How can stress cause the Headache!

headache caused by StressIndeed we all live in a stressful life, which often led to cause stress, of certain situation or unexpected things, regardless of what lifestyle or profession you choose to live. Stress is no good for anyone or anything! It can make your metabolism weak causing immunity to be weaken and in result making you more vulnerable to medical complications. But in general there the most common symptom is dull enthusiasm and headache in most case.

Though it is much difficult to define fine line between Normal Headache and headache caused by Stress, as both shows similar symptoms and an only difference is severity and frequency. Head caused by certain factor other then stress can be severe and those people who experience in stress can feel mild intense headache and can get intense only if that person have health complications.

Common symptoms of stress headache like feeling mild heavy-headed in and started feeling headache above eyebrow, feeling of scull pressing against something from all side. Being mild, it can be frequent on daily basis and in some cases it one can complaint sensitivity to harsh light-setting or loud sound.

There could be many reasons that can cause the stress headache and the most common reason is derailed sleeping schedule. Sleep depravity can be major factor in causing stress headache as it cause fatigue as muscles couldn’t get a chance to release lactic acids and it is more often to feel strain on eyes. It can also cause metabolism to slow down and causing slower brain functions degrading concentration and ability to think and take decisions properly which can be catastrophic if pain gets in ways of functioning.

Other causes like Bad dietary habits, acidity or indigestion issues, smoking or alcoholism, health complications and medication used in treatment can also cause the stress headache and if not controlled it can make worse to manage. Unattained symptoms can cause many metabolic complications by making you vulnerable to blood related complications, heart related disease. It can also make aging process little paced up. Stress itself causes you to make you feel full in the day and its symptoms can make it worse. So it is suggested to seek medication attention if it more frequent and severe.

Some alternating changes like following light to digest tuned diet; following cardiac regime and even consuming off-the-counter medication to cure or manage Stress-Headache suggested by your doctor can also do the trick. But is it better to cure the cause then symptoms. Find the ways to manage and heal factor the cause or at least the effects it renders. You can opt for meditations or if it works on it try proper planning would also help you manage effects cause by stress.

Sleep Peacefully… but for how long?

Sleep PeacefullyIt is always being point of discussion ever since some curious gentlemen raise this question! And from that moment doctors, researchers, psychologist, physicians and dozen other kinds of experts including some renounced pioneer in gym care industry came up with their own theory. And we thought, to resolve this confusion, let’s put it all together and tell you how much time you need to complete your daily sleep needs.
Incomplete hours of sleep can cause many complications right from lack of general sensitivity, unable to concentration, inclined on unhealthy foods, loosened metabolism rate. And in severe situation, it can cause you sleep deprivation that can lead to depression and anxiety issues, hallucinations or some accidents since one can’t focus on anything.
Following is the list of age group and the hours of sleep is must for the concerned person in that group, know how much you want:

New Born (0-3months):
New offspring’s to infants need more sleep of 14 to17 hours a day, as they are in evolutionary phase where their tissues are devolving. And sleep is the best time for letting your neural system works its wonder in getting coordination over the body.

Infant (4 to 11 months):
The 12-13 hours of sleep is well needed, since they are trying their new formed neural system and processing and storing info they learn in between, for future purpose.

Toddler (1-2 year):
They need at least 11 to 14 hours of sleep. Enough to process and record the tract they stumble upon and work on improving their gibberish in to more understandable human language.

Preschoolers (3-5 yrs):
Deal with the outer world can be task for every child, while learning and educating themselves. And to get energy for those task kids needs 10-13 hours of sleep.

The School time (6-13yrs):
One of the active phase of life, we are at the fullest to learn new things and deal with high energy needs. And to keep it fluent, kids need 9-11 hours of sleep.

Teenagers (14-19yrs):
The most rebellious phase of life, infused with energy and hormones. To deal with outer world and society one might need 8-10hrs of sleep, to keep it in flow.

Younger adults (20-28):
People in this age have learn cope up with new find stress in work or in married like. And to regain the energy you’ve lost in the day, you need 7-9 hours of sleep.

Adults (29-64):
Still, despite course of the time and coping with stressed of success, spouse and children, it is one thing you need not change and keep it following.

Older Adults (65+):
Though need just 7 to 8 hours of sleep, but it is most needed to keep yourself immune and healthy.

Although it is really hard to say X hours is sufficient for every human being. Since there are wide variety aspect one need to consider. Factors like age group, blood type, blood pressure level, any past medical condition or current medication course he is on and the kind of work he is involved in. Like the person who work in Aviation Control center need to have acute sense of concentrations as one mistake in analysis can result in catastrophic outcome.

The best way to know it is consult a doctor since they can examine you, considering your medical history and suggest you precise sleeping hours and ways to do it.

