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Generic Vaniqa


Generic Vaniqa

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We ship Generic Vaniqa 13.9%, containging active ingredient as Eflornithine . Generic Vaniqa Cream is manufactured by Ranbaxy  Pharma.

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Generic Vaniqa Uses, Dosages and Possible Side Effects

Generic vaniqa is very useful skin cream in the management of unwanted facial hairs. It has Eflornithine as active chemical constituent. This ointment does not remove the hair completely but slows down the growth of the hair. After removing the hair from face, apply this cream regularly to achieve the desired result. The base of hairs is made of cells and it is termed as hair follicle. This undergoes faster growth and attains maturity as it gets transformed into new hair. A protein is necessary for the same and this cream affects the production of the same.

Food and Drug Administration has approved generic vaniqa cream in the year 2000. Because of this approval, this cream has become safer to use in the management of facial hairs. One may need to use it frequently to keep hairs from growing back. This topical cream requires some time to treat the condition and thus one must have enough patience to get excellent results.

Action Mechanism of Generic Vaniqa (Eflornithine)

  1. Action mechanism is also called as mode of action. In simple language it is the process adopted by the chemical or active constituent to treat the health condition. Generic vaniqa also possess a particular mechanism of action which helps in making this medication super effective in slowing down the growth of facial hairs.
  2. Mode of action of generic vaniqa is not so clear yet however there are various studies that have proposed a mechanism of action. This topical cream doesn’t remove the facial hair but slows down the growth of hairs. The cells that surround the base of the hair are termed as hair follicles. These cells are subjected to rapid growth and differentiation that leads to the formation of new hair. However certain proteins are required for this process and these are known as polyamines. These are produced under the influence of an enzyme called as ornithine decarboxylase (ODC). The chemical present in this cream is believed to suppress the action of this enzyme and thus helps in slowing down the growth of facial hair. Ultimately this also influences the cell division process. Generic vaniqa is an effective cream in treating hirsutism or facial hair in women. One must use it under medical supervision.

Precautionary Measures of Generic Vaniqa

  • Do not use generic vaniqa cream in excess. This wont speed up the process of slowing down the growth of hairs but affects the health of an individual by causing hazardous effects.
  • One may develop allergic reactions to the chemical present in the skin ointment. Thus if you develop any allergic event or sign then stop using it.
  • This is not known whether the medicine present in generic vaniqa gets secreted in to the breast milk. Therefore breastfeeding moms must have a word with their doctor about the effect of the drug on the babies.
  • Using this ointment in pregnancy may affect the growth of the unborn baby. Therefore women must stay away from this medication.
  • Skin irritation is very common sign develops when you apply the cream on the skin. However if stays for longer period of time then you must contact your health care provider.
  • Hair bumps may develop after using generic vaniqa and that is why one must take extra care.
  • Do not extent the treatment for more than six months if you do not get any desired outcome. Using generic vaniqa cream for longer without observing any desired effects causes harmful effects on skin.

Dosage of Eflornithine 13.9%

  • Generic vaniqa cream is very easy to use however one should get to know about the proper instructions about using the same from a medical expert. Squeeze out pea size amount of the cream and spread it evenly on the skin. Do not rub vigorously instead rub it gently to increase penetration of cream inside the skin. Do not wash it off the ointment immediately. Let it sit on the skin for a while. Do not use it on broken or cracked skin. Generic vaniqa cream for hirsutism may interfere with other skin cream and thus one should not use it when using any other skin ointments.

Common Side Effects of Generic Vaniqa

  • Side effects are very common with medicines. One may develops mild or severe effects as per the use of drug or the way it has been used. Generic vaniqa cream for facial hair removal has some side issues to offer to the users. These are of two types, mild and severe. The former are quite easy to handle whereas the later one required medical treatment. However one can reduce the chances of getting severe side issues.
  • Generic vaniqa develops burning sensation, tingling or stinging of the skin. It also becomes red in color. However these are being mild side effects remain for a short time span. If they become severe or stays for longer time span then you must consult with your health care provider. Generic vaniqa is well tolerated topical ointment. However it may cause severe side effects too is used along with other skin creams or in a wrong way which results in such agony.
  • You need to tell your doctor if you develop acne, hair bumps, severe itchiness, swelling, severe dizziness and shortness of breath. These are the serious aftermaths of generic vaniqa cream. When they develop, they affect the quality of life. These must be attended by doctors.

Warnings of Vaniqa

  • If you develop allergic reactions with the chemical present in the generic vaniqa cream then you must stop using this topical ointment.
  • Do not swallow the cream and if by mistake it happens then get immediate medical help. This is a topical cream which needs to be applied externally.
  • After discontinuation of treatment with this cream, results in the facial hair growth. However in this case you must ask your doctor and follow the instructions given by him.
  • If you didn’t get results after six long months of treatment with generic vaniqa then it is better to stop the treatment.
  • Hair bumps may develop after using this skin ointment. If they become severe then you must consult with your doctor.
  • Skin irritation is a common symptom that develops when you apply the lotion on the skin. However if it doesn’t go within the proposed time span or stays longer then you must bring it to the notice of your physician.

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1 review for Generic Vaniqa

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rosy J, Washington, USA

    I was unable to make any public appearances because I had many unwanted hairs on my face, being a girl that was so humiliating. Tried all stuffs but all was in vain. Googling around found Medpillrx and I got vaniqa and I got rid of all the unwanted facial hairs.

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