Do your energy drinks causes sleep woes?

trouble sleepingAmericans do love energy drinks as much as their early morning cup of coffee. We all know that caffeine and even energy drinks kick energy in us helping us to keep awake and alert and that’s why we heavily rely on them. Not knowing that our unhealthy dependence on energy drinks is an actual reason for our persistent tossing and turning in the bed.

Energy drinks contain a good amount of caffeine and sugar that helps increasing energy and alertness on a temporary basis. Take any energy drink and you’ll find 50-80mg of caffeine in it. So while you’re busy emptying that your cup of Joe, you are actually brewing a trouble for yourself.

Let’s take a more specific example that how your energy drinks causing you a number of sleep problems. A study conducted on U.S soldiers in order to study the link between the energy drinks and sleep problems. An experiment involved total 1,200 soldiers deployed in Afghanistan, they consumed more than two energy drinks every day had trouble sleeping while on guard duty. The study involved all brands of energy drinks including Monster, Red Bull, and 5-Hour energy. Soldiers reported that they sometimes or often fall asleep while sitting in briefings and they have made a mistake while on duty as they experienced sleepiness.

Most energy drinks have a good amount of caffeine and excessive consumption of energy drinks can even lead to more severe problems such as having a heart attack. An overdose of caffeine can cause death too.

A large chunk of U.S population does consume energy drinks in an excessive amount, which is seriously alarming as energy drinks are posing a number of health risks. Consuming too many energy drinks can cause:

  • Insomnia
  • Change in sleeping patterns
  • Headaches
  • Nervousness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Heart palpitations

Excessive consumption of energy drinks certainly has a direct impact on your physical and mental health. It multiplies your risk if you consume another drug at the same time. For instance, drinking energy drinks with alcohol or drugs increases your chances of having severe complications than when you are in your conscious. It’s because you may end up drinking too much alcohol with energy drinks if you lose control. It occurs because energy drinks mask the effects of alcohol and you keep continue drinking.

Energy drinks are commonly sold and are available easily at any corner of your neighboring areas. We easily grab a bottle of that fizzy energy drink while playing sports. But again these caffeine-contained energy drinks can cause dehydration and you may end up gulping down even more causing more dehydration without realizing it.
Energy drinks are also lacking nutritional value and haven’t been proven for years. They are usually not recommended for children and young people as there have been cases of energy drinks causing sleep irregularities, bed-wetting and anxiety in them who consume them and even doctors advise to cut back their intake in children to treat these problems in children.

Tackle your shift work sleeping problems

shift work sleeping problemsWorking in shifts can cause a number of health problems including sleep irregularities. Those who work in shifts or have such professions that require 24*7 work environments may have problems like excessive sleepiness, tiredness, poor concentration skills and frequent errors at work. It happens it’s because your work schedule and the biological clock is out of sync and no longer share a harmonious relationship with each other.

Doctors, nurses, policemen, security guards and shift workers are greatly impacted when they work in odd hours of the day. Study shows that people who work in shifts are more likely to develop shift work sleep disorder, insomnia and other sleep disorders that those with 9 to 5 job. However, you can still manage to work in shifts by doing some healthy changes in your lifestyle.

First you should see these symptoms in yourself whether:

  • Do you feel extremely sleepy during the most productive hours of the day?
  • Do you feel tired most of the time?
  • Do you need cups of coffee to keep yourself awake?
  • Do you feel foggy, needs time to respond and frequently make errors?
  • Do you experience headaches frequently and do not feel refreshed after waking up in the morning?

If yes, then it’s time to rectify the situation by making changes in your lifestyle without changing your work schedule.

If you are troubled with excessive sleepiness, consider taking Waklert 150mg. Waklert is basically designed to treat sleep irregularities such as shift work sleep disorder (SWSD), sleep apnea and narcolepsy. It stimulates dopamine levels in the brain causing wakefulness and alertness in individuals. One can experience complete alertness while working. Waklert lets your work for hours without feeling tired or drowsy. That means, once you deal with your excessive sleepiness and tiredness, the rest of the battle becomes easy for you.

