How Does Smoking Cause Impotency?

Smoking Cause ImpotencyAny smoker, occasional or addictive, would identify with this dilemma and it also frequently ranted by their beloved that it has adverse effect on reproduction ability. They are always linked to each other and always seem logical that out of many side effects that smoking caused Impotency, or Erectile Dysfunction(ED) is one of them. One may ask how true it is. Or it’s just a hoax just to make smokers rethink about their oddly habits!

ED or not, smoking does cause you some serious side-effect other than lung or throat cancer, like risk of strokes, high blood pressure, lessened metabolism rate so your body’s response to your health care measures falls short and so on! But since you are more curious to know its effects on impotency, then following are the reason and fact you should know before continuing to your old habit:

Blood Vessel Functioning:
Erection, in natural conditions, when bloods reach to the network of arteries in your genital after receiving nerve signal from your which triggered with arousing and sensual sensations! Intimate arousal plays key role in getting greater erection. However, in case of erectile dysfunction, brain might send you proper signal of arousal through nerve system but the actual reason that causes one’s penis to erect is proper functioning artery system, which is work improperly since it is affected by smoking.

Smoking, frequent or chain smoking, it not only contributes its fair share of tar in your lungs but it also boosts creation of plaque in blood vessel that cause blockage to smooth circulation of blood, through its vein and artery. And since erection is a synchronized result of nerve signal and blood circulation, blood vessels falls short to play their role as it is clogged with plaque.

This situation, in frequent time, in many cases tend to create psychological norms such as unable to satisfy one another, low self-esteem, intimate disassociation and low confidence in some to some individuals. Although there are some medicinal options are there like, Viagra, Kamagra and Sildenafil Citrate that will help you felicitate the erectile functions, at least for some time. But best option is take efforts that will prevent your blood vessel system from forming any kind of clogging or blockage.

Psychological Schema:
Love-making is it an act of enchantress! We feel happy, aroused and relaxed after doing it. In most courses it is referred as therapy. However smoking is first thought to be muscles and stress relaxant and with its nicotine content, we do feel that. But after getting used to it we don’t feel relaxed anymore. Instead of that, due to degraded health and stamina, low on energy, stressed and fatigued. And needless to say, we, or perhaps your body, listen to it and it feels no need or energy to prepare itself for any sort of arousal and tent to be deviated and excitement and enthusiasm seems to be fading away.

You can avoid it by taking measures to avoid or better quit it. Get help from your doctor; get yourself a better habit whenever you’ll feel to smoke. Just make sure you are making right efforts toward quitting smoking!

Know about the drug of Sildenafil citrate

about the drug of Sildenafil citrateAll drugs are manufactured with keeping one thing in mind and that is to cure or suppress the ailments that an individual suffers from. The medications are made in solid and in liquid form. All of them have the chemical ingredients that works on the ailments those bother the people. Some of the medicines are in tablet form and they have to be taken orally. The liquid medicines too like syrup are taken orally. But some of the liquid medications are needed to inject to the body or the intravenous system. They cannot be taken orally and their effect is also instant in nature.

But one thing is common among all of them and that is they all have to be taken in fixed quantity and dosage. This is determined by the seriousness of your health condition. The health care specialist will diagnose your condition and then only suggest you to take medication accordingly. But the medicines should be taken only after proper consultation. Sometimes some medicine may cause some more trouble to your health rather than giving you relief from the problem. Hence you should be always careful while using any kind of medicine irrespective of the ailment you are suffering from.

The people who take the medicine of Sildenafil citrate for treating their sexual disorder should also keep this thing in mind. This is another version of the drug called Viagra and it functions in the same way that Viagra does. The chemical ingredient is also same in both the drugs and it inhibits the enzyme called PDE5 in the male organ and provides smooth flow of blood and rock hard erection for four to five hours without any kind of problem. With this the men can have sexual intercourse without any issues.

However, some people may have allergic reaction after consuming the drug and hence they should avoid or go for proper medical consultation before they use the drug of Sildenafil citrate. Also this oral pill is supposed to be taken only once during the whole day and that too with plain water only. Consuming this medicine with alcohol or some beverage is strictly restricted. People with medical condition like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems must not take this drug for their ED related issues. Also men who have previous medical history of kidney and liver disorder must stay away from this medicine as well.

This medicine must be consumed only once and that too an hour before the act. Taking an overdose of the medication can have serious health issues on your health. The medicine can have various kinds of side issues on your health too. They can be mild as well as extreme in nature as well. The mild issues consist of nausea, stomach trouble, vomiting, headache, stuffy or runny nose and facial reddening. The extreme one comprises of prolonged erection, chest congestion and irregular heartbeat. Hence before you buy the medication of Sildenafil Citrate online, just have a word with your doctor.