What good can you do to your eyes?

Ill effects of using false eyelashesWomen love to look good and so the revolutionary makeup was brought in fashion and style world. However, not many know or care about the safety of wearing makeup or using other embellishments. One of the embellishments that are a part of woman’s beauty kit is false eyelashes. While you may wish to have the most attractive, beautiful eyelashes and may fulfill your wish through using fake eyelashes but what good you can do to your eyes when they need care and love?

Ill effects of using false eyelashes

a)    Damage to natural eyelashes
Long-term use of false eyelashes can cause natural eyelashes to fall and over the time you may have sparse eyelashes. The condition is known as traction alopecia when there is a constant pressure on the eyelids that stunt the hair follicle growth. The glue or adhesive used to stick eyelashes to your upper eyelids is not safe and may develop mild or severe allergic reactions.

b)    Eye infection and injury
The process of sticking those eyelashes is very dangerous since it comes too close to your eyes. The adhesive used in the eyelash extensions or lashes can cause eye infections and allergies. The eye infections symptoms include eye irritation, redness, sensitivity, inflammation and swelling. Extensions can also cause severe eye infections such as pink eye.

c)    Trapped dirt and bacteria
Your natural eyelashes prevent dirt, foreign particles, sweat and bacteria from trapping in. However; fake eyelashes prevent this natural procedure from happening and rather cause dirt and bacteria to trap in or around the eyelids causing eye injuries.

Apart from that you are also exploiting the freedom of natural eyelashes preventing its natural growth and blocking its space from breathing fresh air.

It’s not only about using false eye extensions, but many people often ignore the health of eyes that can cause mild or severe eye complications.

If you are looking for a formula that can used to naturally grow eyelashes then you may consider Bimatoprost. Bimatoprost has been proven to be effective to grow eyelashes. It works by increasing the number of eyelash hairs that grow and the amount of time that they take to grow. Bimatoprost also stimulates the darkening pigment called melanin that causes eyelashes to become darker.

So bimatoprost can be an alternative to false eyelashes and extensions. It gives a natural look and you don’t feel the need of using falsies or eyelash extensions. Bimatoprost comes with minimal side effects and one can see the result within 4 weeks after using it.

Bimatoprost is FDA approved drug and hence, its usage is safe. However, you should consult your doctor before you use it for cosmetic purpose. Another way to enhance the beauty of your eyelashes can be mascara. But again do not use mascara frequently and you should remove eye makeup before sleeping.

The health of your eyelashes is in your hands. How you want to look good is your choice but keeping eyelashes in a good shape should be a necessity on your beauty agenda.

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