Pregnancy Test Kit

Pregnancy Test Kit

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We recommend you to take pregnancy test with do it yourself pregnancy Kit and be sure whether you are pregnant or not ?

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A hormone called as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG rises in the female body when she had conceived and the embryo has been implanted in the uterus. This implantation occurs within 6 to 12 days after fertilization. These hormones are produced within 10 days post conception. By detecting the amount of HCG in urine or blood sample of women, pregnancy can be confirmed. As it is the easy method, women buy pregnancy test kits to do the same. Doing this home pregnancy test after missing first period gives you faster results.

Pregnancy test kit is readily available at local pharmacies. You must read out the information catered with the kit. When you follow the instructions properly, you are bound to get excellent results with pregnancy test kit. And moreover you get the results within couple of minutes. These results are accurate but in some cases this pregnancy test kit may show you false outcomes due to following reasons:

  • You may not be expecting.
  • You might have used the pregnancy test kit soon after missing your period or before the production of HCG hormone.
  • You ovulated to other date than the expected one.
  • Low HCG levels

Blood Test for Pregnancy

In this test, HCG hormone levels are checked in the blood instead of urine. You need not to get the pregnancy test kit to do this test. You must visit your doctor and ask him to carry on the test. It is the faster method to detect pregnancy then the urine test done with pregnancy test kit. This test is more accurate than the urine test.

Both qualitative and quantitative measurement is done through blood pregnancy test. Qualitative analysis confirms the presence of HCG hormone and quantitative test shows amount of HCG hormone present in the blood. This also helps in detecting tubular pregnancy, pseudo pregnancy and monitors your health after miscarriage. However with pregnancy test kit, these findings are not possible. With the help of home pregnancy test kits, one can certainly found out pregnancy.

How to perform test with pregnancy test kit?

  • A test card will show you two regions marked as C and T. The first band which is marked as C shows control band and this must appear first as it is the comparison band. T is the test sample.
  • If you see only one pink/purple band in the C region then the pregnancy test kit shows negative result for pregnancy.
  • If two pink/purple bands appear on the C marked region and T region then the pregnancy test kit indicates positive result for pregnancy.
  • If you do not get any bands appearing then the test is invalid. You can repeat the procedure after 72 hours. Buy cheap pregnancy test kit online and carry out the test.
  • If you get a faint colored band in the T region then it could be because of the low levels of HCG hormones. You can repeat the process after 72 hours with the fresh pregnancy test kit.

Shall I Buy Pregnancy Test Kit as soon as I miss my period?

  • In most of the cases, women buy pregnancy test kit and perform the test on the day they miss their period. This may give them the result but in some because of low levels of HCG hormone, test may come as negative. In such incidents you may need to buy cheap pregnancy test kit again to perform the test after 72 hours.
  • It is beneficial to wait for couple of days or weeks after you miss your period. Then buy pregnancy test kit and perform the test. This will help in avoiding false results.

Can I Get false Positive Pregnancy result with Pregnancy Test Kit?

  • This is very rare incident but it may happen if you are on certain drugs. Medications used in the infertility treatment or HCG shots may lead to give you falsely positive pregnancy results. It could also because of ectopic pregnancy. However drugs such as oral contraceptives, antibiotics and pain killers do not affect the results of pregnancy test kit.

What should I do if I get negative result from Pregnancy Test Kit?

  • While performing the test for the first time, you may develop negative result. In such cases, you need to buy pregnancy test kit and repeat the process after 72 hours. Reasons behind negative effects you get from the pregnancy test kit include not enough levels of HCG hormone and improper methods of performing the test. Therefore before you order pregnancy test kit online, you must get proper information about how to use the kit.

Note: If you get negative test after using pregnancy test kit then you need to repeat the process after 72 hours with new, fresh kit. If you get positive result then visit your doctor get it confirmed.
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