  • Waklert is just a temporary solution and hence, keep in mind that it’s not a substitute for a healthy life. Next step to rectify the condition is that avoid drinking caffeine contained beverages. Stay away from drinking and smoking. Quitting these habits can improve your overall health.
  • Avoid working in extended work hours. Avoid working in prolonged shifts as well that leaves less time to sleep or do other activities.
  • Avoid long commutes that cut back your sleeping or leisure time.
  • Shift workers end up sleeping in the daytime. Thus, create a sleep environment by pulling the curtains of your bedroom down, close the windows and keep the room temperature on a comfortable level. Use earplugs and eye masks to shut the noise and light.
  • Make sure that you get enough sleep on your days off and have time to participate in social gatherings. Maintain a good sleep schedule for yourself and follow it religiously.
  • Avoid frequently rotating shifts. Opt to work the same shift for a longer period of time and then switch to other shifts. That way you allow your body to adapt a new schedule.


Sleep disorders are the phenomenon of modern life

common sleep disordersHave you ever wondered why do you sleep late at night? Do you consistently worry about family and work demands? Do you quickly steal a short nap during work hours? There is no wonder if most of us are in a rush of time. It’s because today’s modern life is fast paced and ever demanding. The growing demands from family, work deadlines, eating unhealthy food or sedentary lifestyle can cause a number of health problems including sleeping woes.

For any layman’s routine usually involves having 10 to 7 jobs, eating late, watching TV late at night and getting up early in the morning. He or she doesn’t think twice whether my eating junk food, late night watching TV, sleeping less or working late hours in the office is affecting health or not. We spend our days and nights doing nothing healthy but only productive in the terms of work and money.

Sleep disorders are nothing but a production of our modern life. It’s because sleep has been a prominent part of our life, but many of us underestimate the power of sleep and usually take the sleep time as a leisure time or consider as a luxury. Sleep not only restores the lost energy in you but is the primary source of energy, which contribute to too many things in your day to day life that make it happen. Lack of sleep or excessive sleep not only has a direct impact on your mood, energy, efficiency, productivity but affect your ability to handle stress.

Let’s see how these common sleep disorders affect the quality of your sleep:

Insomnia – Insomnia is often common complaint wherein a person finds difficulty in staying or falling asleep. He or she may wake up frequently during the night and during the daytime may feel exhausted and lethargic.

Sleep apnea – Is a serious sleep disorder in which your breathing temporarily stops during sleep due to the blockage of the upper airways. The frequent pause in breathing causes a person to feel tired, sleepy and lethargic upon waking up.

Narcolepsy – Is a sleep disorder in which a person experiences uncontrollable, excessive daytime sleepiness and is considered as a serious sleep disorder wherein you may have sleep attacks during any time of the day at any inappropriate places. You may feel uncontrollable urge of sleep while having a conversation, during meal times or even driving. The disorder can be risky especially during driving or handling heavy machinery.

These sleep disorders often raise their ugly head in your life when you compromise on your sleep. That’s why Modafinil is discovered to fulfill the needs of modern life. The work culture which demands odd hours of the day, working in shifts or extended hours of work, at that time Modafinil plays an important role in modern work life. Modafinil reduces excessive sleepiness in individuals and regularizes your natural sleeping pattern.

When you face sleeping woes, remember to rectify the situation by adopting a healthy lifestyle and take Modafinil to shoo away your sleeping troubles!

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Does Provigil Cause Insomnia?

signs of insomniaProvigil is a well known medicine now. Many people are aware about the effectiveness and excellent result delivering capacity. Several are benefitted in the management of daytime sleep pangs, depression etc. In fact it is also called as a smart drug due to its ability to make one sharper and smarter by augmenting memory skills and cognition abilities. However you can also experience side effects with the consumption of Provigil like you get with other drugs. In this write up you will come to know about insomnia which is one of the side effects caused by this nootropic medication.
Before we go further lest see how Provigil 200mgf drug work on the brain to keep you awake. It does so by preventing the re-absorption of the brain chemicals in to the nervous tissues and this is how their functionality is extended. This may make one stay up in the night for short period of time after taking nootropic medicine. However this is the sign of insomnia which develops post consumption of the drug. Some of other signs of insomnia are as follows:

  • Trouble falling asleep
  • Waking up for several times in the night and then finding hard to doze off again
  • Waking up early than usual
  • Tiredness after waking up

Not everyone taking Provigil nootropic medication suffers from insomnia. There are very few who suffer from this annoying aftermath of the medicine. in some cases you can fight back with the side effect with simple changes which are given below:

  • Keep a regular sleep and wake process.
  • It is better to avoid caffeinated drinks and foods about four to six hours before getting to the bed.
  • Do not take nap after 3 p.m.
  • If you don’t doze off within 20 minutes going to the bed then do some activities that will make you fall asleep.

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