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Tips on Last-Long Erection

Last-Long ErectionThere is one the thing every man wished to be always youthful about and never to fail at it and that is indeed Genital erection and reproductive function. But factually, with aging effect reining your overall body system, the quality of reproductions tent to decease, and with other disease causing blood related problem that quality of a man’s erectile functions started decrease.

Although there are many medication options exist in the market you can try to achieve long lasting erection, or you can adapt following alteration to naturally cause long time erection, at least more than usual:

Rescan your Medications:
Some of the medication courses like antidepressants, blood pressure medications, narcotic pain relievers, and antihistamines, which are used to cure and control disease and its symptoms might cause erectile function adversely. It is wise to check meditational label for any side effects, and prefer Sudafed-free prescriptions. If any prescription meds are causing you to fall flat, feel free to talk to your doctor about any possible substitution.

Reduce that belly:
If you couldn’t cut down oodles of weight, its fine just keep yourself in that way. Just make you keep your waist circumference below 35 inch. You ask why? Cause a high waist circumference indicates higher levels of harmful visceral fat. And visceral fat is linked to lower testosterone and more inflammation, both factors which can hurt your penis.

Time to Kill Stress:
Don’t get us wrong, working hard to achieve your goal isn’t a bad thing to put all efforts directed toward. But the stress and anxiety, that could render adverse effects on your overall health and eventually on your erectile functions! So it is advisable for you to keep yourself off from unwanted and unnecessary stress of work or anything that could lead your ways to depression.

Instead you can chose to spend more time with your partner which is beneficial for both, stress busting purpose and also deepen the intimacy with your partner. Win-win situations!

Get some quality sleep:
One of the universal health care tips we could offer to you. When you are sleeping mode, your body tends to recover all the wear and tear loss it caused in daily routine. And just like all the functions are now set to restore, blood circulation is also reflowed to pelvis area, which make it more potent to felicitate erectile function. And with regular sleeping schedule, you can improve duration with ease.

Sort out your mind:
Most of the ED related problems can also be solved with some suitable self-suggestions or psychoanalysis sessions. In most cases, some pre-noted presumptions or stereotypes like past experience, suppressed by any dogma or presumptions, thinking that he is sensually insufficient for his partner, or even thinking that certain illness is causing impotency though it is not. Reasons could be anything and better way to find is ask you if there are anything or just take help of psychoanalyst to figure it out.

Be more than just regular:
We human get bored of the routine; habits we do on daily basis and just doing something new in the act of love can also do the trick to boost your arousal point. Our subconscious mind’s reaction like ‘those were days phrase’ can cause ED, on psychological front.

In other case, even if you take some Sildenafil drugs to get erection, it would be ineffective if arousal is not enough to keep it functioning. You can discuss with your partner about it to experiment something new.

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Sleep Right! To be Genius!

sleep and memory improvementSleep is something that we’ve been doing from the day we born, and one habit we can’t quit, and also we don’t want to. It is needless to say how pathetic one can be if they frequently delay or skip their sleeping schedule. Over the years our parents and doctors suggest us to have and follow proper sleeping schedule as it is one of the key reason one can be prone to early disease and psychological disorders.

Straight in short phrase, sleeping is a physical act that intimately draws benefits to psychological and physiological system of our body. And following are some reasons why you should follow a strict sleeping schedule if you wished to be a Genius!

Stabilizing mental psyche:
From the point we woke up and till we shut down our eyes, we records, recall, and process so many kinds of information in mind, that out brain works continuously to perform every task you assign. Even reading this blog and remembering words and facts for future use is also kind of task. Sleeping, not only bails out time out of consciousness to rest for a while but it also gives time for subconscious to recollect, analyze and store everything you learn, did or happen during the day. And with proper sleeping pattern, it work works smooth as butter.

Neural System:
Neural system work in felicitating neural signal, affirmative information directed towards muscle or body cells, which instruct body or muscle to move in particular manner, yeah it is a definition! Since your subconscious process and store everything you learn throughout the day, it also instructs neural system to form a muscle memory. And that’s the reason why coaches suggest sportsman to follow a strict sleeping schedule. One example of how it works? You know the time when you are walking in your dream and suddenly fall in pit, well that many be a glitch while programming neural system, so you can calm down!

Mood Enhancer:
The best person to ask how sleep elevates your mood is the person who loves to sleep! The overall mood dynamics can cost huge impact on how stressed you can be. Even slightest delay in your normal sleeping schedule can brought negative or passive thoughts and reasoning in your thought process and drop in enthusiasm is common trait. Whereas, person who had enough hrs of sleep is more jolly and open to positive vibe.

