Bimatoprost: useful for eyelash growth!

eyelash growthBimatoprost, for those who are looking for some options to enhance their growth of their eyelashes! May be out of desire or anything like some special professional who work in modeling and cinema industry are sometime under pressure to get some features of their face enhanced. But even in general it is possible to your eyelash with the help of Bimatoprost.

Essentially, Bimatoprost is used for curing increased pressure in eyes by rapidly draining excess fluid and open angle-glaucoma. But there have been sighted some significant trait that eventually boost up the growth rate in terms of length thickness and darkness of your eyelash. Although it is yet to be discovered how it works but there have been some theories that says, may be the duration aspect might be causing its growth.

Although there have been seen some side effect of it and the basic one is, if you are allergic to the ingredient that been used in Bimatoprost, in such case consult your doctor, they might suggest some more suggestions. Some generic visual-based side effect that might happen after using Bimatoprost like Blindness, bloody eye, blurred or decreased vision or change in color vision, color changes in the skin around the eyes, unable to seeing at night, distorted color perception, sometime double vision, dry eyes or eye color changes, fever or chills, halos around lights, lack or loss of strength, loss of vision, night blindness, over bright appearance of lights, redness, burning, dry, or itching eyes, pain, swelling of the eye, eyelid, or inner lining of the eyelid, tunnel vision and so on. Although these effects and side-effect can differ from person to person and intensity also be differ. In case of uncontrollable effect, immediately contact your doctor.

Following are some helpful tips that could come handy:
The leaflet comes with solution; make the best use of it. And if you are not fan of micro reading, then read this article further.

Wash your hands and face thoroughly, just assure you’ve removed all the dirt and make-up content.

If you are using contact-lenses, remove then. You can reuse it after 15 to 20 min to get back to visual.

Rest your head back and using your index finger, pull the lower eyelid down to form a pouch. Carefully drop the medicine into the pouch where there are roots of your eyelash is and drop a drop, apply some gentle pressure around eyelids to spread all over. Then gently close your eyes. Remove excess medicine around your eye with a clean it up with dry tissue.

In case of doubt if any contamination or germ infestations, be careful with the tip of the applicator to touch any surface, so be it your eyes.

Take interval of 5 minute between two drops, or even if you have other medicine you put in your eyes. Or if doctors suggested multiple drops, 5 min interval is enough.

Follow the schedule properly, to get proper result out of it. And just in case you misses any doses, you can skip to next scheduled doses and avoid overuses.

Feel free to ask your chemist and pharmacist about how to use and other precaution.

Keep gentle wet wipe or wipes damped in water close at hand distance, just in case excess thing drop being poured.

Sleep Right! To be Genius!

sleep and memory improvementSleep is something that we’ve been doing from the day we born, and one habit we can’t quit, and also we don’t want to. It is needless to say how pathetic one can be if they frequently delay or skip their sleeping schedule. Over the years our parents and doctors suggest us to have and follow proper sleeping schedule as it is one of the key reason one can be prone to early disease and psychological disorders.

Straight in short phrase, sleeping is a physical act that intimately draws benefits to psychological and physiological system of our body. And following are some reasons why you should follow a strict sleeping schedule if you wished to be a Genius!

Stabilizing mental psyche:
From the point we woke up and till we shut down our eyes, we records, recall, and process so many kinds of information in mind, that out brain works continuously to perform every task you assign. Even reading this blog and remembering words and facts for future use is also kind of task. Sleeping, not only bails out time out of consciousness to rest for a while but it also gives time for subconscious to recollect, analyze and store everything you learn, did or happen during the day. And with proper sleeping pattern, it work works smooth as butter.

Neural System:
Neural system work in felicitating neural signal, affirmative information directed towards muscle or body cells, which instruct body or muscle to move in particular manner, yeah it is a definition! Since your subconscious process and store everything you learn throughout the day, it also instructs neural system to form a muscle memory. And that’s the reason why coaches suggest sportsman to follow a strict sleeping schedule. One example of how it works? You know the time when you are walking in your dream and suddenly fall in pit, well that many be a glitch while programming neural system, so you can calm down!

