What is Post Menstrual Syndrome (PMS)? How Do You Treat It?

What is Post Menstrual Syndrome (PMS)For newbie, it is referred to reactions women’s body feel when experience after menstrual cycle passed on and it got its name due to the mood swings women experience and has to go through. In medical term it is referred as Post-Menstrual Stress (PMS). In most cases, it is caused by the hormonal imbalance caused after monthly menstrual cycle is over, and the level for estrogen plays major role in causing emotional unpredictability.

Though it can range from one extreme to another, but as number of case studies suggests, some of the commonly found emotional extremities may be in form of illogical irritability, Anger management issues, symptoms of early Depression, irrational crying, Over-sensitivity to general issues, Feeling nervous and anxious, alternating sadness and rage. In short it can go from bright sunny-jolly day to mother of train-wreck with short period of time.

Though detailed research is still on the run and there is no substantial study that suggests the real factor that causes the PMS but it is presumed that just when a women’s monthly menstrual cycle ends, the estrogen level reaches to its peak and then it stated rapidly started to drop. This sudden drop causes the hormonal dynamics change drastically.

Though in most cause women can manage it with some efforts, but in rare cases it can turn in premenstrual dysphonic disorder (PMDD). In such cases, women become seriously depressed a week or two before their periods much like extreme of extreme. Although probability is quite rare, in case some of the common know symptoms like Deep sadness or despair, with possible suicidal thoughts, Lasting irritability and anger, which may include frequent outbursts at loved ones, Feelings of tension or anxiety, Panic attacks, Mood swings, Crying, Disinterest in daily activities and relationships, Trouble thinking or focusing, Feeling out of control or overwhelmed and Fatigue too.

Way to treat it: It seems clear that PMS are unenviable but there are some ways women cam avoid or prevent such situations.

Do exercise: It is evident that exercise release endorphins a hormone which possess property to feel-good brain chemicals. This would come handy managing the emotional issues ruptured in. it can also help you manage cramps and bloating symptoms too. But remember to avoid heavy workouts as there are more chances are there which can cause hormonal imbalance. You can opt for cardio exercise like walking, running, bicycling, or swimming which can be most effective in regulating hormonal dynamics.

Watch what you eat!
It can helpful in managing the swing symptoms. Some of the major elements can because you are prone to emotional stress and weakness. In such cases it is better to certain foods like artificially sweetened sweet food, caffeinated beverages and food that contains high saturated fat contains. In such case avocado can be a useful tool. It is also advisable to quite using smoking or consumption of alcohol. Then what to eat? Add food items which are calcium induced like leafy greens, cheese, low fat milk and yogurt, fortified tofu, okra, broccoli, green beans, almonds, and fish canned with their bones.

It is one of the ultimate tool to control and stabilize most of the hormonal problems and also help soothe the emotional ups and down. But this doesn’t mean you should extend your sleeping hours. Just consult with your gynecologist.

Obesity- How worst it is?

childhood obesityIt became and still a rage, ever since WHO announced obesity as will be the most common and root for all disease. Everyone is bashing about it, but no one seems to answer how bad it is or how worst it is. And mind this, out idea is to educate you not to make you feel petrified about it, so tag along.

Genetics: Yes, you read it right! Genetic coding helps out body in building metabolism and overall structure. So scientist even couldn’t deny the possibility of it! Its may be passed on to a person by their ancestors. But that is not only factor you can blame and bail out, there are some more.

Inactive lifestyle: It is not only related to the absence of exercise, but what you do in the time you are not doing exercise. The more time you spend being stable in one place and how active you feel. It can straight relate to the pace of metabolism you are generating. Those person who tend to have more active life have faster metabolism that react favorable to the diet and exercise plan you are following, and vice versa.

Diet: Just pay close attention to that calorie count on the food you eat and you might get your answer! As they say, we are what we eat!  Indeed this applies here, if you have inactive lifestyle then you shouldn’t just listen to your sense then your appetite as it tend to add food that has high-calorie count. There is only little percentage of people who don’t like to eat chocolate and you and me are not one of them.

Medical issues! Some of it is Prader-Willi syndrome, Cushing’s syndrome and even Arthritis can cause obesity since that person is not able to move swiftly, leading an inactive life. And adding up to that fact, some medicine course like antidepressants, anti-seizure medications, diabetes medications, antipsychotic medications, steroids and beta blockers and many other tend to play different game as you have to follow a diet just to get away with its side effects. And you know how positively we respond to diet changes.

