Generic Imitrex

Generic Imitrex

Generic imitrex is the excellent oral therapy for the treatment of migraine headache. It treats and abates the pain caused by migraine when the aura is present or absent. This medicament does not prevent the headache. It is also useful in reducing nausea, cluster headaches and light sensitivity. The chemical used in the making of the drug is Sumatriptan that belongs to the triptan class of drugs. It works by reducing the substance that triggers the headache and pain caused by migraine. This medication doesn’t reduce the frequency of the headache.

Generic imitrex has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the year 1992. This medication works by contracting the blood vessels in the brain and also by abating the pain signal transmission by nerves to the brain. You must consult with your doctor before using this drug as excess usage lead to negative effects on health.


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Action Mechanism of Generic Imitrex (Sumatriptan)

Action of generic imitrex is because of its chemical content, sumatriptan. It belongs to the triptan class of medicines. It is a series of chemical reaction that take place in the body once you consumed the drug. This is the way of the drug to act on the health issue to discard the symptoms caused by the drug. You must consult with your health care provider before using this medicine to avoid any unpleasant event post consumption of it.

It is said that migraine headaches caused by dilation of blood vessels in the brain. This dilation or swelling in them causes severe pain and this refer as migraine attack or headache. Sumatriptan of generic imitrex works on the issue by narrowing the blood vessels and thus it helps in reducing the pain caused by migraine. This drug also abates the transmission of pain signals to the brain and thus it gives relief in migraine headache.

Generic imitrex is very effective in treating the headache. But it doesn’t prevent the occurrence of migraine headache. It means you can have the drug when you experience migraines. This medication is not for daily use.

Precautionary Measures of Generic Imitrex

  • Do not use generic imitrex if you develop allergic symptoms post consumption of the drug.
  • Do tell your doctor about the medicines you are using already before using this migraine drug. Medications may get interact with each other causing harmful effects on the health of the user.
  • This medication has been reported with the augmented risk for heart attack and other conditions where the heart beats at abnormal rate. Thus if you are suffering from heart problems then consult with your physician before taking the medicament.
  • Generic imitrex may cause the blood vessels in the legs, arms and colon to spasm causing intense pain in the area affected. Thus if you develop a stomach pain or muscle pain after using the drug then stop using the drug and call your doctor.
  • Anti-depressants such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) or serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs) when used along with this migraine drug augment your risk of developing a syndrome called as serotonin syndrome. If you develop symptoms such as hallucinations or confusion then consult with your health care provider.
  • Generic imitrex increases your blood pressure and hence not useful for people with high blood pressure.
  • If you take this medication with MAO inhibitor drugs then you might end up with high levels of migraine drug in the blood that will develop severe side effects of the medication in you. Stop using generic imitrex.

Dosage of Generic Imitrex

Generic imitrex is available in the form of oral pills, nasal spray and injection. You must consult with the doctor to decide which form is suitable for you. In most of the cases oral pills are given which work best for patients causing fewer side effects. The starting dose is 25 or 50mg. This can be increased to 100mg when the lower dose doesn’t reduce the intensity of pain. Do not take more than 100mg of generic imitrex medicine as it affects the normal functioning of the body. Swallow the pill as a whole without breaking or crushing it. This reduces the effectiveness of the drug.

Common Side Effects of Generic Imitrex

Generic imitrex also causes side effects like other drugs. This may develop mild or severe effects in the user. Occurance of side issues also depends on the way of using the medicament or the amount of drug being consumed at a time. You need to get medical help if you develop severe side effects that affect the quality of the life. To avoid such events you need to follow your doctor’s instructions while consuming generic imitrex migraine drug.

This medication develops gentle side issues in the users. These effects or signs remain for shortest period of time. Weakness, neck pain, chest tightness, dizziness, sleepiness, sweating, reduces saliva production, jaw pain, anxiety, muscle pain, trouble swallowing, stomach pain etc are falls under the mild side effects of generic imitrex medicament. These effects vanish within couple of days post consumption of the drug. There is no need to get medical help to get rid of these aftermaths.

Bloody diarrhea, seizures, severe dizziness, lightheadedness, signs of heavy allergic reactions such as hives, itching and explained swelling etc are severe aftermaths of generic imitrex drug. These effects need medical help in order to make them disappear. Stop using the medication if you develop any of these serious effects after having the migraine drug.

Warnings of Generic Imitrex 100mg

  • Do not take generic imitrex along with anti depressants as this combination lead to the development of a serious condition called serotonin syndrome causing symptoms such as hallucinations.
  • If you are suffering from kidney or liver issues then do not use this medication without consulting with the physician.
  • If you have history of heart issues, heart attack or stroke then consult with your health care provide before going for this migraine drug.
  • This migraine medication is not safe to use in the pregnancy. This might harm the unborn baby.
  • Generic imitrex passes into the breast milk and that is why it is not good to have this medicine while breastfeeding a baby.
  • Rare cases of developing seizures while taking the drug have been reported. Thus you need to be extra cautious while using this medicine if you have history of seizures.
  • Contact your doctor if you develop vision issues while being treated with this medicine.


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