The risks of smoking cigarettes

risks of smoking cigarettesSmoking is not a healthy habit. It can impact your health majorly. It can cause many health issues in the long run. It affects you as well as those who love you.

The following points help us understand the hazards of smoking and how why it is risky to smoke.

Smoking impacts vision
Smoking is not good for your eyes. In the long term one can suffer from cataract trouble or optic nerve damage. It can also cause macular degeneration. Most of these disorders can impact your vision partially or totally.

Smoking causes auto immune disorders
Smoking can cause auto immune disorders in an individual. Hence most of the smokers are victims of respiratory tract infection. They may feel it difficult to breathe as they grow old along with their habit of smoking.

Reduces bone density
Tobacco intake can deteriorate the quality of your bones, making them brittle and lose their density. Hence there are chances for one to suffer from diseases like osteoporosis in the long term. Older men and women who have a habit to smoke may have trouble of acquiring bone loss or joint pain in the long run.

It can cause heart trouble
Tobacco contains chemicals which are not good for your heart. It can spoil blood cells and impact functioning of the heart. I the long term, the risk associated with coronary heart disease, hypertension and heart attack.
Tobacco can change the chemistry of blood. It may reduce quality of blood and even reduce oxygen levels in your blood. Hence putting more pressure on your heart.

It impacts your lungs
A puff of cigarette can scar your lungs. The chemicals in tobacco can spoil quality of your lung. In future a person who smokes consistently or a chain smoker has higher changes of acquiring respiratory disorders or lung disease. Individuals have a threat of acquiring asthma or bronchitis which is chronic in nature. One can also suffer from tuberculosis in the long run.

Smoking increases risk of acquiring cancer
The smoke of tobacco has many chemicals. It impacts those who live around you. Your smoking habit can make someone else a victim of passive smoking. People who smoke have more chances of acquiring lung cancer. It can cause cancers in the trachea, mouth, lips, bronchus, nasal cavity, kidney and many other body parts.
Truly smoking kills. It can kill you or and those who live with you.

How to relax our mind

How to relax our mindIn the fast run of life, people get freaked out due to high levels of stress. If stress takes in your health, you can experience various health disorders. The brain get tired. Thus the brain needs to be relaxed to improve our mental health.

Let us see how we go about doing that

Drink lots of water
Water will keep our mind and body calm. Water does a detox effect. Drinking water flushes out all those toxins that build up in our body. These toxins may also accumulate in the mind. Hence keep yourself well hydrated.

Do what you want to
For at least half an hour a day, do what you love to do. Something you crave for. This will let you overcome stress. This could be taking a nap, reading your favourite comic strip, drawing sketches of your choice,  go take a swim in the pool, walk down the garden, doing the crossword, playing a game or go do some window shopping.

Eat healthy for brain development
Eating meals that are good for both mind and body. Avoid intake of stimulating foods. Eat healthy and avoid intake of junk as well as processed foods. Avoid aerated drinks that are high in sugar. These may look fascinating but may make you go hyper.

Perform yoga
Regular performance of yoga can help one relax his mind as well as body. Yoga is known practice to get rid of stress levels. However one must be consistent in their performance. Stress can take a toll on one’s health. In such instances, yoga can prove fruitful.

Practice relaxation
If you can’t do yoga, simply close your eyes for five minutes and practice relaxation. Yes it’s called mediation. Go hunt for a quiet room in your house. One corner which you love the most. Close your eyes and try to be calm. Do some deep breathing exercises. Simply breathe in and breathe out. If you have more time, place the tip of your tongue on your upper teeth and now exhale. Exhaling will make a funny sound. Now wait for five seconds and then quickly inhale and exhale again. Follow this process for about fifteen minutes. You will soon feel the tension pass out of you and your levels of energy will go up. Initially you may feel slightly uncomfortable, however a sudden feeling of discomfort in head indicates release of stress.

Move around
Change your environment. If you are at work and feel you can’t take the load any more, go take a walk in the café.  Go sit on a quiet bench for five minutes. Or simply take a walk down the garden. If you are a housewife, who gets frustrated with her daily chores of life, go take a walk in your balcony. Ignore the world for five minutes. Remember you need to make time for yourself to keep yourself going. This will happen only if your mind is at ease.

