Tricks to Drink Enough Water

When it comes to drinking enough water most of us seem to lag behind, reason being us take drinking water for granted. We do not take care to drink enough water, we only drink water when we feel the need to like if we are thirsty or only we when eat food or do exercise. We need to keep knowledge about how many health benefits are stored in water. It is a fact that around 70 percent of our body is comprised of water. Our body needs water to carry out functions of the body smoothly, and help regulate its temperature., to lubricate the joints, all cells and organs of the body need water to carry out their functions,, protect the spinal cord and other sensitive tissues, help in smooth passage of food through the intestines, aids in absorption of various minerals and nutrients, helps prevent accumulation of waste products in our body by helping in eliminating them through our excretory organs.

How can we take water for granted, when there are so many health benefits of drinking plenty of water. We need to push to ourselves to drink enough water.

Here are some useful tricks to help you drink more water:

  • If you hate to drink plain water ,then add fresh herbs or lemon or any flavored fruit slices to change the flavor of your water
  • It is true that nobody likes to gulp bottles of water at once, instead take small sips all day long. This way is not only good but healthy way to drink water
  • drinking lots of water is not something that comes to everyone, so make a habit of drinking water in intervals like between your work, or after a visit to wash room, and so on when your take break in-between anything you do try to drink water.
  • As you are aware regular exercise is essential for staying healthy, the same goes for water. When you exercise you definitely sweat and this is the best way to make yourself drink more water. So take up exercises that makes you wanting for more water such as hot yoga, zumba dance workouts, spinning club, or any intense exercise.
  • If you really find hard to keep track of how much water you are consuming, then there is a solution in “Water Intake Tracker Bottle” this bottle can help you keep track of your water intake each day.
  • Include fruits and vegetable such as cucumber, zucchini, watermelon, strawberries, peaches, cranberries, cantaloupe and grapefruit that are very high in water content. These foods keep your body hydrated.

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