It’s time to break some menstrual myths!

It is much obvious than anything related to genitals and its health would be considered as taboo, even in some of the most developed civilization. Although biologically, menstruation, the sign of women-hood is the noble process that causes pain and discomfort and yet a women bare and yet it is not socially acceptable to even talk about. Though it is point different debate, but most of the taboos are bound to form a myth, and restrictions to not talk about it make it more profound exist for many generation, and restrict women to do certain task. So let’s take a time out to talk about some myths and break them:

Avoid washing your hair during your period!
You’d be happy to know there’s no need for you to change any of your regular grooming and hygiene habits and it would be suggested to take a warm bath or shower that would keep you clean, plus it helps so sooth the cramps #WinWin
Mandatory bed rest!

Sleep is always welcome, but even in menstruation period, you need some exercise too. It’ll make you feel better and there would be quicker hormonal restoration plus less probability of cramps.

Hot water = increases period flow.
Okay, time for a reality check! Fortunately, such water cannot cause any degree of fluctuation to the flow rate, reproductive system is capable to move the cogs but yes, it can be a great tool to manage cramps, just feel a bottle, wrap in towel and there you have a hot pad.

You’ll never get pregnant!
Now here is the bad news, yes it can happen! The sperm can live for 3-5 days and the ovulation can occur during, or soon after, the bleeding phase passed on. And believe it, it is worth sharing fact.

Maturity is needed to use of Tampon!
Even that also made us scratches our head! And the simple fact is, if you’re old enough to have your period, you’re old enough to use a tampon. Just be careful while using it, it doesn’t cause any pain.

Menstrual cycles are 28 days, only!
There isn’t any hard-n-fast rule for that, as it is just an average. Days in the menstrual cycle vary from woman to woman and body will tell you what your cycle is.

Periods can be postponed or proponed!
Only if you wished to gamble you health! There are many ways you can manage menstruation, even in days of heavy flow. And the reason why we suggest to not use such means are it can  misbalance your hormonal cycle that could cause you fever, chilling and while making you prone to other health complication. So just don’t!
Menstrual blood is different from regular blood.

Sorry to break your believe but out body makes only one kind of blood and it is the same and same hygiene concern should also be maintained as if you got a cut.
You can do the basic instructions to follow while you are on your period or try improve your diet to alleviate period cramps, consume a safe painkiller, drink tea to calm menstrual cramps., you can also try fish oil and vitamin B1, needle away period cramps, massage with essential oils for pain relief or you can also curl up with a heating pad to ease period cramps. There is no need to nurture a miss conception anymore, and mind the fact we live in 2016!

Joints Care After 40

Before brainstorming about joints care after 40, what are joints?
Joints are a point at which two parts are attached. Joints help the body to function smoothly. Imagine being no joint for your leg, how would we walk? Awfully. Imagine not taking proper care of your joints and ending up breaking one. How do you spend your days? Painfully. Joints are constructed for easy movement.

Why is joints care important?
Just like any asset, joints wear off through the passage of time. Sometimes, cartilage breaks down. Cartilage acts like a cushion between the two joint parts. It allows the body to function without bones hitting each other. In case cartilage breaks down, it can’t be healed or grown back. Joints care is not an easy task. As you grow old joints care becomes tougher. Also, joints care becomes essential too as you grow old.
What are few Joints Care tips?

1.    Shed Those Kilos
Your body weight puts pressure on your knee and hip joint, which results in damaging your joints. Shedding some kilograms will help tremendously. You must consult your doctor regarding the method of losing weight for joints care. Because he can advice you the best suited way.

2.    Work on Your Core
Indulge in exercises that build your abs and muscle. The stronger your body is, less is the chances of losing balance. Avoiding injuries is very important for joints care.

3.    Keep in Motion
This is the most essential thing in joint care. A moving body is the key to healthy joints. Even you’re watching TV, reading a novel or working on your desk, keep moving. Get up from your place and take a 5 min. stretching break or at least change your position. Sedentary life provokes joint problems.

4.    Strong Bones
Joints care relates to joints and joints keep bones attached. Therefore, keeping your bones strong will keep joint problems away. Vitamin D and Calcium helps keeping the bones strong. Consume dairy products and green, leafy vegetables for including calcium and Vitamin D in your diet.

5.    Treat Your Injuries
Joints care is of no use if you don’t treat your injuries. No joints care will have visible results if you have injuries. It is very important to cure your injuries to keep the joints strong.

6.    Stretch Your Body
Flexibility helps in moving better. As I mentioned above, moving body is the vital joints care tip, stretching will help maintaining your joints healthy. Stretch your body at least 4 times a week.

7.    Don’t Stress Your Body
Facing joint aches after a workout is pretty normal, but if the pain lasts for more than 48 hours, it’s a sign that you overstressed your body. This won’t do anything right to your joints care motion. In fact it may lead to injuries and damages.

8.    Strike the Right Posture
It is important to have a straight posture for joints care. Clumsy postures will strain your joints and will result in pain.