The reasons why you should eat more Almonds!

why you should eat AlmondsMuch like berries most of the nuts are mostly packed with healthy benefits we can derive from eating almonds once in a while. Almonds being used in as a part of diet in Egyptian era and also used as medication in Indian Herbal medication! Rather just being a dressing element in most of the deserts and sweet munchies it can also brought some health benefits controlling cholesterol.

For many reason it can be added in our diet and some qualities like being enriched with Antioxidants which comes with immune abilities, unsaturated fatty acids which are great for brain functions. It is also fibrous which make it great for digestive system. There are other plenty of reason why one can start consuming it on daily basis and some of them are:

Nutrient Efficient: It is digestive function to get most nutrients out of the food and beverage we consume, and it is essential as in absence of any nutrients are more vulnerable to nutrient-deficiencies and weakened immunity make it confirm to cause health complications. Almonds can help you by its Vitamin A and D element which are considered to be water-soluble nutrients. It can be beneficial for most of the digestive system by helping alkalizing the digestive tract, reducing acid buildup and balancing the body’s pH, which is good for health and also make it efficient for nutrient absorptions.

Brain functions: This is one of the popular reason why it is mostly suggested by our parents in out child and teen hood, wished they did explained why we should’ve eat it. The riboflavin and L-carnitine are the two main elements in almonds which boosts metabolism and eventually regulates brain fluidity which eventually improves cognitive functions. It is not only effective or applicable for kids and teens only. Adults can also consume and derive its benefits from it. Almonds can also be effective tool to defend one from aging effects on your cognitive functions like neural degenerations and weakening memorizing functions, which can cause brain diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Best for Heart conditions: There benefits of eating crunching munching which also contains key nutrients like monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) and oxidants as they helps boosting cardiovascular activities and also effective to reduce inflammation in caused in blood vessels which cause cholesterol blockage and also risk of fungal infections. An almond also contains other nutrients like arginine, magnesium, copper, manganese, calcium and potassium which also help you in control the cholesterol element.

For Weight loss: Speaking about cholesterol-control, almond can also be effective tool for your weight-loss mission as it can control cholesterol that eventually cause weight-accumulation and also put you at risk for blood pressure conditions and also anemia. One of the least know benefit of almond in weight-loss is that it effectively make you feel you are full in stomach, which helps you controlling your appetite. And in other benefits for weight loss, it can also help you boost up metabolism which is much needed to last long and zestful for exercise routine.

Though it is suggested to eat 3-4 almonds on daily basis, as the classic health care rule of ‘excess of anything can be treacherous to health’ is applicable to almonds to! Keep some in pockets in case if you feel hungry while working.

Lose Weight in 5 Easiest ways

weight loss easy wayEvery morning we look in the mirror, watch yourself gradually gaining weight, and we even make many plans about following diet, assigning you to exercise regime. But we all know, we hate to follow it, regardless it is turning out to be effective for us. And even more sad reality about weight loss plans; no one is will to start. So here are some of the handy tips you can incorporate to get going on weight-loss.

Diet: Generally assumed concept of dieting is starving you to the level of malnutrition, which is entirely wrong. Assigning you to the diet that has perfect balance of nutrition, vitamins and minerals level up with right amount of carbohydrates is what perfectly defined as diet.

Ditching Junk: We know it is hard for you to ditch those junk food that we crowned as Soul food. Just be smart and reduce the amount of junk food you consume on daily basis. Like if you are fan of pizza then reduce one piece a day replacing with something less healthy and sugar induced.

Trick yourself: Don’t worry it doesn’t involve fancy move. Drink more water, it will not only keep you hydrated but also will trick your system that you have full stomach. But remember, you also have to eat food to keep everything going.

Wished to know another trick? Use much smaller place or for best use bowl to eat your food. This will also work when you have to eat more healthy food, which is not tasty at all, salad and broccoli.

Get going: This is the one universal tip which keeps your effects into working. But it is not that easy since we are best candidate to be couch-warmer. So the trick is, reward yourself for completing a given task, no matter what it is. This will keep you motivate all the time and get your thing done.

On the Move: Working out in gym is not everything; you can have less dramatic way to burn some calories. And the answer is Aerobics! This kind of exercises is simple and mostly doesn’t need any instruments to do it. As simple as walking for 20-30mins can make more difference. Want another hack? Just go from point A to B by just walking or cycling from your daily commute.

Be Positive: Another universal tip! Keeping your efforts rolling! Know that you want to lose weight for yourself. And that too, for betterment of your health! So just be positive about that motive!