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We ship Tadalis 20mg, The pill has active ingredient Cialis in it. Ajanta Pharmaceuticals are the manufacturers of Tadalis.

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Tadalis Benefits, Dosages and Possible Side Effects

Tadalis is the well-known medication used to make impotent men potent again. Its unique mode of action destroys the factors altering the blood supply to the male organ at the time of intimacy. Tadalafil is the chemical used in the production of this medicine. This chemical falls under the class of drugs known as PDE5 inhibitors. By repairing the blockage of the blood flow, this anti-ED drug helps man to achieve and sustain an erection. Once consumed, the drug remains active inside the body for 36 hours. Thus it is also called as “weekend pill”.

This medication starts working within few minutes of consumption. Being FDA approved, tadalis is best and safe to use oldies. If you are having health issues then consulting with the health care provider is mandatory before using this medicine. It is available in various dosages and forms. Let your doctor decide whi9ch form suits you best.

Action Mechanisam of Tadalis (Tadalafil)

  1. Mechanism of action is the series of chemical reaction that takes place post consumption of the medicine. Every drug has its own unique style of working on the health issue. Tadalis also possess a mode of action that makes it capable of eliminating erectile illness from men. The chemical tadalafil used to make this medication belongs to the PDE5 inhibitor class of drugs. This chemical imparts the great power to the drug to treat erectile issues in men.
  2. Erection process is the most complicated one involving number of events. Basically lack of blood flow to the male organ is the foremost reason behind erectile dysfunction in men. Factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, stress and penile injury are responsible for the reduced blood provision to the male reproductive system. Tadalafil of tadalis work on the abatement of blood supply to the penile part.
  3. Presence of PDE5 enzyme also costs male organ to remain soft. This enzyme cut down the blood flowing to it and it results in no erection at all. Tadalis being PDE5 blocker medicine attack on the enzyme erasing its effect on the arteries. Once the chemical is destroyed, arteries become soft and carries abundant of blood to the male reproductive system.

Precautionary Measures of Tadalis

  • People using tadalis may develop severe allergic reactions because of the chemical tadalafil or other ingredients used in the drug. Therefore if you develop any side effects or allergic symptoms then stop suing the medicine and consult with your doctor.
  • Elderly are more prone to develop side effects due to consumption of anti-impotence drugs. Thus they must talk with their doctor before using any such medication.
  • In case if the erection remain for longer time span than the estimated time period and if it is painful too then you must get medical help.
  • It is a myth that tadalis provides protection from unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). This is a simple remedy to eliminate erectile dysfunction from men.
  • Certain drugs are prone to interact with anti-impotence drugs. Thus you must tell your doctor if you are using any medicines for the treatment of health concerns other than erectile failure.
  • Tadalis belongs to the class of medicaments known as PDE5 blocker. Do not consume any other medicine belonging to the same class of drugs right after consuming this anti-ED medication.
  • Never use anti-impotence medicaments along with alcohol or alcoholic beverages and grapefruit juices.

Dosage of Tadalis 20mg

  • The standard dosage of tadalis is 20mg which can be increases or decreased as per the response given by the body of the consumer. Oldies are advised to have the drug in lower quantity. This helps in minimizing intensity of development of side issues. The same rule applies to the men with liver or kidney disorders. Do not take the drug along with booze or grapefruit juice. This combination affects the blood pressure and brings it down. Swallow a whole pill of tadalis without powdering it or breaking it. Take the drug on an empty stomach or after a light meal.

Common Side Effects of Tadalis

  • Drugs exhibit some unpleasant effects post consumption and tadalis is no exception. These effects develop as the drug starts working on the health issue it has to correct. These are termed as side effects of the drug. They generally develop as the sign that your body is now adopting the medicine ingested. Being gentle in nature they need no medical treatment as such. If they stay more than the estimated time span or become severe in nature then you must get immediate medical help.
  • Tadalis develop mild side effects in the user which includes nausea, headache, vomiting, facial reddening, stuffy or runny nose etc. These side issues are tolerable by the sufferer. In case if they become bothersome then you need to meet your health care provider. Stop using the medicine is the best way to reduce the intensity of the aftermaths developed.
  • Rare cases of occurrence of severe effects due to tadalis have been reported. You need to call on medical help on urgent basis. Painful and sustained erection, irregular heartbeat etc are few of the serious side effects. Oldies may develop vision issues also. if any of these aftermaths occur in the consumer then it is better to stop using the medicine and get medical treatment at the earliest.

Warnings of Tadalis

  • Tadalis is the medication made to correct penile erectile failure in men and hence only men with penile issues are worthy of using this medication. Healthy men with no erection issues should stay away from the drug.
  • This medicine stays active for 36 hours post consumption. Therefore make sure that you will take your second dosage right after 36 hours. Excessive dosages should be avoided to keep complications at bay.
  • It is a myth that anti-Ed drug is used to augment libido. This medicine is purely to treat erectile failure in men.
  • Tadalis pill doesn’t keep you safe from the sexually transmitted diseases or STDs. This drug will let you have proper erection to keep you potent for longer time span.
  • This medication must not be consumed by women and children. If consumed accidently, this may cause negative effects on the health.

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