they realized that this drug not only treats Glaucoma but it also makes sure that person applying or using Bimatoprost will have thicker and longer eyelashes.  In short this drug can be used for cosmetic purposes as well. So if you are using this drug for any purpose always make sure that you visit your health care provider so that there is a constant supervision as to how strict and disciplined you are when it is about taking the right drops in the right quantity.

You can get your dose of Bimatoprost from any online drug store and hence it also becomes easier and comfortable for a person to buy it. All you have to do is place your order and make sure that it gets delivered right outside your door. The quality of the product should be authentic and make sure that Bimatoprost is approved by the food and drug administration.

How to Use Bimatoprost.

Bimatoprost for Those Healthy and Dreamy Lashes

healthy LashesWomen love compliments. And for the same they take extra care of their looks and overall persona. Right from the biggest changes till the slightest one such as taking care of lashes is also important for them. They use several tools such as mascara, fake lashes to make hair lash hairs look longer and thicker. However these are temporary solutions and stays for short time period. If you wish to have naturally long and thick lashes then you must buy Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution. This is an easy and impressive ways to get desired length of lashes that too in very short time span.

Bimatoprost has been approved by FDA. In fact it is the drug used in an eye ailment named glaucoma. But die to its extraordinary effectiveness in making the lash hairs grow longer, it is also being used as an eyelash growth enhancer. You can easily get this medicine at online drug stores and also from the pharmacy near you. Moreover it is being priced fairly and thus you can buy it without feeling guilty about your budget planning.

The working of this eyelash growth serum is not known. It is said to keep the lash hairs in the growth phase for longer time. This is how it helps in keeping the lashes longer and thicker. This mechanism of action is still not confirmed but the result is awesome. Apply the Bimatoprost solution on the lashes every night. Do not let the solution get into your eyes. If you are having an eye infection or eye surgery then does not use this solution.

Eyelash growth is very much easy with the regular use of this Bimatoprost solution. Keep using it every day till you get better results with the solution. It is sold at very low cost and thus you can keep this eyelash growth serum for longer.

Why eyelashes are important?

Longer eyelashes with bimatoprostHave you ever wonder why do we have eyelashes? Are they important to our health or are they just features of our face? Why women prefer long eyelashes? Aren’t they happy with what they have got? You might have wondered what good eyelashes do to us apart from being a feature of our face. As a matter of fact, eyelashes are not just beauty assets but they are a core part of our features.

Why eyelashes are important?
Your eyelashes are meant to work as a protective barrier that helps your eyes to keep clean and clear. The lashes protect you from foreign objects and prevent irritation and infection. They are our natural eye gears that protect from foreign objects. Eyelashes help us to detect foreign substances that get too close to your eyes. For an instance, if an insect is passing by your eyes. Your lashes quickly sense the movement of such objects and they will trigger you to blink your eyes for protection. They are like locks of our eyes when you shut the eyes, the curled lashes connect to form a seal and keep your eyes locked keeping unwanted particles away.

Eyelashes are also a part of your facial beauty. They are the symbol of beauty, youth, and femininity. You might have seen girls who naturally have long and thick eyelashes; their face gives the more feminine appearance and becomes a prominent feature of their beauty. Eyelashes make you look younger and beautiful.

Now you can imagine the agony of women with sparse eyelashes or having a medical condition called hypotrichosis. They are least bothered about the scientific importance of eyelashes rather they might be praying for some miracle to happen and to have long and thick eyelashes.

Longer eyelashes are possible
Women with sparse eyelashes get tired of using fake eyelashes and embellishments and may want a permanent solution for their lashes. In such cases, again science can help these women. Bimatoprost was basically designed to treat people with a critical eye condition called glaucoma. But accidentally medical discovery occurred when many patients reported the significant growth of eyelashes. So, Allergen, the makers of the drug launched the product Bimatoprost to treat hypotrichosis and stimulate the growth of eyelashes. The cosmetic use of this drug was eventually approved by FDA.

Hypotrichosis is a medical condition in which there is an absence of hair growth naturally in people and especially the eyelashes are either totally absent or have very little eyelashes. In such condition, bimatoprost can be useful to treat it.

You can consult your doctor for the usage of this medication. Bimatoprost promotes the growth of longer, thicker, and darker lashes. It increases the number of eyelash hairs that grow and also stimulates the hair darkening pigment called as melanin causing lashes to become thicker and darker.

Whether you want to grow eyelashes longer or to treat the medical condition, one medicine gives two benefits. Eyes are the very delicate organ of our body so take utmost care of them and consult your doctor before you start the treatment.

Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution.