The relation between depression and sleep

relation between depression and sleepSometimes our life does not sail on smooth seas and we have to go through some rough patch as well. We hit the rock bottom of life and our morale goes to an all time low. We seem to be left directionless and not able to figure out what exactly we should do. There is continuous blanket of gloom and sadness around us. We feel so low that life starts feeling like a burden on us. Such kind of mental state is generally known as depression. This can happen to anyone of us. Depression breaks our spirit so badly that we tend to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world and go into a total solitude.

But the issue is that depression can not only hurt our mind, it can also hamper our sleep cycle as well. Change in the sleeping habits is the most common symptom of depression. It happens in the either ways. You may sleep excessively or get too little amount of sleep. Many people who suffer from depression encounter problem in their sleep pattern. In excessive sleeping they tend to continue sleeping just to avoid social contact with world and keep themselves aloof. They also use sleep as medium to escape from the depressing thoughts as well. On the other hand depression keeps the individual awake as well. The mind is continuously hammered by disturbing thoughts and under such condition the person is not able to sleep peacefully. These things keep the person awake and eventually they suffer from the problem of insomnia.  The deprived sleep also works in a negative way on your emotional health as well. The depressive thoughts grip you more firmly due to this.

This gives way to other kinds of sleep issues a well for the people who are affected by the problem of depression. Narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea and restless legs are some of the symptoms that follows due to the sleep issue related to depression. A research shows that children who suffer from lack of sleep or sleep too much experiences longer episodes of depression. Chronic problem of sleep can too lead to the problem of depression.  As a summary you can say that sleep issue and depression are very much interrelated. Be it over sleeping or lack of sleep, both can cause lot of problem for the person who is suffering from the problem of depression.

There are few ways via which you can tackle the problem of sleep problem in depression.  To start with you can engage in exercise. Regular exercise will not only keep your mind fresh and healthy as well and help you to come over the problem of depression. Limit your coffee and tea intake since they contain caffeine which can interrupt in your sleep cycle. Also the best thing will be to avoid alcohol if you having both depression as well as sleep problem. See less amount of TV before bed time or shut it down completely in order to catch a good night sleep. Maintain a schedule of going to bed and waking up and follow it rigorously. In this way you will be able to tackle the sleep related problem of depression.

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