7 Best Post Workout treats

post workout mealIn the mission to be fit and achieve that well-toned physique, you have to shed your beloved weight in form of sweat. And for that butt out workout you need to be rewarded for the efforts and the kind of patience and dedications you shown towards your goal and away from distraction of then soul food, you need some pampering! So we come up with the list of food delicacy, which melts over your conscious and sooth your soul.

And don’t need to worry about nutritional value; we covered that health aspect for you. Just don’t droll over your screen!

Cheese, Black Beans and Corn-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Avocado Crème: Admit it, we knocked you out with the first word, and you read cheese. Well it is a tempting compilation of sweet potato with black-beans which makes it the healthiest dish for you. And mushy texture of avocado, which is enriched with low saturated fat, a good fat, makes you relieved from cholesterol control syndrome.

Chicken Egg Wrap Burrito: Two staple favorites for every foodie wrapped in one tortilla also baked in egg batter, who more you could ask for. And not that, it is doubled content of protein which also make some more room to add some extra vegetables, like mushrooms or peppers to make it supper healthy.

Chipotle Black Bean Burgers: Another knockout word, “the Chipotle.” And yes you are allowed to munch one burger, packed with smart ingredients and easy healthy to eat. As it also features almond for nutty texture and also packed with avocado, which also adds to the health value. Just have patience and control not to choose any other items from the menu.

Chocolate-Chia Recovery Drink: The chocolate itself can heal any wounds and release any stress you experienced. And when it is combined with Chia, flaxseed and hemp seed, which add it fat and fiber quality, all makes it a heavenly compilation packed with all healthy elements.

Clean-Eating Banana Almond Quinoa: Quinoa is already known for its cholesterol absorbing quality, which is beneficial for managing insulin and blood-pressure dynamics and so on. Then it is a genius idea to pair it up with Banana, which is a good source of potassium. Also equipped with almond for its nutty texture and omega3 fatty acid, which is also great for heart conditions.

Hummus-crispy chicken: Whoever would have come up with the recipe either must be a genius or lazy as hell, as no one would ever thought middle-eastern hummus can cause so wonders to the western staple food called chicken. It add thin crisp layer over chicken which make it even tastier then you could imaging. And not to forget wide range of beans or vegetables goes great with Hummus-crispy chicken.

Mango Coconut Quinoa Salad: Another east-meet-west recipe and sigh of relief for those who are done eating normal salad and looking for something new to try. Both coconut and mango come with anti-oxidant properties and coconut having upper hand in the nutritional chart in comparison with mango. And when there two paired with nutritional quinoa and other side ingredient like almonds onions and pepper, it makes hell of a healthy salad option.

And while you all go haywire to try these awesome food items, remember the golden rule, ‘too much of anything, ruins everything!”