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We ship Kamagra 100mg, Kamagra pills contains active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate. Kamagra is manufactured by Ajanta Pharmaceuticals.

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Kamagra – Dosages and Possible Side Effects

Kamagra is the well-known medication used to treat the male impotence issue. This is the inexpensive way to treat the condition. Erectile failure is the unfortunate event that strike men at any stage in the life. Several health issues such as cardiovascular disorders, hypertension and diabetes tend to develop erectile issues in men. Even stress and lifestyle issues also affect the erotic life of a man. Sildenafil citrate is the chemical used in the medication that belongs to the PDE5 blocker class of drugs. It helps in clearing the clogging of the arteries and repair blood flow to the male organ.

This medicine is the safest to use in oldies too because FDA approval. Kamagra develops some mild side effects in the user that generally disappears within couple of days. You need to take certain precautions to avoid any complicated situations. Use this anti-impotence drug as per medical instructions to stay benefited.

Action Mechanisam of Kamagra (Sildenafil Citrate)

  1. Mechanism of action is the process through which a drug works on the health concern and abates the intensity of the symptoms. It is actually a series of chemical reaction that happens inside the body once you consume the drug. Kamagra has Sildenafil Citrate inside it which has properties to fight against erectile dysfunction in men. Because of this potential this drug has been succeed in treating erectile failure in men.
  2. Erectile dysfunction develops because of the lack of blood flowing to the male organ. Health issues, stress and other factors are responsible for the occurrence of erection issues in men. PDE5 is an enzyme that affects the arteries making them stiff. This alters the blood flow to the male reproductive system. Kamagra attacks on the PDE5 and block its action on the arteries. On the other hand it also augments the secretion of cyclic GMP that relaxes the blood vessels. Eventually blood provision to the male organ increases causing strong erection in the organ.
  3. Post consumption of Kamagra pill, carnal stimulation is required to make the chemical work on the male issue. This medicine doesn’t work for the healthy men without erectile dysfunction problem. Use anti-impotence drug under medical supervision to get excellent results.

Precautionary Measures of Kamagra

  • Anti-ED drug is made only for men with erectile issues. It is not for men having healthy carnal life.
  • People may feel dizzy or drowsy after consuming kamagra pill. Therefore it is advised that post consumption of the anti-impotence drug, men shouldn’t do work that require concentration.
  • Anti-impotence drugs when consumed along with booze are known to have bad effect on the normal blood pressure values. This combination will drop down your blood pressure to dangerous levels causing negative effects on the health.
  • Do not have kamagra pills after a heavy meal consisting of oils and fats. Absorption of the drug is restricted because of the fats present in the food. That is why it advised to have the drug on an empty stomach to enhance its assimilation in the bloodstream.
  • Nitrate drugs used to treat heart issues shouldn’t be consumed along with anti-ED medicines. Nitrate medicines and ED drugs never goes well with each other. And this combination affects the heart.
  • Heart patients taking nitrate medications must talk with their doctor before taking this medicine. Combining nitrate drugs with anti-ED drugs develops various effects on heart.
  • Do not take more than one pill of kamagra in the time span of 24 hours. Overdose of the drug lead to several serious side effects on the health of the consumer.

Dosage of Kamagra 100mg

  • Kamagra pills are available in all dosage forms ranging from 25 mg to 100 mg. The lowest dose is suitable for elderly, young people with kidney or liver issues. The standard dosage is 100mg and it has to be taken with water. Do not consume it with alcoholic beverages or fruit juices to avoid any unwanted effects on health. Swallow a whole pill of Kamagra without powdering or breaking it. Consume the drug on an empty stomach or with meals containing less oil. Dosages of the drug depend on your age and medical history also. Therefore consulting a doctor to decide the doses is better.

Common Side Effects of Kamagra

  • Drugs are generally made of chemicals and that is why they prone to develop side effects. Basically these side issues are signs that your body is adjusting with the newly introduced foreign substance. Kamagra pills also develop side effects in the consumer. These are of two types, gentle and serious. Not every consumer is prone to suffer from these side issues. When these aftermaths occur, they remain for few days and disappear on their own.
  • Mild side effects are commonly occurring in almost all users. These are headaches, nauseated feelings, facial flushing, stomach upset, stuffy or runny nose etc. These aftermaths of Kamagra medicine generally vanish within few days or as your body get familiar with the new medicine. Generally medical help is not needed to discard these side issues. If these side effects remain for longer time span then you need to get medical help.
  • Kamagra is well tolerated by men and thus it generally does not produce any severe effects in the consumers. However there are rare cases of reporting serious aftermaths with this anti-impotence drug. Call for urgent medical help if you develop abnormal heart rate, painful and extended erection. In such cases stop using Kamagra drug and get treated from the health care provider.

Warnings of Kamagra

  • People consuming kamagra may become victim to the occurrence of allergic reactions. It happens because of the core chemical or other substances used in the medication.
  • Health issues such as heart problems, kidney disorders, diabetes or hypertension becomes worse if you consume this medicament.
  • Women and children shouldn’t use anti-impotence medicine as it is not suitable for their body structure. If consumed accidently, it can create harmful effects on the health.
  • Do not take the second dosage of anti-ED medicine within 24 hours of taking the first dose. Excessive consumption leads to various harmful effects on health.
  • Kamagra medications may cause serious side effects such as sustained and painful erection. In such cases immediate medical help is needed.
  • Do not mix other PDE5 blocker medications with this ED pill. This combination will augment the severity of the side effects.

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    I was fed up of other sexual enhancing products just because of their taste, I used to always do research for something new with good results along with good taste and kamagra was a combo for this, thanks medpillrx.

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