You Better Keep Walking!

walking benefitsWalking, something we’ve been doing ever since we started standing straight. And trust me there is no better form of exercise then just to walk, and plus point you don’t need any other equipment or gym membership to do that. Walking is better for so many reasons and for any season. It is simple to keep it, easy to adapt and if you have problems maintaining regularity in your exercise routines.

Other then above, following are some easy reasons why you can add, extend and include this form of exercise in to your normal routine:

Sounds symphony to your ears? Just walk for 30min on daily basis and loose from about 75 to 150 calories. The more fast you pace up the calories you burn. Indeed it is less then what you can do with jogging, but some efforts are better than nothing!

Prevent Dementia:
Walking is a good kick start for your metabolism and allows more yet adequate oxygen to pump in your blood. And since your brain is getting oxygen induced blood, your brain tends to work more fluently reducing risk for dementia.

Doses of Vitamin D:
If you chose to complete you walking session in mourning then you have better chances to get more vitamin D out of sun light. Any elementary teacher would answer it how it happen, just in case you’ve forgot!

Heart Disease:
Walking is the simplest form of cardiovascular exercise you can adapt.  And since cardiovascular exercise tent to clear any blockage like cholesterol and harmful tissue cells existed in to your blood vessel. It make as idea option for you to choose if you are not fan of exercising but still want to take care of your heart.

Risk of Disease:
Inactive and unhealthy body is more prone to diseases, we all agree. Since we have adapted to walking as an exercise we’ll be less vulnerable to any disease to kick in. and since metabolism is put in motion, it makes favorable conditions for immunity system to develop and maintain.

Muscle Carving:
Just working out in gym is not enough, you also need aerobic exercise to tone up your lower body muscles like buttocks, pictorial and legs muscles, calves, quads and hamstrings while lifting your glutes (bum muscles). You can even add some variations like retro walk that works best for pictorial muscles and even chose hill or alley area to pump up the game. And use stairs more frequently.Ask your physician or gym trainers to suggest some variation.

I guess these are enough reasons for you to start walking on daily basis!

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