Privacy Policy
This privacy policy is made by to assure its customers that their data is safe with us and we are not going to share it with anyone at any cost. This makes our relationship stronger with our customers. Protecting privacy of our customers is our prime aim. Following points will elaborate how we are dedicated to protect customer’s confidential data.

  • We strongly believe that we must respect privacy of our customers. That is why the email addresses given by them are strictly used for business purpose only. We do not send any marketing mails to them. We use the email address just to notify them about the status of the product they have purchased.
  • All information such as email address, phone number, credit card details etc catered by the customer are secured with the in-built security system known as SSL. This system does not pass on the info to third party and hence it is quite useful in protecting the privacy of the customer.
  • We have developed this privacy policy to assure our customers that their information is in safe hands and we will not misuse this info in any circumstances.
  • No spam mails! We never use your email address to send you any promotional emails other than the product of your interest.
  • Our customers can change their details at any given time. They have full access over their account with us. And this changed information will be protected as the previous one.

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