Age factor: Although, obesity doesn’t have any age bar, but elder aging adults are more prone to obesity! As hormonal changes are ever-changing and with time their metabolism rate changes and started to decease.

Quit Smoking: Expected one, isn’t it? Nicotine contents from cigarette give you a kick for sometime but it also makes you addictive to it. While smoking affects lungs to the most extent, it also tends to make you slower, hence metabolism decreased.

Knee Injuries: what to do?

Knee InjuriesSportsman, athletes, young, adults, women and men we are all aware if it and it is unpleasant as it could be. Even thought of it make someone crippled. And to be very honest, the placement of our knee makes it more prone to get injured. Try to think, it sandwiched between your upper body pressure and the impact it has to resist while walking, running, hopping or fall or jump you take in excitement.

So there could be endless possibility one would come out with possible knee injuries. And without making you more insecure about your surroundings, here are quick tips that could help you in such situation.

Yeah! This is the first thing you should do to not make that injury worse the already it is. You can use little support of anything to distress the tension on your knee.

Swelling is the first body reaction that happens so it is better and soothing to place ice on that gradually swelling area for at least for 10to20 min. remember one thing; for next 2days, rely on ice-pack treatment 2 or 3 times a day and avoid any hot temperature treatment it could trigger swelling. And if swelling is persistent, then bring back the hot packs.

Keep a Pressure:
No don’t keep it under heavy object! Just wrap it with elastic bandage. And remember, it should be loose enough to keep your knee mobilized not tight as it feel hard as plaster.

Keep it ‘Up’:
No, literally keep it up. Just lay down and keep something beneath your knee that will hold it up till the level of your heart and without causing any stress. Trust me, that above heart level formula works!

Gentle Massage:
If there is anyone there for help ask them to gently massage your knee area. It not only feels soothing and pleasing but it also relive the tension from nerve and muscle tissues.

Whoever come up with the theory that smoking help you feel relaxed and deal with pain more efficiently, represents many mindset. Like he is an avid smoker, he is not making sense at all and if he is your friend, he is not your friend. Myth busted!

Some Un-Prescribed medication:
Thankfully there are some over the counter medication available like Acetaminophen, such as Tylenol, Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), Ibuprofen, such as Advil or Motrin, Naproxen, such as Aleve or Naprosyn.

Risk factor for Stroke

StrokeStroke, one of the most severed nature panic attack one can experience. Stroke usually happens when regular supply of blood to the brain is either intervened or deduced. In this situation, the brain does not get enough oxygen or nutrients, which cause brain cells to deplete. Some of the easiest to track signs like numbness, weakness on face arms and leg but mostly on one side of as it is paralysis, but only from one side. Dizziness, hallucinations and or blurred vision included.

Although there are three basic classification of stroke, namely ischemic, hemorrhagic, Transient ischemic attack (TIA) and I can go ahead and explain you. But doctors are way better in this since according to situation. But following some general reasons one can have stroke attacks:

High Blood-Pressure:
Otherwise known as hypertension, is severe conditions it tends to put more pressure on your blood vessel walls causing it to rupture and cause stroke. Adapting healthy diet, living in stress-free environment can help you cope with it.

High Cholesterol:
It not only degrades smooth blood flow but also cause blockage and make room for blood vessel disease to kick in.

Since you’ve been ignoring written about it on carton and never bother to know how smoking habit can cause stroke! Let me tell you how! It gradually increases blood pressure and depletes quality of oxygen in your blood. It not only stops there, it degrades the quality of blood vessels and causing it to have unnecessary blockage to flow from system, giving more chance for blood related diseases to step in. Do you still more reason to quit smoking, ask you’re about it!

Just as we discuss the effect cholesterol have on our health and more specially related to stroke. Fat consumed through food contains high level of cholesterol and which mainly causes hypertension. And if you are already following the diet for weight loss, then it is time to re-consult your doctor.

Poor Diet:
Having sugar induced, high on calories and cholesterol food just for the sake of taste and not making any efforts to burn those extra calories make a great situation for obesity to be a part of your life. Where are having balanced diet and not giving any space garbage can make situation more than better!

And yes, while deciding diet for yourself make your you are eating food that don’t have much salt content or added salt. It can easily lead you to have high blood pressure, so be aware!

It not only help you tackle obesity in better way and reduce weight in great extent, but it also boost metabolism pace which is not only a healthy sign of good health but also brought desired result to the health measures you are putting in. plus having a boosted self-esteem is always good thing to have!

Boozing problem:
No, just control it, that’s all I’m suggesting! But much like smoking it also causes some damages gradually, over the period of time. So rule of not over-doing anything applies here too.

