Now take the Art of Sex seriously!

theory of relationshipIt is believed that intimacy, passion and commitment are three pillars of love and it might sounds overstatement to you but a potent sex drive would make you achieve. Love, emotions, principles and worldly commitment could be important for grooming a relationship but the act of sex is an actual testing lab that where every theory of relationship is tested, with the kind of chemistry two people have, which can’t be deceived by the word anymore.

Often scorned by inspecting in sleazy shade, the act of sex hold significant importance, according to following point:

On Theory: As we discussed earlier, intimacy is important in relationship as it can develop and define synchronization between to indicial. Intimacy is like superglue that attaches two people together. And passion could be referred as outcome of potent intimacy. Commitment aspect might be influenced and maneuvered by words but felt best with the kind of intimacy two partners have within.

And for those people who are looking for ways to intimacy should first start with cuddling and then to the ultimate way is to make love.

To the core: Ask any couple you think they are perfect, most of them would indicate that ‘it’s because they know each other, inside out’ and it makes sense. When two people see and spend most of the time with each other, wearing nothing but the birthday suit, they have passed out the stages of any inhibitions or presumptions. Which eventually makes ways commitment as one could see other person not wearing any formal mask; it makes them able to trust more.

Repair and regain: Most of the relationship that reached to the relationship councilors desk, have one thing in common, they have lost the spark! Apparently, those worldly commitment falls fade in the course if time and with the less probability to regain its gracious status.

But only intimacy holds the ability to reignite the old spark and get your relationship back on track. It can regain it fizz but just making or breaking certain routine pattern.

Better for Quality: Intimacy could really boost up your overall relationship dynamic. As an ideal sex session, require one to be more playful, flirtatious, and innovative in the act. Sometime it even makes you or requires you to be rebellious at times. It rightfully summons up the entire firework needed to spark up the relationship.

It is for better: The result of a potent sexual encounter resonates and draws significant positives to the relationships. It could start with taking more care of each other than before, respect each other became more reliable on each other. Isn’t that a sign of a healthy relationship?

Health benefits!
It is not only about hitting gym or following healthy diet for being healthy just for the sake of dire intention to person well. But the fact is, sex itself is a form of exercise! In other health benefits it boosts your metabolism, releases dopamine (the excitement hormone), blood circulations, and pace up your heart-beats. And one just can’t deny its psychological effects boosting your mood and elimination chances of anxiety and depression.

And remember there isn’t any rule written that says, the act of sex have to carried in bedroom, or on bed only!

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