Knee Injuries: what to do?

Knee InjuriesSportsman, athletes, young, adults, women and men we are all aware if it and it is unpleasant as it could be. Even thought of it make someone crippled. And to be very honest, the placement of our knee makes it more prone to get injured. Try to think, it sandwiched between your upper body pressure and the impact it has to resist while walking, running, hopping or fall or jump you take in excitement.

So there could be endless possibility one would come out with possible knee injuries. And without making you more insecure about your surroundings, here are quick tips that could help you in such situation.

Yeah! This is the first thing you should do to not make that injury worse the already it is. You can use little support of anything to distress the tension on your knee.

Swelling is the first body reaction that happens so it is better and soothing to place ice on that gradually swelling area for at least for 10to20 min. remember one thing; for next 2days, rely on ice-pack treatment 2 or 3 times a day and avoid any hot temperature treatment it could trigger swelling. And if swelling is persistent, then bring back the hot packs.

Keep a Pressure:
No don’t keep it under heavy object! Just wrap it with elastic bandage. And remember, it should be loose enough to keep your knee mobilized not tight as it feel hard as plaster.

Keep it ‘Up’:
No, literally keep it up. Just lay down and keep something beneath your knee that will hold it up till the level of your heart and without causing any stress. Trust me, that above heart level formula works!

Gentle Massage:
If there is anyone there for help ask them to gently massage your knee area. It not only feels soothing and pleasing but it also relive the tension from nerve and muscle tissues.

Whoever come up with the theory that smoking help you feel relaxed and deal with pain more efficiently, represents many mindset. Like he is an avid smoker, he is not making sense at all and if he is your friend, he is not your friend. Myth busted!

Some Un-Prescribed medication:
Thankfully there are some over the counter medication available like Acetaminophen, such as Tylenol, Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), Ibuprofen, such as Advil or Motrin, Naproxen, such as Aleve or Naprosyn.

Running – Healthy medicine for healthy life

RunningRunning is a popular form of physical activity. It doesn’t cost a single penny. Plus, no equipments are required. In short, running is a healthy free medicine one can apply in own life to swear for healthy life. Running is so convenient that you can run any time of the day and still be able to reap all the benefits associated with it. If you aren’t a runner and recently have started running, slowly increase the intensity of this exercise. Whether you choose to run for 10 miles or lesser than that, make sure that you do run comfortably. After all, your aim should be to live healthy and happily. Here is the list of benefits you gain from running:

Strengthens muscles, joints and bones
Running strengthens your muscles and joints by increasing fresh blood and oxygen supply. In addition, it also helps to build strong bones as it is a weight-bearing exercise.

Helps you shed off fats
Exercises help to burn calories while you’re working out, but even when you stop exercising, it still burn calories. Thus, running becomes the best physical form of fitness that helps you to maintain healthy weight.

Reduces stress
Stress, anxiety, nervousness and depression are the outcomes of our day to day life. Some people are able to manage and some aren’t. If you are still wondering to find a solution to cut down stress, embrace the simplest fitness form and that is running. Running helps you to reduce stress keeping mind and body balanced. That means you’re less worried, less stressed.

Keeps your sharper
Those who regularly exercise can delay age-related mental decline. Studies show that regular exercise improves memory, language, thinking, and judgment. Although aging is a natural process; however, you can still delay it by doing exercise. Running keeps you fit mentally and physically.

Decreases risk of cancer
Running may not cure cancer, but prevention is always better than cure. And this is what running does for us. Research shows that running can reduce risk of certain cancers. So why not run when there is no harm of running?

Keeps vision perfect
Running is good for your vision as well. Your eyesight can be affected due to advancing age, obesity, diabetes or high blood pressure. However, running can keep your vision perfect by lowering your risk of vision-related problems like clouding or cataracts.

Makes you feel better
Any type of exercises including running have ‘feel good’ effect on people who exercise regularly. When you exercise, endorphins are released and you’re surrounded with vibrant, positive feelings.

Sleep well
On the days you exercise, you get a sound sleep. That’s how exercises are magical and beneficial for your body and mind. Even insomniacs can sleep well when if they adopt running as a part of healthy lifestyle.

Live longer
Running improves overall quality of your life and so it blesses with a healthier, longer life. the healthier you’re, the longer you’re going to live.