Sleep well
Sleep is a must for all of us. It keeps mind at ease. Hence sleep well. Do not deprive yourself of sleep unnecessarily.  For efficient functioning of our mind, sleep is a must!!!

Modalert will reduce effects of narcolepsy and slumber issues

effects of narcolepsyWhen people suffer from sleep disorders, their life becomes very chaotic. Slumber issues like narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and shift work disorder can make one suffer from excessive daytime sleepiness. If one does not gain such sleep in the day, they may experience from poor levels of concentration and high levels of fatigue. To overcome such a trouble, doctors recommend use of a drug called as Modalert which helps in getting rid of this sluggishness.

How does Modalert work?
This medication has Modafinil in it. Modafinil is a nootropic drug that acts on brain chemicals. These brain chemicals are responsible in regulating sleep wake cycles in human beings. The use of Modalert causes alterations in natural chemicals in the brain. It improves circulation in brain thus helping one receive positive mental energy. Thus one can stay focussed and alert when he or she has had less hours of sleep or has been a victim of disrupted sleep.
The drug has been approved by FDA and is a genuine solution to get rid of effects or symptoms of slumber trouble.
People who experience symptoms of ADHD also use this medication to improve their attention and alertness.

How to use Modalert medication?
The use of the medication is simple. Just one pill a day as your day starts can help eliminate levels of fatigue. Do not use this medication with any other juice. Simple use it with water. For people who have trouble of shift work disorder, the pill need to be utilised an hour before the start of the shift.

Remember the following warnings before you start using Modalert medication:

  • The drug is a smart drug. It should not be used by children.
  • The drug can be purchased without your doctor’s recommendation. However it is always good to use it after speaking to your doctor.
  • The drug should not be mixed with alcohol. In fact stop consuming alcohol as you start this medication as it could lower the effects of this medication or even cause side effects.
  • Do not use tobacco or street drugs when using this medication.
  • If you have trouble of kidney or heart disorder, do not use this medication.
  • The effects of hormonal contraception may not work after using this medication. Hence use alternate modes of precaution when using this medication
  • Avoid an overdose. It could harm your health.
  • Intake of this medication can cause blurred vision or dizziness. Hence avoid driving after use of this medication.
  • This drug does not cure the sleep disorder. It only reduces symptoms of the sleep issue.
    Stop using this medication if you have stopped experiencing sleep trouble. You may get accustomed to it. Nothing can replace sleep in human beings.

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Modafinil the drug for wakefulness

enhancing your mood and improving your attentionDisrupted Moods could be an outcome of no sleep or lack of sleep. Sleep disorders like narcolepsy or shift work disorder could make it difficult for an individual to perform efficiently at work. Thus disrupting your daily tasks at home as well as work. Eventually as human beings we feel stressed out!!! Modafinil is a solution to solve these problems that come out of sleep issues. It can kill the feeling of lethargy and sluggishness by enhancing your mood and improving your attention capacity. It makes an individual more vigilant and extra alert.

How does the Modafinil medicine work and what are its benefits?
This is a smart drug. It is also called as a neuro enhancer as it acts on the brain chemicals. The ingredients whichworks on brain chemicals promote wakefulness in an individual. Tis medicine can make an individual feel fresh all day. It is used off label to treat symptoms of Alzheimer’s, depression ADHD and even multiple sclerosis.
The medicine works wonders on depressed minds where individuals who suffer from traumas suddenly show improved behaviours Individuals who suffer from snores and sleep apnea are also recommended to use this medication to cure effects of their sleep trouble which even includes excessive day time sickness.
It can be used by doctors to treat fatigue, jet lag issue and even high levels of fatigue. The best part about Modafinil is that it is not habit forming.

Side Effects of Modafinil:
The medicine has its own benefits. However there are associated side effects as well. Some of these are very mild. These could be:

  • Nausea
  • Blurred vision
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Running of nose

There could be few more serious side effects. However it is a very rare phenomenon to experience persistent serious issues. Incase of such a problem, discontinue use and contact your medical expert.

Modvigil to keep you awake!!!

get over excessive daytime sleepModvigil is a drug that keeps one awake in spite of all the slumber trouble that they may experience. Slumber issues like narcolepsy, shift work disorder, sleep apnea, may cause high levels of fatigue and deprive an individual from living a healthy life. Such trouble may also prevent one from performing simple tasks of their life that they are supposed to do every day. Thus Modvigil pills can help one get over excessive daytime sleep as well as effects of sleep trouble. Doctors even prescribe this medication to students to improve their attention and focus. Sometimes the drug is also recommended to be used as an anti-depressant.