Mood Enhancer:
The best person to ask how sleep elevates your mood is the person who loves to sleep! The overall mood dynamics can cost huge impact on how stressed you can be. Even slightest delay in your normal sleeping schedule can brought negative or passive thoughts and reasoning in your thought process and drop in enthusiasm is common trait. Whereas, person who had enough hrs of sleep is more jolly and open to positive vibe.

The Stress:
Something no one wished to have but end up having enough that can hog all your focus solving it and derailing your sweet sleeping schedule. Most of the stress or the problem we face in our life doesn’t even take much time to sort out or at least not worth of concerned attention it get. Sleep, can make you more potent deal with stress since your mood dynamics swayed from neutral to ‘oh I’m unable to deal with this situation.’ In short, you are more prone to stress.

Since you’re neural and subconscious mind is tuned and working in fine manner, your ability to memorize and recalling facts and info become more efficient. Well-working neural system helps forming memory and subconscious system works in recalling those stored memory.

I guess these 5 reasons are enough for you to prioritize your sleeping schedule.

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Low Blood pressure: The silent Killer

Low Blood pressureNo, it is not beginning for any suspense novel, its low blood pressure it exists silently but strike with a bang! Though it is simply referred as hypertension, the circulatory flow of blood cells from lungs to heart and to almost each and every corner of your body! It reflect as smooth harmony and anything that cause that flows to disrupt will eventually has its effects on your body internally hence externally.

Problems related blood pressure can be vastly divided into two kinds, high blood-pressure and low blood-pressure. Each has its unique and sometime similar set of symptoms on your body. Amongst, low blood pressure almost have no serious symptoms, may be that’s why it is mostly referred as silent killer.

Hormonal problems such as an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism), diabetes, or low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) can easily be cause. Other than that, un-prescribed medicines( even those which was prescribed for high blood pressure, depression and anxiety and in rare cases of Parkinson disease). Heart diseases like arrhythmias, heat strokes and heat exhaustions by spending more time in outside. Even those women having pregnancy might experience low blood pressure problems.

There are some other symptoms that can cause sudden depletion in blood pressure. Like:

Mostly in case of accidents, when victim excessively bleed and body went through sudden shortage on blood count. Since unable to functions properly, one can experience hypertension.

High-Low Body temperature:
This is one of the trickiest situations when you are stuck in cold situation and brain signals its organ to work with full force to just making sure blood reached to every part of body. And this excess blood flow reaches to the level when it give rise to overall body temperature. Sometime uncontrollable pace creates confusion and slow down its pacing, cause out subconscious think we have enough blood flow, intensity can be decrease and his situation create ideal ground for hypertension.

So be it normal lack fluid in body by vomiting, urination or diarrhea or just you forgot to drink anything in summertime. Dehydration put your body to work on less fuel and unable your organ to work properly. This leads to insufficient blood flow.

Not only from some medicines only, can adverse reactions caused by some allergies put to your body to the panic attack. Even blood infections like sepsis can cause hypertensions.

Specifically after eating heavy meal that contains carbohydrates, which happens to cause blood pooling in vessels around stomach and intestinal area.

Some other medicines:
Some other medicinal courses like diuretics, beta-blockers, calcium-channel blockers, and angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors and drugs that are nitrate induced medicines for ED and antipsychotics, anti-anxiety agents, sedative-hypnotics, tricyclic antidepressants and narcoleptics.

One of the obvious reasons! As a person ages, these will be a gradual decline in overall blood pressure regulations. Though some easy tip like pacing up your metabolism can stabilize it, with proper diet and exercise plan.

Regardless of how it is intense compared to those conditions to high blood pressure. It still has all potential to be severe. So keeping a regular check and keeping away from stress, being hydrated all the time can keep you away from its causes.

You Better Keep Walking!

walking benefitsWalking, something we’ve been doing ever since we started standing straight. And trust me there is no better form of exercise then just to walk, and plus point you don’t need any other equipment or gym membership to do that. Walking is better for so many reasons and for any season. It is simple to keep it, easy to adapt and if you have problems maintaining regularity in your exercise routines.

Other then above, following are some easy reasons why you can add, extend and include this form of exercise in to your normal routine:

Sounds symphony to your ears? Just walk for 30min on daily basis and loose from about 75 to 150 calories. The more fast you pace up the calories you burn. Indeed it is less then what you can do with jogging, but some efforts are better than nothing!

