The classic saga of a narcoleptic

narcolepticIf you’re a narcoleptic at this moment you’re very frustrated with your symptoms that seem to be bothering you for months. A typical narcoleptic have an uncontrollable urge of excessive sleepiness and constant weariness that walk hand in hand with him or her no matter what’s the time of the day. Day by day your condition worsens. It affects your personal and professional life and you don’t know how to get rid of those excessive sleep attacks. Even now your family has got used to it when you doze off your head during lunch. But have you or any of your family members wondered that narcolepsy can be life threatening and is spoiling the quality of your life?

Narcolepsy can affect almost every aspect of your life threatening your physical well-being and safety, mental health, social and professional relationships and intimate relationships too. These sleep attacks can break you down during activities such as driving, working, cooking or walking and you can imagine how dangerous can be if you fall asleep while performing these activities.

Narcolepsy can affect the quality of sleep as well as life. It’s because frequent awakenings during sleep can interrupt several times causing you to have intervals of fragmented sleep. In addition, it can cause depression and anxiety. With depression and anxiety who can have good life?

Though you are not faking it but sudden sleep episodes are often found upsetting to those who are not familiar with narcolepsy. They may assume that you are lazy, rude or lack social manners. But the person only knows what he or she is suffering from. Some people also find humorous when narcoleptics feel sleepy during the odd hours of the day. In the end, it certainly impacts on their social connections. That means the sufferer only has to suffer more.

To add insult to the injury, you are more likely to suffer from having strained personal relationships. It’s because excessive sleepiness also cause low sex drive and impotence. As narcolepsy progresses your problems are also increased.

Your personal and professional life is also troubled, it’s because you struggle to remember things and concentrating. Narcolepsy hammers on your memory and attention. As a result, you have poor performance at work.

In short, narcoleptics slowly and steadily dooming down the lane of disastrous effects of narcolepsy. Now you may wonder you may have to suffer from this endless saga of narcolepsy, but that’s not a case anymore.

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That means, Provigil improves every level of your life improvising the quality of your sleep as well as troublesome personal and professional life. Narcolepsy, certainly an awful sleep disorder, but Provigil pills can fight against it bringing back your life on a normal track.