What does the drug do?
The drug helps in improving cognition and enhances memory in sleep deprived people, thus helping them improve their focus and levels of concentration.

How does the medication work?
Modvigil contains Modafinil which is a brain stimulant.Modafinil improves vigilance and promotes wakefulness in people who are victims of sleep disorders. The ingredients in this drug act on brain chemicals which are responsible in regulating sleep and wake process. The drug causes a stimulating effect and thus improves mood of an individual and reduces levels of stress experienced by individuals. Thus a sleep deprived person feels fresh and less tired.

How should you use the drug?
In ideal situations, just one pill should be sufficient. Take it as your day starts. For individuals suffering with shift work disorder, the pill should be taken an hour before the start of your shift.
Modvigil is available online and can be obtained without a doctor’s prescription. However one should always use this drug after speaking to their doctor.

What are the side effects of using this drug?
Use of this drug can cause few side effects. These include:

  1. Dizziness
  2. Blurred vision
  3. Headaches
  4. Anxiety
  5. Nausea

In rare instances, one may experience severe side effects after using this drug. They include:

  1. Abnormal heart beat
  2. Sudden drop in pulse
  3. Rise or fall in blood pressure

In such instances, discontinue using this drug and contact your health expert.

11 Benefits of olive oil that you can’t avoid

olive oilOlive oil is extremely popular cooking oil in a Mediterranean diet. Due to its countless health benefits it’s been widely accepted by many people across the globe. Its usage is not limited to cooking, but you cannot avoid its various usages beyond your imagination. You’ll be surprised that olive oil can be a perfect makeup remover to adding gloss to your old furniture. Curious enough? Read on to know:

1. Perfect makeup remover
Instead of wasting your money on buying branded makeup removers simply invest in buying a bottle of olive oil. Olive oil can gently help removing your eye makeup leaving your skin moist and supple.

2. Natural hair conditioner
Don’t think twice using olive oil as your hair conditioner. Massaging your hair with olive oil can help retaining natural moisture as well as condition your hair perfectly. Olive oil also strengthens your locks and boost hair growth.

3. Healthy cooking oil
Olive oil is one of the world’s healthy cooking oils one can use. Keep ready olive oil spray and sprinkle some oil on your salads or mildly cooked vegetables. It fulfills your requirement of daily nutrition.

4. Heart friendly oil
Olive oil is also heart-friendly reducing your risk of cardiovascular diseases. Studies show that consuming olive oil along with plenty of leafy vegetables and fruits reduced risk of heart disease in women.

5. Sunburn treatment
Applying olive oil can be your best sunburn treatment. Apply equal parts of olive oil and water to affected areas. It quickly soothes burning and itching caused by sunburns. Apply it until sunburns aren’t healed completely.

6. Memory sharpener
Research shows that regular consumption of olive oil can delay age-related mental decline and improve cognitive skills.

7. Good massage oil
As compared to other expensive essential oils, olive oil becomes an inexpensive option for body massage. Massaging with olive oil can moisturize your body naturally, relieve aching muscle and joints and can improve blood flow reaching to all parts of your body.

8. Skin toner and moisturizer
Olive oil can also fight off aging. Daily massage your face with olive oil and leave it overnight. Olive oil naturally tones and moisturizes your skin leaving it supple and well-hydrated.

9. Detangle your hair
Hair serums and hair conditioners are the fancy words of today’s modern world. Don’t waste your time and money in consulting and purchasing these hair products rather grab a bottle of olive oil. take few drops of olive oil on your palm and rub it on your scalp and hair ends and see the magic. It quickly detangles your hair.

10. Furniture polisher
Put some drops of olive oil in a soft cloth and then wipe your wood furniture with it. it turns your old furniture into newly polished furniture with all that shine.

11. Unstick a zipper
It can be quite frustrating when your newly bought jeans’ zipper isn’t working. No worries! Just penetrate some olive oil into it and unzip it as usual.