Prevent Dementia:
Walking is a good kick start for your metabolism and allows more yet adequate oxygen to pump in your blood. And since your brain is getting oxygen induced blood, your brain tends to work more fluently reducing risk for dementia.

Doses of Vitamin D:
If you chose to complete you walking session in mourning then you have better chances to get more vitamin D out of sun light. Any elementary teacher would answer it how it happen, just in case you’ve forgot!

Heart Disease:
Walking is the simplest form of cardiovascular exercise you can adapt.  And since cardiovascular exercise tent to clear any blockage like cholesterol and harmful tissue cells existed in to your blood vessel. It make as idea option for you to choose if you are not fan of exercising but still want to take care of your heart.

Risk of Disease:
Inactive and unhealthy body is more prone to diseases, we all agree. Since we have adapted to walking as an exercise we’ll be less vulnerable to any disease to kick in. and since metabolism is put in motion, it makes favorable conditions for immunity system to develop and maintain.

Muscle Carving:
Just working out in gym is not enough, you also need aerobic exercise to tone up your lower body muscles like buttocks, pictorial and legs muscles, calves, quads and hamstrings while lifting your glutes (bum muscles). You can even add some variations like retro walk that works best for pictorial muscles and even chose hill or alley area to pump up the game. And use stairs more frequently.Ask your physician or gym trainers to suggest some variation.

I guess these are enough reasons for you to start walking on daily basis!

Iron Enriched Food

Iron Enriched FoodNutrients are power boosters from the nature, and iron is one of the crucial of it. Its deficiency can cause anemia, which can make you prone to illness and some infections. It is also more important for those of a would-be mothers, and pediatricians plays more emphasis on including more and more iron nutrient food in diet. There are two classification in it, heme iron which comes from animal and non-heme which can derived from plants, veggies and herbs.

So wouldn’t it be a wise thing to do if to include food what are high in iron level.

One of the best source of iron that also pact with mineral, protein and vitamins one could find in meat sections. Pork and beef are good source you can add with pork have an added advantage of vitamin C. you can also try red meat or egg yolk.

The French ecstasy, along with clams, mussels, oysters, and squid that house zinc and vitamin B12 along with Iron content! Other alternate for oysters like haddock salmon and tune

One of the important ingredient on most of the middle-east Asian countries, this non-heme source of iron is very easy and availed for vegan and Vegetarians. It can be used as dressing ingredient in salsa, pasta and salad. Of you can find a recipe that can turn it into Hummus.

Fortified Cereals:
What better way to start day with a bowl of fortified cereals. It also has  vitamins and minerals like fiber, zinc, calcium, and B vitamins to satisfy over all nutrition need one could have. You can check before putting in to your cart.
Pumpkin Seed:
Indeed one of the unexpected source of Iron but it works. I was also amazed to find 10mg from one cup of pumpkin seeds. It tastes great so it became must to homemade trail mix, added to bread or some exotic muffin recipes, or as a crunchy salad topping options. It can also add more healthy alternative for peanuts we keep in our pockets.

It is the most common source of iron one could find. Pair it up with kale, bell pepper or broccoli and you will have an ultimate and healthiest recipe. There are some dietician who would suggest pureed beans in any salad of your choice. So if beans are not your style, you can come up with some other variant to cheat with.

The newest revolution in the healthy food industry, its one non-Heme-Iron variant that also packed with calcium! Of course in win-win situation!

Chocolate or Cocoa powder:
Yeah, I save the best for the last! It is indeed the most enticing food in the world and now you have iron nutrient which make it a great go-go. Just keep diet plan in mind and then buy one!

How Does Smoking Cause Impotency?

Smoking Cause ImpotencyAny smoker, occasional or addictive, would identify with this dilemma and it also frequently ranted by their beloved that it has adverse effect on reproduction ability. They are always linked to each other and always seem logical that out of many side effects that smoking caused Impotency, or Erectile Dysfunction(ED) is one of them. One may ask how true it is. Or it’s just a hoax just to make smokers rethink about their oddly habits!

