The risks of smoking cigarettes

risks of smoking cigarettesSmoking is not a healthy habit. It can impact your health majorly. It can cause many health issues in the long run. It affects you as well as those who love you.

The following points help us understand the hazards of smoking and how why it is risky to smoke.

Smoking impacts vision
Smoking is not good for your eyes. In the long term one can suffer from cataract trouble or optic nerve damage. It can also cause macular degeneration. Most of these disorders can impact your vision partially or totally.

Smoking causes auto immune disorders
Smoking can cause auto immune disorders in an individual. Hence most of the smokers are victims of respiratory tract infection. They may feel it difficult to breathe as they grow old along with their habit of smoking.

Reduces bone density
Tobacco intake can deteriorate the quality of your bones, making them brittle and lose their density. Hence there are chances for one to suffer from diseases like osteoporosis in the long term. Older men and women who have a habit to smoke may have trouble of acquiring bone loss or joint pain in the long run.

It can cause heart trouble
Tobacco contains chemicals which are not good for your heart. It can spoil blood cells and impact functioning of the heart. I the long term, the risk associated with coronary heart disease, hypertension and heart attack.
Tobacco can change the chemistry of blood. It may reduce quality of blood and even reduce oxygen levels in your blood. Hence putting more pressure on your heart.

It impacts your lungs
A puff of cigarette can scar your lungs. The chemicals in tobacco can spoil quality of your lung. In future a person who smokes consistently or a chain smoker has higher changes of acquiring respiratory disorders or lung disease. Individuals have a threat of acquiring asthma or bronchitis which is chronic in nature. One can also suffer from tuberculosis in the long run.

Smoking increases risk of acquiring cancer
The smoke of tobacco has many chemicals. It impacts those who live around you. Your smoking habit can make someone else a victim of passive smoking. People who smoke have more chances of acquiring lung cancer. It can cause cancers in the trachea, mouth, lips, bronchus, nasal cavity, kidney and many other body parts.
Truly smoking kills. It can kill you or and those who live with you.

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