Wondering why lashes falling out?

why lashes falling outMiley was examining herself in the mirror when Mattie entered in her room. Mattie was surprised to see the shocking expression spread on Miley’s face. When Mattie questioned; she realized that it wasn’t her that made Miley shocked, but her thin eyelashes. Yes, anybody at any age can experience eyelash loss and if you’re still wondering why your lashes are falling out, then here are the most common reasons:

Mascara use
Use of mascara and developing allergic reaction to it is one of the most common reasons for eyelash fall. Mascaras do come with chemical content in them and so long term use of them can develop allergies in some. Also, removing mascara results into the removal of other eyelashes causing sparse eyelashes. Mascaras can also cause several eye infections such as dermatitis and conjunctivitis. Dry flakes of mascara fall into the eye, can irritate the conjunctiva.

Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelids by excessive growth of bacteria that is basically found on the skin. Your eyelid can become inflamed due to an infection, trauma, an allergic reaction or when the eyelid’s oil glands are blocked. Blepharitis can be cured by taking care of proper eyelid hygiene.

Chemotherapy comes with lots of side effects including eyelash fall. Cancer patients who go through chemotherapy sessions usually experience hair and eyelash fall, but as soon as the treatment ceases, the hair start growing back. Although the problem is temporary; however, most find it very distressing.

Eyelash fall can be caused by excessive rubbing, plucking eyelashes or tugging the eyelashes too hard. Trauma can be caused due to excessive usage of eye embellishments such mascaras, eyeliners and tiny beads. This can lead to loss of eyelashes.

Alopecia areata is a disorder in which the immune system attacks the hair follicles resulting hair to fall out. This can cause loss of all hair on the body or loss in just one area such as eyebrows, beard, eyelashes or scalp. The condition may not be cured completely, but can be managed with proper treatment. Other autoimmune disorders like scleroderma or lupus can also cause eyelash loss due to the diseases.

Some medical conditions can be curable while other conditions may not be reversible. Thus, identifying the exact cause of eyelash fall may save you from the trouble. Bimatoprost is an effective medication which is usually prescribed people with certain conditions such as people taking chemotherapy sessions or people suffering from sparse eyelashes or eyelash fall.

Bimatoprost stimulate eyelash growth by increasing the number of eyelash hairs that grow and the amount of time it takes to grow. That means you have longer, thicker and darker eyelashes. Bimatoprost also make your lashes darker by stimulating melanin, a pigment that makes your lashes darker.

Bimatoprost is a prescribed medication and thus, if you want to grow your lashes, then you’ve to fetch a proper prescription from your healthcare provider to use it.

Slow down brain-aging gracefully

Slow down brain-agingGrowing older means poor memory and flickering concentration. Although aging is a natural process and one cannot stop it; however, you can surely brain-age gracefully by slowing down its process. How the food provides fuel to the body and mind, the same way the brain also needs thought food along with regular food that you eat.

Be physically fit
It’s very important to keep your body and mind fit and fine and that goal can be achieved by doing regular exercise. At least 30 minutes of moderate exercise can boost fresh oxygen supply to the brain helps keeping it active.

Eat healthy
Eating a healthy nutritious diet rich in omega3s can boost your brain health and provides a horsepower. With active mind you can accomplish many tasks efficiently and quickly. Make sure that your diet is well-balanced providing you all necessary nutrients.

Give your brain to chew
Our brain is a storehouse of all information and data and if you don’t use it, the data get crashed. Thus, your brain requires something or the other information or a workout to chew on. Here are some mental workouts that work for making brain sharper.

  1. Keep your social life all jazzy and engage in plenty of engaging conversations.
  2. Become a bookworm. Read newspapers, magazines, books or whatever your hands can get on.
  3. Play challenging games like solving puzzles, scrabble, Sudoku or cards.
  4. Take up a course that interests you.
  5. Pursue a new hobby and explore every aspect of it as much as you can.
  6. Learning a new language is a best way one can ever have to sharpen the edges of your brain. It takes whole new game for the brain to store everything new. From the vocabulary to grammar rules, it’s amazing for the brain.
  7. Play games that challenge your intellect and memory such as chess.
  8. Participate in games like ‘question and answer’ it can help you a lot to improve your memory.

Keep stress under control
One of the exercises for brain to keep active is to practice meditation and relaxation techniques. Keep stress levels under control as excessive stress is a culprit that eats your brains gradually. Thus, learn to keep stress under control by practicing mediation, yoga and relaxation. These exercises are a great tools to slow down the brain aging.