ED or not, smoking does cause you some serious side-effect other than lung or throat cancer, like risk of strokes, high blood pressure, lessened metabolism rate so your body’s response to your health care measures falls short and so on! But since you are more curious to know its effects on impotency, then following are the reason and fact you should know before continuing to your old habit:

Blood Vessel Functioning:
Erection, in natural conditions, when bloods reach to the network of arteries in your genital after receiving nerve signal from your which triggered with arousing and sensual sensations! Intimate arousal plays key role in getting greater erection. However, in case of erectile dysfunction, brain might send you proper signal of arousal through nerve system but the actual reason that causes one’s penis to erect is proper functioning artery system, which is work improperly since it is affected by smoking.

Smoking, frequent or chain smoking, it not only contributes its fair share of tar in your lungs but it also boosts creation of plaque in blood vessel that cause blockage to smooth circulation of blood, through its vein and artery. And since erection is a synchronized result of nerve signal and blood circulation, blood vessels falls short to play their role as it is clogged with plaque.

This situation, in frequent time, in many cases tend to create psychological norms such as unable to satisfy one another, low self-esteem, intimate disassociation and low confidence in some to some individuals. Although there are some medicinal options are there like, Viagra, Kamagra and Sildenafil Citrate that will help you felicitate the erectile functions, at least for some time. But best option is take efforts that will prevent your blood vessel system from forming any kind of clogging or blockage.

Psychological Schema:
Love-making is it an act of enchantress! We feel happy, aroused and relaxed after doing it. In most courses it is referred as therapy. However smoking is first thought to be muscles and stress relaxant and with its nicotine content, we do feel that. But after getting used to it we don’t feel relaxed anymore. Instead of that, due to degraded health and stamina, low on energy, stressed and fatigued. And needless to say, we, or perhaps your body, listen to it and it feels no need or energy to prepare itself for any sort of arousal and tent to be deviated and excitement and enthusiasm seems to be fading away.

You can avoid it by taking measures to avoid or better quit it. Get help from your doctor; get yourself a better habit whenever you’ll feel to smoke. Just make sure you are making right efforts toward quitting smoking!

Insufficient Sleep Syndrome: a sleeping Disorder

Insufficient Sleep SyndromeSleep is one of those activities that plays key role in balance factor of your overall health. And an insufficient sleep disorder is referred to basically discontinuity to maintain healthy sleep schedule. There could be much reason one can come out with that can cause this sleeping disorder and it is also considered to be early sign of other sleeping disorders.
In most cases, what we think an ‘n’ hour of sleep is sufficient for us is actually not enough. The sleeping hours mainly depends upon factors like the amount of labor you take during the day, kind of food you eat including caffeine and sugar intake, lifestyle and also jet-lag. In other reasons, sleep depravity can also caused by the medication course you are following or just the time you bail out to complete task, which you plan to compensate later.
It is needless to how sleep is important to live healthy life. Its absence can cause physical and psychological imbalance can withered your inner harmony and causes to slowdown metabolism which ultimately degrades your immune system making you more vulnerable to disease and illness. Lack of concentration, which is caused by ISS, alone can capable causing catastrophic result performing some otherwise simple task like handling heavy machinery, critical activities or just driving in traffic can be tedious task for one to do with sleep-deprivation.

Some other psychological disorder, which can be caused by untreated insufficient sleeping syndrome like Insomnia which is disrupted sleeping schedule, obstructive and central sleep apnea which cause unusual breathing patter while you are asleep, Narcolepsy which is an unusual pattern of sleep where one can fall asleep anywhere anytime regardless what he is doing, Idiopathic hypersomnia which is opposite to insomnia it is a disorder where person sleeps for longer hours, periodic limb phase disorder which is much similar to sleep paralysis but more frequent and subjected to the specific limb then whole body. In other disorders, short sleep time, shift work disorder and delayed sleep phase disorder.

There are some easy symptoms one can figure out whether they have insufficient sleep syndrome or not and opt for proper treatment.

Not completing or delaying your Ideal Sleep Time at the end of the day.

Unable to pop out of your bed as soon as you wake up, since your body requests for more sleep.

Unable to recall or retain stored in your memories or struggle keeping completing calculative task.

Consistent and gradual drop in your energy level causing you to feel exhausted by the end of the day.

The Remedies:
There are some easy remedies and alteration in your daily lifestyle and habits you can alter to control the insufficient sleep syndrome. But for the best and precise remedial measures, consult your doctors or sleep specialist. Why? Cause they are professionals who can suggest best treatment analyzing your medical health history, sleep pattern and set course for suitable for you.

