Water an elixir

drinking waterThe importance of water is undeniably greater than any fluid ever existed in the world. It is so important that it is considered as an elixir in most part of world and still considered to be the reason that would cause third world war. So we get it, it is important.

Still water is considered to be more regular as it is easier to find than any other beverage. Water can be more than just multi-utility liquid one can find. And its noted significant can be defined in following pointer.

Liquid Balance: As we learned in elementary school, 60% of our body is made of water. So it is equally important to maintain the balance the liquid level to keep every function of our body sustaining.

For the Metabolism rate: Metabolism can be explained as moving dynamics of your body’s molecular structure which eventually helps your immune system to be at its best. Water, gives better agility to your metabolism which also renders best result to the efforts you take to live healthy life. It means, ample amount of water equals to boost up metabolism rate, which equals to healthy life, simple equation!

Better digestions: Bile, an enzyme, which is the most important factor in digesting the food you ate, works well if it reaches to the most part of churned food you eat. And adequate amount of water felicitate bile to work best. Although saliva also work but not as well as water. Just make sure drink enough water after finishing your meal.

On Weight loss: Although speeding up metabolism works wonder to brought miraculous benefits of your diet plan but water can also be tricked to control your unnecessarily added up appetite. You ask how? Well it tricks your mind that you are full and you don’t need more food anymore. But remember, do it only after you consumed required food before drinking water.

Kidney: Kidney is the most vital organ that process blood and dispose needless waste via urine. And to keep it sufficient drink more water so the system will remain flawless. BTW, do you know which organ fall first prey to dehydration? It’s kidney! Speaking about dehydration…

Dehydration: It is the state where most of the body fluid is drained off via urine or sweat or even exhalations. It can draw major problem since it targets most of your of your organ first. Dehydration can effectively avoided with water cause other beverages can also contains sugar and salt that might keep you hydrated, but only for some time.

Pimple Free Skin: Isn’t this something we all want! Well water help you drain out most of the toxins out of your body, clearing the all the blockage that was clogged up in your skin pores, which eventually cause less pimples and healthy skin! Water also felicitate antioxidant to work more efficiently that results into radiant skin.

Active Kick-start: Just drink a glass of water first thing the morning to gently remind metabolism to act out. Even when you bored or can’t concentrate on your assignment then go and sip a glass of water.

Bonus tip: If you are one of those who party too much and do boozing also should opt for water if you don’t wish to get hangover or headache next morning.

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