Frequent visits to the bathroom could be linked with obstructive sleep apnea

Frequent visits to the bathroomFrequent urination during nighttime is no longer an only symptom of bladder issues or enlarged prostate. This could be due to obstructive sleep apnea also. A recent research has concluded these findings. It is published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine. Obstructive sleep apnea is a condition in which a breathing process stops for a while because of the closing of the airways. This study was done by the researchers of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. They evaluate health concerns of middle-aged and old men and found that almost 57% of men who are dealing with enlarged prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia may deal with obstructive sleep apnea too.

According to the researchers, why men wake up in the nighttime is because of sleep apnea and not because of enlarged prostate disorder. BPH is the common complaint made by oldies. Likewise, sleep apnea is also a common issue developed in men and women too. It is disturbance in breathing that lasts for around 40 seconds and it develops many times while the sufferer is asleep. Symptoms are snoring sound as the person tries to breath from the mouth and causes sound which is called as snoring. Daytime sleepiness, altered blood pressure, weight gain, mood swings and abnormal heart rate. Sleep apnea is connected with the higher risk of heart issues and stroke and thus treatment should be done at the earliest with waklert nootropic drug.

Obstructive sleep apnea is the major reason why men get wake up from their sleep to urinate. However this may be true in the case of men suffering from enlarged prostate. This study claims that men wake up from the sleep because of sleep apnea and not because of prostate issue. Another finding of the study also says that men with severe sleep apnea spend more of the nighttime in the bathroom. Sleep apnea may alter the kidney functioning and thus one may urinate more in the nighttime even if he has no prostate disorders.

Modvigil helps you fulfil responsibilities and commitments

fulfil responsibilities and commitmentsNarcolepsy is one disease that is seen in many people these days. The exact reason of which is yet to be found. Narcolepsy is basically a disease where in a man gets excessive sleep during the day. This more often than not, happens at work place or while carrying out some important work. Also it becomes difficult for people to sleep during the scheduled sleeping time. So this is one problem that suddenly can be seen in everybody all over the world. Now not to worry really! This problem can very well be treated with the help of Modvigil which is one drug that was made to promote wakefulness in a person.

Modvigil also treats obstructive sleep apnea which is a sleep disorders as well but here there is also a slight breathing problem that a person faces. It is also called as OSAHS. It works by altering certain chemicals in the brain that creates sleep. So this way a man can control his sleep and stay alert and awake and also active for 40 long hours. This does sound amazing, especially for those who have long working hours. Like any other drug Modvigil also comes as a package which means that it does have positive effects but with also comes some side effects. These effects are basically minor and can be ignored. But if they persist, then make sure you get immediate medical attention.

Modvigil has known to be helping a man boost his career because it has been reported that his decision making skills after consuming Modvigil has improved and he has been able to work continuously for 40 hours at a stretch without any interruption of any kind. Pleasing the bosses is not an easy task, but now it is. You can take care of all your priorities be it professional work and personal work.

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