How can stress cause the Headache!

headache caused by StressIndeed we all live in a stressful life, which often led to cause stress, of certain situation or unexpected things, regardless of what lifestyle or profession you choose to live. Stress is no good for anyone or anything! It can make your metabolism weak causing immunity to be weaken and in result making you more vulnerable to medical complications. But in general there the most common symptom is dull enthusiasm and headache in most case.

Though it is much difficult to define fine line between Normal Headache and headache caused by Stress, as both shows similar symptoms and an only difference is severity and frequency. Head caused by certain factor other then stress can be severe and those people who experience in stress can feel mild intense headache and can get intense only if that person have health complications.

Common symptoms of stress headache like feeling mild heavy-headed in and started feeling headache above eyebrow, feeling of scull pressing against something from all side. Being mild, it can be frequent on daily basis and in some cases it one can complaint sensitivity to harsh light-setting or loud sound.

There could be many reasons that can cause the stress headache and the most common reason is derailed sleeping schedule. Sleep depravity can be major factor in causing stress headache as it cause fatigue as muscles couldn’t get a chance to release lactic acids and it is more often to feel strain on eyes. It can also cause metabolism to slow down and causing slower brain functions degrading concentration and ability to think and take decisions properly which can be catastrophic if pain gets in ways of functioning.

Other causes like Bad dietary habits, acidity or indigestion issues, smoking or alcoholism, health complications and medication used in treatment can also cause the stress headache and if not controlled it can make worse to manage. Unattained symptoms can cause many metabolic complications by making you vulnerable to blood related complications, heart related disease. It can also make aging process little paced up. Stress itself causes you to make you feel full in the day and its symptoms can make it worse. So it is suggested to seek medication attention if it more frequent and severe.

Some alternating changes like following light to digest tuned diet; following cardiac regime and even consuming off-the-counter medication to cure or manage Stress-Headache suggested by your doctor can also do the trick. But is it better to cure the cause then symptoms. Find the ways to manage and heal factor the cause or at least the effects it renders. You can opt for meditations or if it works on it try proper planning would also help you manage effects cause by stress.