The best ways to Seize Thyroid problems

Thyroid problemsThyroid is a gland located beneath your neck those secrets thyroid hormones, which are important as they play major role in influencing metabolism, growth and development, and body temperature. During infancy and childhood, adequate thyroid hormone is crucial for brain development. There are several different types of thyroid disorders that can arise when the thyroid produces too much hormone called hyperthyroidism or having not enough flow called hypothyroidism. Since it can lays huge impact of immune system by lowering metabolism rate. Hence it is crucial to cure the disease before it could cause further damage due to weak immunity.

Of course, modern medical science has line of medication, therapy and if required, surgeries to cure the thyroid symptoms. But there some natural ways you can control and cure its symptoms.

Adding Sea-veggies in your diet! Those you might have to make some efforts to get some, but it is worth it. Most of the sea vegetation has major iodine content in it which is beneficial t control the dysfunction conditions. There are some bright options like kombu, kelp granules and using nori wrap instead of sushi wrap would make much difference.
Butter way!

Though doctor might just suggest you to stop having dairy product, depending upon your thyroid conditions, but even they would agree to add butter in your diet. As seen in lots of studies, butter is best for endocrine system. But try to find some organic butter from farms.

Include Kale: If you have thyroid issues, then raw cruciferous vegetables may not be the best choice. You might want to skip the kale smoothies and salads, and eat your greens cooked instead. The reason is that the cruciferous vegetables contain goitrogens that may disrupt the thyroid if consumed in large quantities.

Make habit to use headphones: Using mobile phone has become addiction more than utility. It is also being blamed to cause major radiation problems. Like it could cause damage to your brain, it can also treacherous for your thyroid conditions. and the best way is, start using headphones which you are on call!

Make the point: Those people with hypothyroid tend to “swallow down” what they really want to say. It’s been very healing for them to learn to speak their truth. On the flip side, she has found that people with hyperthyroid are talking too much, and can benefit by listening more.

Some other advice: You can opt for some other better suitable exercise options like yoga. It could also be beneficial for your thyroid conditions!

Protect your vision!

keep your eyes healthyEyes are said to be the window to this beautiful world.  So invariably it becomes our responsibility to take care of them. There are many ways and methods of keeping your eye intact and protecting your vision.
The first thing to do is eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Specially, eat lot of carrots so that they help your eyes to remain healthy. It is said that bell peppers have lots of vitamin c and hence your eyes can stay healthy. Your vision will improve.

Avoid wearing contact lenses for a longer period of time. The correct time is 19 hours, if you wear your lenses more than that then it will cause damage to your eyes in the long run. This damage will be permanent so whenever possible take them off and try wearing glasses.

If you think you have any allergy in your eye then use drops that help in reducing this allergy. The redness if any will go if you put proper eye drops regularly. These drops have to be prescribed by your health care provider.
Whenever you get a chance keep slices of cucumbers on your eyelids for at least 10 minutes. This gives a cool feeling and helps you relax. Also if there is puffiness, it will be reduced. Do this especially before going to sleep, it is the right time.

If you are a working professional, we are well assured that you have to work on the computer for a long time. But what people don’t realize is that staring at the computer screen is not good for your eyes. Take break in between and look away. Your eyes tend to become dry, so keep blinking a lot so that the dryness goes. These easy to follow tips will keep your eyes healthy and regular checkups could also be added to this list.

Eat up to heal up!

diet for the speedy recoveryHave you come across some kind of a mishap or have been hurt due to some reason and it has inflicted some kind of wound on you and you are suffering quite badly because of it. Well accidents do happen in life and pain from the wounds of the mishap becomes a very painful affair for us. Under such circumstances we generally go for medical care and attention. But the thing is that we don’t want to sit with the wound and want a quick recovery from it as it is both painful and annoying as well. Apart from the medication that we receive, there is also big contribution of the diet in the healing procedure of our wounds. When you get injured, the diet of yours also determines the healing process and right nutrition will swift your recovery. Here are some food items that you should definitely include in your diet when you suffer from any kind of wound.

Protein helps in repairing the damaged tissue from your wound. The protein intake has to be increased for your healing process. Eating food like beef, chicken and eggs can give you adequate amount of protein. 1 cup of beans and 2 tablespoons of peanut butter is also a very good option.

Fats obtained from dairy products are very essential for healing of wounds. The cell membranes are being produced using fatty acid. You will need an extra source of fats in order to meet the requirement. Cooking oil and meats are very good source of fats. Milk, yogurt and ounce of cheese are also the source of fats that you can include in your diet for the speedy recovery process.

Carbohydrates are very essential for you when you get injured and that too in abundant quantity. This will help in preventing your body from using up other nutrients for energy resource. Cereals, rice, breads, pasta are good sources of energy and they should be included in your daily diet.

Vitamin C:
Vitamin C plays the part of antioxidant for healing wounds. It increases the strength of the wound as well as it heals up. Citrus fruits and leafy vegetables are great source of vitamin C. It also helps in the creation of the collagen in the skin. Vitamin c is also very important for the creation of the new blood vessels and absorption of the iron as well. Guava, lemon, orange, cranberry, strawberry, pineapple, kiwi fruit, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, spinach are also rich source of vitamin c.

Sweet potato:
Sweet potatoes are filled with vitamin A, B, and C and contain antioxidants properties. In various studies it has been seen that sweet potatoes have properties to heal wounds.

Vitamin A:
This is another crucial antioxidant. The body requires additional vitamin A for healing up the wound. It also aids in fighting the infections and helps in controlling the inflammatory response. Red fruits and vegetables, eggs, fish and dark green vegetables are all good sources of vitamin A. but at the same time the consumption has to be monitored closely as toxicity can increase if consumed in too much quantity.