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We ship Moovigil 200mg manufactured by HAB Pharmaceuticals. Modvigil is a cost-effective generic version of Provigil with containing the same active ingredients.

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Modvigil Drug Information

Modvigil is a drug used to enhance wakefulness in people suffering from sleep disorders. Narcolepsy or excessive daytime sleepiness and sleep apnea are sleep issues treated by this medicine. It keeps the user awake for enough time spans. Therefore it is also used by students as memory enhancer. The mechanism of action is not known yet. But it is believed that this medication alters the brain chemicals and thus keeps the user awake for sufficient time period. It is available at online drug stores. This drug is made for adults only. Children shouldn’t use this medication.

Consumer should follow the precautionary measures given by the medical officer about consumption of the medication. Food and Drug Administration or FDA has approved modvigil medicine for the treatment of narcolepsy. This approval makes this drug very safer to use. Do not take more than prescribed dosage as this may cause harmful effects on the health of the consumer.

Action Mechanism of Modvigil

  • Drugs works on the health issues with a special technique known as mechanism of action. This is also called as mode of action. Every drug has its own mode of action. Modvigil 200mg has modafinil as its active component which acts on the health disorders. In this case it acts on the excessive daytime sleepiness and keep the person awake.
  • As of now the mechanism of action of this medicine is not clear. There are various studies giving different answers. Though the mode of action is not clear, modvigil is known to affect the brain chemicals involves in the sleeping process and awaking process. By altering the amount of these chemicals, this drug helps in keeping people awake for sufficient period of time. Further research is going on to find out what is the exact mechanism of action of this medication.
  • Modvigil is an oral drug to treat narcolepsy and other sleep issues. This is possible because of the active chemical used in it. This drug must be consumed as per medical instructions. Do not take the medication on your own. Modvigil drug is not made for kids or oldies who are more prone to develop severe side effects.

Precautionary Measures of Modvigil

  • You may develop allergic events to the chemical of modvigil medicine. Thus if you notice skin rash or swelling of facial gesture then it’s better to stoop using this drug and get medical treatment.
  • If you have medical history of mood swings or mental issues then it’s better to have word with your doctor before using this drug.
  • If you are consuming other medications then you must tell them about your health care provider.
  • If you are expecting or breastfeeding a baby then you must discuss the possible effects of this drug on the child.
  • Modvigil tend to cause dizziness in the user. Therefore one must not drive a car or operate any machinery after consuming this medication.
  • Health issues such as kidney ailments, high blood pressure, heart problems or liver issues do not allow one to have this medication. If you are complaining about any of these issues then you must stay away from this drug.
  • If you are having a medical history of heart or heart valve problems then you must ask your doctor before consuming modvigil.

Dosage of Modvigil 200mg

  • The recommended dosage of modvigil is 200mg. This can be altered as per the severity of the issue. For shift work disorder the dose is given one hour before the shift starts. For narcolepsy and sleep apnea this drug is consumed as single dosage in the morning. Ask your doctor if you doesn’t get desired outcome with the medicine. He will either increase your doses or change the drug for you. Modvigil can be consumed as 400mg which is higher dosage. Do not consume the medicine along with other drugs as it may cause drug interference.

Common Side Effects of Modvigil

  • Side effects and medicines go hand in hand. Drugs cause severe and mild side issues and modvigil is not an exception. This medicine also develops some side issues in the consumer. They are gentle in nature. In some cases this drug causes severe side issues which demands for medical treatment.
  • Modvigil 200mg dosage may develop some mild aftermaths such as headache, upset stomach, dizziness, trouble sleeping, nausea and stuffy nose. These side effects are very gentle in nature and stays for a short time span. If they become severe or stays longer than expected then it’s better to meet a doctor. Modvigil is well tolerated in people however oldies and kids do not withstand with this medication.
  • Serious side issues are also seen with this drug. In some rare cases this causes serious issues such as severe allergic reactions, swelling of lips, throat, face, blisters in the nose and mouth, peeling or blistering of skin, yellowing of skin or eyes and fatigue are few of the severe side issues caused by modvigil 200mg drug. If any of these issues develop after consuming the medicine then you must consult a doctor immediately. Do not ignore these issues as they can cause harmful effects on health and it can be fatal too.

Warnings of Modvigil

  • Do not drink alcohol along with modvigil tablet. This worsens the dizziness developed as side effects of the medication.
  • You may need to use any other contraceptive method as hormonal birth control pills become ineffective when consumed along with this medication.
  • Oldies have more chances to develop side effects and that is why they shouldn’t use this medicine
  • This drug is not made for kids and thus they shouldn’t consume this.
  • Dizziness is the side effects caused by this drug and thus post consumption of the medication do not drive or operate machinery.
  • Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers shouldn’t use modvigil tablet as its effect on the unborn baby.
  • If you are having heart problems, liver issues, kidney disorders and high blood pressure then you must talk to you doctor before using the drug.

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1 review for Modvigil

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Michael, Hawaii, USA

    I have been using modvigil since last 4 years as I have to work in shift and I have to keep myself alert. It works efficiently, thank you medpillrx.

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