Some Simple tips to detox your Body…

detox your BodyWe all live some hectic life! Perusing what we want, we keep everything in single string. Makes efforts to live healthy and harmonious life! Despite making all the efforts to keep you healthy, our body still produce and secrets harmful toxin out of our body.

Despite disposing all the waste toxin through sweat, urine and stool, our body need some extra added tools to drain out more toxins out. Now professional dietician would come out with better and suitable Detox diet for you. But following tips would help you deciding some elements in your regular diet, which Detox your body on regular basis:

Sugar Intake: Easiest thing first, or might be hardest thing for some. This is one content been universally used in most of the food product we consume on daily basis. And we are not only talking about coffee, tea or cakes, it is one ingredient being use as base in most of the packaged product.

So cutting down sugar intake would make more sense, right? Yes, just ask any dietician what harm sugar content in your body could cause.

Water: The main motto behind detoxification is to train out excess and unnecessary toxins out of your body. And water just does that! It help you facilitates circulation functions, which is crucial for toxin draining. Just try to raise water consumption, notch-by-notch. But beware of the fact that it would also caused diarrhea if you consume excess water.

Extended Tea-Time: In the debate of which is better, tea or coffee, tea has upper hand of being more induced with antioxidant then coffee, which is beneficial in detoxification process. And before you think to max up tea intake, mind that it also have caffeine content as coffee. And we were also taking about tea, without milk or cream in it.

Chose Organic: If you have to make chose between food delivers all the nutritional value versus food that promise only fraction of nutritional value, then I bet you must have chose organic food. And why not! Organic food like colorful vegetable or fruits, whole grains, beans and legumes, and small amounts of nuts and seeds have more nutritional value that those non-organic products, which already have lost its beneficial values in process.

Sauna Treatment: For those of who are looking for the ways to drain our toxin from your skin, then sauna treatment would work wonder for you. It works by opening your skin pores and let it exerting all the toxic waste you gain throughout the time. It also have potential to drop some weight off your body, which is helpful especially for those ladies who are planning weight loss in post-pregnancy phase.

Exfoliate: Other great option for sauna, exfoliations works the same way as sauna would work and also give you options to add some nutritional value through the exfoliation agent you use in process. Other then exerting harmful toxins off from your skin, it also help improves circulation rate in your skin.

Flushing pollutant: We just can’t deny existence of pollution in our world and we also have to bare the consequence of it. Anyways, to complete the detoxification process, we also have to clear our nasal passage for effective breathing process. Unconventional but to western world, you can use ‘Neti pot’ to drain our any toxin and blockage in nasal passage.