Worst foods that wrecks havoc on your skin

worst food for skinOur health and survival depends on food. We start our morning with breakfast and end the day with dinner. Food is a factor in everything we do. By eating food we nourish our skin, bones and every part of our body. But there is also a rule for healthy skin to eat right type of food. Do you know that the foods you consume can wreck havoc on your skin and makes you look older before you age? We have listed some of the worst foods in the world that are ‘good for nothing’ for your skin:

Flavored candies
We love candies and sweetened bars. However, excess sugar in them can weaken your immune system and when our immune systems are suppressed; our bodies aren’t as effective at fighting off bacteria. Thus, don’t pop out your eyeballs if you get acne. Instead blame your candies and snickers bars.

Excess caffeine
If you drink lots of coffee throughout the day to keep you going on, so you’re certainly calling trouble for your skin. Drinking caffeinated beverages leads to increased cortisol levels in our bodies and excess cortisol has been proven accelerate the aging process and damage the skin, including thinning the skin. The thinner your skin, the more it’s prone to fine lines, wrinkles, dehydration and a lackluster appearance. Since coffee is diuretic which dehydrates your body and thus, you should refrain from drinking coffee and opt for fresh fruit juices.

Fried foods like French fries
When foods are deep-fried on a high heat, the oils and fats are oxidized and as you know oxidants are bad and antioxidants are good for skin health. Eating fried foods such as French fries frequently can contribute to heart disease, poor circulation of the blood, and a poor metabolic process. Since healthy skin requires good blood circulation and metabolism but when you eat fried foods the process is reversed causing the skin prone to wrinkles, lack of radiance and decreased elasticity.

Dairy products
Dairy products are good for your overall health except your skin. Too much dairy consumption can cause acne and other skin related problems. Dairy products are known to be mucus-forming in our bodies, which contributes to inflammation and the sticking of bad bacteria. Thus, you should have a moderate consumption of dairy products keeping in mind that your skin needs care too.

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