The Stress:
Something no one wished to have but end up having enough that can hog all your focus solving it and derailing your sweet sleeping schedule. Most of the stress or the problem we face in our life doesn’t even take much time to sort out or at least not worth of concerned attention it get. Sleep, can make you more potent deal with stress since your mood dynamics swayed from neutral to ‘oh I’m unable to deal with this situation.’ In short, you are more prone to stress.

Since you’re neural and subconscious mind is tuned and working in fine manner, your ability to memorize and recalling facts and info become more efficient. Well-working neural system helps forming memory and subconscious system works in recalling those stored memory.

I guess these 5 reasons are enough for you to prioritize your sleeping schedule.

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Why should we eat Sweet potato!

Sweet potatoOur grandma keep insisting us to eat more and more sweet potato and we used to dislike its mushy but little sweet flavor. But when I bumped into a research paper I thought it is be worth idea to share some reasons with you as why it is best thing to as in your daily diet list.

Vitamin B6:
The chemical compound, Homocysteine, which cause risk of heart attack! And vitamin B6 from sweet potato can keep it in control.

Vitamin C:
Might be unusual entry in list of food that contain vitamin C, since generally sighted as citrus food contain this vitamin! But vitamin C is one of the most important nutrients that are much needed in our day today life. Needless to say, vitamin C help you reducing risk of cold and flu and other benefits like forming bone and dental structure, digestion function and keeping your skin youthful.

Vitamin D:
Another important nutrient after vitamin C, it also acts as hormones. And since your are eating sweet potato, you are secured by boosting your energy levels, moods, and helps to build healthy bones, heart, nerves systems, skin, and teeth, and with added bonus it also supports the thyroid gland.

For those who just recovered from illness are suggested to include sweet potato in their diet cause it have rich quantity of iron that not only help you boosting your energy level but also plays key role in rebuilding red and white cells and sustains back to proper immunity level.

Source for Magnesium and potassium:
Magnesium content from sweet-potato contributes as anti-stress minerals which works best for relaxation. And Potassium content in which help rearticulate heart beats and distressed nerve signals for a release from contractions, decrease swelling and best for kidney functioning.

Sweet factor:
The reason why it is called ‘sweet’ that it is as natural source of sugar that help your system to balance out blood sugar level, result in better prevention against fatigue and weight gain.

The ample amount of Carotenoids in your body will ensure you have strong eyesight, better immunity and despite being a source of vitamin A it is also a power pact source of Anti-oxidant which is not only best for slowing down aging, but also lowers the risk of cancer.

Ideal for Experiments:
There are so many food recipe you can add them. Roast them, boil them, bake them or grill them! Make them part of salad as it is easier to cook then potato and blends well with the taste.

How to relax our mind

How to relax our mindIn the fast run of life, people get freaked out due to high levels of stress. If stress takes in your health, you can experience various health disorders. The brain get tired. Thus the brain needs to be relaxed to improve our mental health.

Let us see how we go about doing that

Drink lots of water
Water will keep our mind and body calm. Water does a detox effect. Drinking water flushes out all those toxins that build up in our body. These toxins may also accumulate in the mind. Hence keep yourself well hydrated.

Do what you want to
For at least half an hour a day, do what you love to do. Something you crave for. This will let you overcome stress. This could be taking a nap, reading your favourite comic strip, drawing sketches of your choice,  go take a swim in the pool, walk down the garden, doing the crossword, playing a game or go do some window shopping.

Eat healthy for brain development
Eating meals that are good for both mind and body. Avoid intake of stimulating foods. Eat healthy and avoid intake of junk as well as processed foods. Avoid aerated drinks that are high in sugar. These may look fascinating but may make you go hyper.

Perform yoga
Regular performance of yoga can help one relax his mind as well as body. Yoga is known practice to get rid of stress levels. However one must be consistent in their performance. Stress can take a toll on one’s health. In such instances, yoga can prove fruitful.

Practice relaxation
If you can’t do yoga, simply close your eyes for five minutes and practice relaxation. Yes it’s called mediation. Go hunt for a quiet room in your house. One corner which you love the most. Close your eyes and try to be calm. Do some deep breathing exercises. Simply breathe in and breathe out. If you have more time, place the tip of your tongue on your upper teeth and now exhale. Exhaling will make a funny sound. Now wait for five seconds and then quickly inhale and exhale again. Follow this process for about fifteen minutes. You will soon feel the tension pass out of you and your levels of energy will go up. Initially you may feel slightly uncomfortable, however a sudden feeling of discomfort in head indicates release of stress.

Move around
Change your environment. If you are at work and feel you can’t take the load any more, go take a walk in the café.  Go sit on a quiet bench for five minutes. Or simply take a walk down the garden. If you are a housewife, who gets frustrated with her daily chores of life, go take a walk in your balcony. Ignore the world for five minutes. Remember you need to make time for yourself to keep yourself going. This will happen only if your mind is at ease.

