8 Ways to Deal With Jet Lag

Are you often struck by jet lag during your travels? Do you keep getting bothered by recovering from it to fully start experiencing and enjoying your vacations? Have no fear, we have eight tips to consider, for prior to, while, and following your flight:

1. Don’t over occupy your schedule
If you have a long haul flight, you should ensure you get some buffer time before you start with your touristy things. It’s essential that you sleep it off or at least have enough time to freshen up. An over occupied itinerary will do no good. Scheduling everything optimally will give you a better chance at exploring without feeling exhausted at places that are filled with sight.

2. Aim for a seven hour sleep before flying
People lose sleep before a trip, because they are excited or anxious. But deliberately not sleeping can be a big mistake. Make sure you get a good seven hour sleep at least 5 hours prior to your flight as you need the restfulness to cope with jet lag.

3. Avoid flights that arrive during the night
Opting for a flight that arrive during the day will help you stay awake. When you are directly exposed to daylight, you get a boost of energy and clarity. It helps you stay wakeful and alert for longer.

4. Don’t drink alcohol on the flight
A gin and tonic might seem like the ideal way to begin your vacation but in reality the diuretic nature of alcohol will make you susceptible to dehydration. A hangover, dehydration and jet lag at the same time will be like Satan’s trifecta for your head and body.

5. Curb your caffeine need
Say bye to coffee, beverages that have caffeine–cola, energy drinks and chocolate beverages too. The stimulants are no good for a jet lag. You will be unable to sleep for up to twelve hour and might even begin to feel very thirsty and dry on the plane due to cabin pressure.

6. Get moving
During long flights, sitting in your seat for more than three to four hours can lead to blood clots or even worse, DVT. Avoid staying seated and move around a bit by going to the washroom to freshen up or moisturize after every two hours.

7. Catch some sun
Daylight is key in keeping jet lag to the minimum. It will make you feel like yourself and not a groggy mess, which is never a good idea for a vacation.

8. Do some exercise
Put your accommodations fitness center to use once you reach your hotel and don’t feel sleepy yet. Get some work out done or go for a run around your hotel block. Alternatively, you can do some stretching on flight if your journey is a long one.

Check the airline magazine or booklet. Those usually have flight friendly exercise guidelines and other tips.

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