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Generic Levitra


Generic Levitra

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Generic Levitra Benefits, Dosages and Possible Side Effects

Generic levitra is the potent drug in the group of anti-ED drugs. This drug contains vardenafil which belongs to the PDE5 blocker class of medications. Male impotence or erectile dysfunction in men can be treated with the help of this drug. By suppressing the action of PDE5 enzyme on the blood vessels, this medicine helps in correcting the blood flowing to the male organ and keeps it steady till the organ attains perfect hardness. Man can become potent for four hours post-consumption of the drug. It is possible because of the perfect action of the drug on the root cause of the issue.

FDA approval makes generic levitra safer drug to use in elderly to eliminate erection issues. This medicine may develop some side effects in the consumer. Talk with your doctor to handle them smartly and effectively. Use the anti-impotence drug with great care to avoid unpleasant incidents of complications.

Action Mechanisam of Generic Levitra (Vardenafil)

  1. Generic levitra helps in repairing the obstacles in the smooth and natural erection process. Generally lack of blood provision to the male organ causes erectile issues in men. Health issues such as high blood pressure or heart problems affect the normal flow of blood. If the arteries become constricted under the influence of PDE5 enzyme then they become harder enough to not to carry proper blood to the male organ. This eventually results in the erectile dysfunction.
  2. Vardenafil of generic levitra belongs to the PDE5 blocker class of medications. Thus when it gets mix in the blood, it reaches to the male organ and cut down the level of PDE5 present there. As there is no enzyme acting on the smooth muscle lining of the arteries, they become flexible and wide. Thus the blood provision to the male reproductive system gets improved. It helps in creating harder organ at the time of intimacy.
  3. A chemical named cyclic GMP is very important in keeping arteries in flexible state. Generic levitra also augment the concentration of this chemical in the bloodstream which eventually make the organ hard and stiff and keep it as such for longer time span of four hours.

Precautionary Measures of Generic Levitra

  • If you are using other medicine to treat health issues other than erectile dysfunction then you must share this information with your health care provider. There is high possibility that generic levitra may interact with these drugs creating negative effects on the user’s health.
  • Do not take anti-ED drugs along with booze. The reason behind is that these two when combined together affects the normal blood pressure and drop it down to hazardous level.
  • Post-consumption of generic levitra, if your erection remains longer than four hours and it is quite painful too then you need to get immediate medical help.
  • It is a myth that anti-impotence drugs protect one from sexually transmitted diseases or STDs.
  • Elderly are prone to develop severe side effects and the most common is the blurred vision post consumption of generic levitra pills. Therefore oldies need to discuss the pros and cons of the anti-ED drugs.
  • Do not use the anti-ED drug after having a fatty meal. Fats restrict the absorption of the medicine in the bloodstream thus delaying the result.
  • If you are suffering from liver or kidney issues then it is better to stay away from this generic levitra as it is known to worsen the situation.

Dosage of Generic Levitra 100mg

  • It is better to start the treatment with the lowest dosage of generic levitra. Oldies and people with health issues are benefitted by this small potion. If this dose gets succeed in giving the best and safe result then you can gradually increase the dose to 20mg. Take the pill as a whole with a glass of water. Avoid having it with booze or grapefruit juice. Do not break or crush the pill as this act reduces its effectiveness and also alters the dosage amount. Taking generic levitra on an empty stomach augments the absorption of the drug. You can also consume the drug after a less oily food.

Common Side Effects of Generic Levitra

  • Anti-impotence drug such as generic levitra is well tolerated by men. But some men suffer from side issues generated by these drugs. If you consume the drug with booze or grapefruit juice or with other drugs then chances are higher that you may develop mild to severe side effects. You need to be ready to fight back with side issues. This can be done by discussing the possible effects with health care provider.
  • Generic levitra when consumed with water gets mixed in the blood and reaches to the site of action to develop hard on in impotent men. In the whole process, men may develop some side effects with this anti-impotence drug. Headache, nauseated feeling, upset stomach, vomiting, facial flushing, nasal congestion etc are few of the gentle side issues of the drug. It happens because of the chemical part used in the making of the drug. Moreover these effects develop as the sign that your body is getting familiar with the generic levitra pills.
  • Some rare cases, severe side effects of the drug also occur. If you suffer from abnormal heart beats, painful and prolonged erection then it is mandatory to get medical help on time. Stop using generic levitra and seek medical attention immediately.

Warnings of Generic Levitra

  • This medicine is made for men having erectile issues. It is not for erotically healthy men, women and children.
  • Do not mix anti-impotence drugs with nitrate medicines. This combination affects the heart and put on negative effects on overall health.
  • People with health concerns should not use anti-ED drugs. These medicines may worsen the already present health issues in sufferers.
  • Liver metabolizes the medicine and kidneys expel it out of the body. Hence people with liver or kidney disorders shouldn’t take generic levitra pills.
  • Do not mix anti-ED drugs with alcohol or alcoholic drink. This combination drops down the blood pressure to the dangerous level causing severe dizziness.

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