Sleep well
Sleep is a must for all of us. It keeps mind at ease. Hence sleep well. Do not deprive yourself of sleep unnecessarily.  For efficient functioning of our mind, sleep is a must!!!

Slow down brain-aging gracefully

Slow down brain-agingGrowing older means poor memory and flickering concentration. Although aging is a natural process and one cannot stop it; however, you can surely brain-age gracefully by slowing down its process. How the food provides fuel to the body and mind, the same way the brain also needs thought food along with regular food that you eat.

Be physically fit
It’s very important to keep your body and mind fit and fine and that goal can be achieved by doing regular exercise. At least 30 minutes of moderate exercise can boost fresh oxygen supply to the brain helps keeping it active.

Eat healthy
Eating a healthy nutritious diet rich in omega3s can boost your brain health and provides a horsepower. With active mind you can accomplish many tasks efficiently and quickly. Make sure that your diet is well-balanced providing you all necessary nutrients.

Give your brain to chew
Our brain is a storehouse of all information and data and if you don’t use it, the data get crashed. Thus, your brain requires something or the other information or a workout to chew on. Here are some mental workouts that work for making brain sharper.

  1. Keep your social life all jazzy and engage in plenty of engaging conversations.
  2. Become a bookworm. Read newspapers, magazines, books or whatever your hands can get on.
  3. Play challenging games like solving puzzles, scrabble, Sudoku or cards.
  4. Take up a course that interests you.
  5. Pursue a new hobby and explore every aspect of it as much as you can.
  6. Learning a new language is a best way one can ever have to sharpen the edges of your brain. It takes whole new game for the brain to store everything new. From the vocabulary to grammar rules, it’s amazing for the brain.
  7. Play games that challenge your intellect and memory such as chess.
  8. Participate in games like ‘question and answer’ it can help you a lot to improve your memory.

Keep stress under control
One of the exercises for brain to keep active is to practice meditation and relaxation techniques. Keep stress levels under control as excessive stress is a culprit that eats your brains gradually. Thus, learn to keep stress under control by practicing mediation, yoga and relaxation. These exercises are a great tools to slow down the brain aging.

Looking for memory boosters?

memory boostersStrong memory can open the doors of many opportunities. Staying mentally sharp often lead to having many victories. Whether you’re a student preparing for final exams, a working professional doing all so you can achieve you monetary and personal goals or you can be a housewife who is looking forward to staying fit mentally to work more efficiently. These memory tricks and tips can help you to boost your memory like anything and you’ll enjoy the most successful life ever!

Challenge yourself
If you’re an office-goer, you work on projects, complete filing and many things but what’s new do you do every day that count in memory sharpening? Doing the same thing, every day has been stored in your memory bank. But learning a new skill such as learning a new language, playing new music notes or learning new dance form can be challenging to sharpen your memory.

Stay active
There are innumerable benefits of physical exercises and so is helpful in sharpening your memory. Doing exercises increases oxygen to your brain and reduces the risk of disorders that lead to memory loss such as diabetes. Exercise also stimulates the effects of helpful brain chemicals and reduces stress hormones. Aerobic exercises are especially good for brain health. Pick up any activities you like and make sure you do it regularly.

Sleep enough
Lack of sleep directly impacts on your mood, energy, productivity and your ability to handle stress. That means, the less you sleep, the more confusion, memory problems you’ll have. Make sure you cut back your time dedicated to computers, television and mobile phones and increase your time for resting and relaxing. Any normal individual needs to sleep at least 7-9 hours every day.

Socialize more
Studies show that meaningful relationships and having a strong support from family and friends are not only vital for emotional health but also to brain health. Hanging out with friends, meeting new people or attending social events can boost your memory.

Control stress
Stress can eat your brain and makes you foggy even in simplest decisions of life. Do not bottle up your emotions but express to your closed ones. Set healthy balance between work and leisure time. Practice meditation, yoga and relaxation techniques to fight stress.

Laugh out loud
Laughter is the best medicine in all conditions. It not only improves the quality of your life, but it is good for your brain and memory. Spend as much time as you can with fun, playful people. Pay attention to children as they are the masters of laughter. Sometimes it is good to display a childlike behavior.

Have brain-friendly diet
Just as the body needs fuel, so does the brain. Eating brain-friendly foods can surely load up your memory. Eat a diet that complements all essential nutrients and vitamins yet gives the booster to your brains. Include omega3 fatty acids sources such as salmon, tuna, halibut, trout and herring in your diet. Drink green tea and limit your intake of calories and saturated fats.