11 Benefits of olive oil that you can’t avoid

olive oilOlive oil is extremely popular cooking oil in a Mediterranean diet. Due to its countless health benefits it’s been widely accepted by many people across the globe. Its usage is not limited to cooking, but you cannot avoid its various usages beyond your imagination. You’ll be surprised that olive oil can be a perfect makeup remover to adding gloss to your old furniture. Curious enough? Read on to know:

1. Perfect makeup remover
Instead of wasting your money on buying branded makeup removers simply invest in buying a bottle of olive oil. Olive oil can gently help removing your eye makeup leaving your skin moist and supple.

2. Natural hair conditioner
Don’t think twice using olive oil as your hair conditioner. Massaging your hair with olive oil can help retaining natural moisture as well as condition your hair perfectly. Olive oil also strengthens your locks and boost hair growth.

3. Healthy cooking oil
Olive oil is one of the world’s healthy cooking oils one can use. Keep ready olive oil spray and sprinkle some oil on your salads or mildly cooked vegetables. It fulfills your requirement of daily nutrition.

4. Heart friendly oil
Olive oil is also heart-friendly reducing your risk of cardiovascular diseases. Studies show that consuming olive oil along with plenty of leafy vegetables and fruits reduced risk of heart disease in women.

5. Sunburn treatment
Applying olive oil can be your best sunburn treatment. Apply equal parts of olive oil and water to affected areas. It quickly soothes burning and itching caused by sunburns. Apply it until sunburns aren’t healed completely.

6. Memory sharpener
Research shows that regular consumption of olive oil can delay age-related mental decline and improve cognitive skills.

7. Good massage oil
As compared to other expensive essential oils, olive oil becomes an inexpensive option for body massage. Massaging with olive oil can moisturize your body naturally, relieve aching muscle and joints and can improve blood flow reaching to all parts of your body.

8. Skin toner and moisturizer
Olive oil can also fight off aging. Daily massage your face with olive oil and leave it overnight. Olive oil naturally tones and moisturizes your skin leaving it supple and well-hydrated.

9. Detangle your hair
Hair serums and hair conditioners are the fancy words of today’s modern world. Don’t waste your time and money in consulting and purchasing these hair products rather grab a bottle of olive oil. take few drops of olive oil on your palm and rub it on your scalp and hair ends and see the magic. It quickly detangles your hair.

10. Furniture polisher
Put some drops of olive oil in a soft cloth and then wipe your wood furniture with it. it turns your old furniture into newly polished furniture with all that shine.

11. Unstick a zipper
It can be quite frustrating when your newly bought jeans’ zipper isn’t working. No worries! Just penetrate some olive oil into it and unzip it as usual.