Some handy tips like, prioritize your sleep schedule, do exercise, follow right diet and keep yourself off from any distractions(however it temp you) and be following it.

Why should we eat Sweet potato!

Sweet potatoOur grandma keep insisting us to eat more and more sweet potato and we used to dislike its mushy but little sweet flavor. But when I bumped into a research paper I thought it is be worth idea to share some reasons with you as why it is best thing to as in your daily diet list.

Vitamin B6:
The chemical compound, Homocysteine, which cause risk of heart attack! And vitamin B6 from sweet potato can keep it in control.

Vitamin C:
Might be unusual entry in list of food that contain vitamin C, since generally sighted as citrus food contain this vitamin! But vitamin C is one of the most important nutrients that are much needed in our day today life. Needless to say, vitamin C help you reducing risk of cold and flu and other benefits like forming bone and dental structure, digestion function and keeping your skin youthful.

Vitamin D:
Another important nutrient after vitamin C, it also acts as hormones. And since your are eating sweet potato, you are secured by boosting your energy levels, moods, and helps to build healthy bones, heart, nerves systems, skin, and teeth, and with added bonus it also supports the thyroid gland.

For those who just recovered from illness are suggested to include sweet potato in their diet cause it have rich quantity of iron that not only help you boosting your energy level but also plays key role in rebuilding red and white cells and sustains back to proper immunity level.

Source for Magnesium and potassium:
Magnesium content from sweet-potato contributes as anti-stress minerals which works best for relaxation. And Potassium content in which help rearticulate heart beats and distressed nerve signals for a release from contractions, decrease swelling and best for kidney functioning.

Sweet factor:
The reason why it is called ‘sweet’ that it is as natural source of sugar that help your system to balance out blood sugar level, result in better prevention against fatigue and weight gain.

The ample amount of Carotenoids in your body will ensure you have strong eyesight, better immunity and despite being a source of vitamin A it is also a power pact source of Anti-oxidant which is not only best for slowing down aging, but also lowers the risk of cancer.

Ideal for Experiments:
There are so many food recipe you can add them. Roast them, boil them, bake them or grill them! Make them part of salad as it is easier to cook then potato and blends well with the taste.

Benefits of Eating Broccoli!

BroccoliYou never thought search for something like that, didn’t you? So first congratulate yourself for doing that. And yes, ‘Benefits’ and ‘Broccoli’ can be put in one sentence and still make sense.

Broccoli, member of cruciferous vegetable family, is already named the healthiest vegetable in the world, and this is not a made up fact. Despite being the most hated in the consumers, mainly children all over the world, it serves some great benefits to your health benefits.

Cholesterol Control:
The more fibrous food you eat, the more body will be able to flush out impurities from your body. And broccoli is one of the ideal for being fibrous veggie that actively works as to remove cholesterol from your body.

Against Allergies:
For those who are looking out for the way to get rid of general allergies from your body, without being depending on medication, you should add broccoli in your diet. Why? Because it has ability of Kaempferol, which helps reducing effects of allergy, plus with additional omega 3 fatty acid.

Anti-Oxidant Properties:
Broccoli is enriched with antioxidants as compared to fruits and berries. It is not only a great source of vitamin C but it also accompanied with flavonoid which is useful in processing Vitamin C. other than that it is also source of antioxidents like carotenoids lutein, zeaxanthin and beta-carotene and list goes on.

Broccoli is also packed with calcium and vitamin K, which helps in maintaining good health and keep it better dense. And hence prevent it from osteoporosis, in which bones tend to be weaker and brittle due to deficiency of calcium.

Against Cancer:
Yes, you read it right! Meanwhile giving above benefits it also boosts immune system you body, which eventfully help you fight with better with cancer. Extra tip, other members in cruciferous vegetable family like cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and cabbage also does the same thing.

Heart health Issues:
Most of the time, due to inflammation caused by chronic blood sugar level, blood vessel tent to get damage. And broccoli’s anti-inflammatory properties like sulforaphane help to cure the damage.

On Diet Front:
Just compare a fist full of broccoli and brown rice or corn and you’ll notice, broccoli is high on fiber, protein and low on calories. And being cruciferous vegetable frat, broccoli is better at digestion, low on carb, comparatively low on sugar and better for constipation.
Isn’t these benefits enough for you to add broccoli in your diet and respect it.