Aaah! That bloated feeling!

bloating problemsI hate getting up in the morning with that bloated feeling. I don’t feel like doing anything because it eats up my head. It ruins my mornings, noon and evenings. When I kept getting these bloating more than ever, I reviewed my lifestyle and I made changes accordingly. It worked for me and I’m sure that it will work for you. So do you know what did I do to keep bloating away? Read on:

Drink lots of water and eat watery fruits
Yeah, I know when your belly is already bloated, drinking water is the last thing you want to do, but trust me it works. When you don’t enough of water, it causes dehydration as well as constipation, which is another cause of a bloated belly. Thus, drinking as much water as you can help you eliminate this uneasy feeling of bloating. Also, eating water-contained fruits such as watermelon, cucumbers and grapes can handle the rest of your problems.

Limit your intake of certain foods
Certain foods aren’t stomach-friendly such as onions, beans, pears, caffeinated and carbonated beverages like coffee, cola and soda are the worst. Even some dairy products can make you feel bloated after consumption of these. Thus, limiting their intake can resolve your gastrointestinal problems for good. Carbonated drinks deplete the water levels of your body causing dehydration and hence, reduce their intake to prevent dehydration.

Workout is important
Daily physical activity is a key to the healthy lifestyle. Daily exercise helps to build strong bones, healthy muscles, improves muscle tone; boost your immune system so you are less vulnerable to diseases and reduces the frequency of common health problems like constipation and bloating. Thus, aim to do exercise for 30 minutes every day to gain these benefits.

Chew food slowly
It can be your office assignment, your scheduled meeting or salsa class or a date with your boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean you should eat fast in order to avoid being late. Other things can wait but don’t manipulate your body functions. Bloating can be caused when you swallow too much air while finishing your meals and that’s why you get the hiccups when eating too quickly. Take your own sweet time to finish your meals and chew your food properly.

Improve your diet
Eating low-fat and high-fiber diet can keep constipation and bloating problems away. Thus, improve your diet with the help of your dietician.

We all have phobias and fears

phobiasEvelyn saw the huge building having approximately 27 floors in it. Instantly she had goose bumps on her hands and arms by the thought of taking a lift. After graduation, this was her 17th trip to search for job in a big New York City and she felt completely helpless and dizzy at that moment when she realized that even this job she had to let it go since she couldn’t fight her fear of lifts.

It can be darkness, spiders, tallest building in the town, waterfall, bridges or tunnels, we all have some or other phobias and fears that makes it scariest thing to ever experience. Approximately 4 to 5 percent of the U.S. population has phobias. Phobias are usually persistent in nature and are irrational fears of certain objects or situations that have a strong presence in your mind that even if a thought triggers in your mind you can be as terrified as if it is right there. An imagination or thought can make you so afraid of it that you never want to experience it and you take so much effort for it to avoid it. However, if you’re a person with phobia never makes an effort or think about it that how can you tackle this problem for once and for all, but spends your entire life to avoid it. That’s how the phobias are terrible in nature.

It’s very common to be fearful of certain situations or objects that are rare in sight or frightening itself such as seeing a snake on busy streets of New York can be scary for a city dweller, but not for those who live in bushy areas. But the problem comes when phobias and fears start interfering in your life. of your phobia is extreme in nature, it may affect your social activities, school performance, career or sleep. in such cases, you may want to see a qualified specialist.

The most common phobias and fears found among people are social phobia, animal phobia, situational phobia and blood-injection-injury phobia. A good amount of people have a fear of heights, water, storms and the dark. A large chunk of U.S. population also has animal phobias that include the fear of snakes, spiders and dogs.

If you have any of these phobias, you can quickly experience a number of symptoms such as sweating, trembling, chest pain, difficulty breathing, hot or cold flashes, racing or pounding heart, and a churning stomach.

People with phobias and fears can have poor quality of their life. You may want to avoid social situations where you may not feel safe and thus, you will have a poor social network and less chance to interact with people. Phobias can also have impact on your career choices and jobs. Thus, identify your phobia and if you feel that it is affecting your personal and professional life, seek medical help.

No matter how extreme your phobias and fears are they can be treated!