How Does Smoking Cause Impotency?

Smoking Cause ImpotencyAny smoker, occasional or addictive, would identify with this dilemma and it also frequently ranted by their beloved that it has adverse effect on reproduction ability. They are always linked to each other and always seem logical that out of many side effects that smoking caused Impotency, or Erectile Dysfunction(ED) is one of them. One may ask how true it is. Or it’s just a hoax just to make smokers rethink about their oddly habits!

ED or not, smoking does cause you some serious side-effect other than lung or throat cancer, like risk of strokes, high blood pressure, lessened metabolism rate so your body’s response to your health care measures falls short and so on! But since you are more curious to know its effects on impotency, then following are the reason and fact you should know before continuing to your old habit:

Blood Vessel Functioning:
Erection, in natural conditions, when bloods reach to the network of arteries in your genital after receiving nerve signal from your which triggered with arousing and sensual sensations! Intimate arousal plays key role in getting greater erection. However, in case of erectile dysfunction, brain might send you proper signal of arousal through nerve system but the actual reason that causes one’s penis to erect is proper functioning artery system, which is work improperly since it is affected by smoking.

Smoking, frequent or chain smoking, it not only contributes its fair share of tar in your lungs but it also boosts creation of plaque in blood vessel that cause blockage to smooth circulation of blood, through its vein and artery. And since erection is a synchronized result of nerve signal and blood circulation, blood vessels falls short to play their role as it is clogged with plaque.

This situation, in frequent time, in many cases tend to create psychological norms such as unable to satisfy one another, low self-esteem, intimate disassociation and low confidence in some to some individuals. Although there are some medicinal options are there like, Viagra, Kamagra and Sildenafil Citrate that will help you felicitate the erectile functions, at least for some time. But best option is take efforts that will prevent your blood vessel system from forming any kind of clogging or blockage.

Psychological Schema:
Love-making is it an act of enchantress! We feel happy, aroused and relaxed after doing it. In most courses it is referred as therapy. However smoking is first thought to be muscles and stress relaxant and with its nicotine content, we do feel that. But after getting used to it we don’t feel relaxed anymore. Instead of that, due to degraded health and stamina, low on energy, stressed and fatigued. And needless to say, we, or perhaps your body, listen to it and it feels no need or energy to prepare itself for any sort of arousal and tent to be deviated and excitement and enthusiasm seems to be fading away.

You can avoid it by taking measures to avoid or better quit it. Get help from your doctor; get yourself a better habit whenever you’ll feel to smoke. Just make sure you are making right efforts toward quitting smoking!

The risks of smoking cigarettes

risks of smoking cigarettesSmoking is not a healthy habit. It can impact your health majorly. It can cause many health issues in the long run. It affects you as well as those who love you.

The following points help us understand the hazards of smoking and how why it is risky to smoke.

Smoking impacts vision
Smoking is not good for your eyes. In the long term one can suffer from cataract trouble or optic nerve damage. It can also cause macular degeneration. Most of these disorders can impact your vision partially or totally.

Smoking causes auto immune disorders
Smoking can cause auto immune disorders in an individual. Hence most of the smokers are victims of respiratory tract infection. They may feel it difficult to breathe as they grow old along with their habit of smoking.

Reduces bone density
Tobacco intake can deteriorate the quality of your bones, making them brittle and lose their density. Hence there are chances for one to suffer from diseases like osteoporosis in the long term. Older men and women who have a habit to smoke may have trouble of acquiring bone loss or joint pain in the long run.

It can cause heart trouble
Tobacco contains chemicals which are not good for your heart. It can spoil blood cells and impact functioning of the heart. I the long term, the risk associated with coronary heart disease, hypertension and heart attack.
Tobacco can change the chemistry of blood. It may reduce quality of blood and even reduce oxygen levels in your blood. Hence putting more pressure on your heart.

It impacts your lungs
A puff of cigarette can scar your lungs. The chemicals in tobacco can spoil quality of your lung. In future a person who smokes consistently or a chain smoker has higher changes of acquiring respiratory disorders or lung disease. Individuals have a threat of acquiring asthma or bronchitis which is chronic in nature. One can also suffer from tuberculosis in the long run.

Smoking increases risk of acquiring cancer
The smoke of tobacco has many chemicals. It impacts those who live around you. Your smoking habit can make someone else a victim of passive smoking. People who smoke have more chances of acquiring lung cancer. It can cause cancers in the trachea, mouth, lips, bronchus, nasal cavity, kidney and many other body parts.
Truly smoking kills. It can kill you or and those who live with you.